5 Must Haves in a Man Cave


When it comes to refurbishing or just designing that little space as your sanctuary, there are some things that are missed out. Adding a touch of masculine class while managing to keep it elegant with true reflection of your own personality is what we look for in our man cave. We are not just husky dudes, who are always busy with work or flirting around and the only thing that reflect our taste is perfect ties and impeccable suits.

Like they say, your home (read man cave) is an extension of your own personality, and just how brutally true is that? Why brutal?

Due to some hairy or not so hairy dudes who think their place is where you can make all the mess, leaving most people (mostly women) to think we are nothing but a bunch of wild beasts, who only love to make things look like a mess. Well, there’s no denying the fact that we are that sexy beast but slow down a bit ladies, for there’s more to this Wolverine than just  destruction and mess, we have taste and we have an affection for a living space that is not bad at all.

But, do you even know what the staples, essentials must haves or whatever you call them, are for your man cave? Here’s a list to get you started with the hard work, and to let the world know that we have a great amount of interest in interior decoration too. Classy,eh?

Give us TV!

Dla niewtajemniczonych, to pétanque (Michal zna poprawna wymowe). Mam nadzieje zagrac niebawem z Wami!


However big or small your space is, one thing you need like oxygen (apart from beer) is a big TV and we are happy. Ok, there may be some who are not much of a sports or TV person but you would not be using this square window of wonders for that.  Just imagine what good would your play station battles be if they are not doing that on 55’ TV? So yes, you need a BIG TV along with a solid sound system to make this escape pronto of yours ideal.

Lion Sleeps Tonight


What good is your den without a something, where you can just sit back and relax or even sleep? Yes, this may sound like an idea that will need a lot of space, but if you have a little space then a recliner, small bed, couch is the best idea you could bring into your grand world.

All play and no work


This is your territory but there is no way you’re bringing in work here. But a pool table or any other game you’re fond of, darts, arcade games or even chess you can bring in all here. Call in your buddies and give them a tough time at beating your score.

My Place, my bar


A man cave without a mini bar and fridge is more like a pool with no water. Yes, that’s how useless your man cave will look without your supply of beer, wine and munchies you might need to get it all out. To get it perfectly coordinated with your entire theme, you should find ways to build your own beer storing capacity.

A Lady


That’s the most important part, to have a woman around. Men are incomplete without a caring loving women and her access to your man cave is no bad thing. It’s not that you turn it into a feminist space or what but to allow her there would make your relationship much stronger. You won’t be having your friends around every day to accompany you in your man cave but a pleasant time there and some caressing sex with your wife or girlfriend would reap so good fruits. No wonder one day you make up your mind to see her in a wedding dress as your bride, those subtle things will count while she’s about to make a decision and this will definitely count on you as a strong point to make since you never hide anything from her, not even your own cave.

These essentials make up for the perfect man cave you’ve always wanted for yourself. You can add more to it but everything should reflect your taste and personality in some way or the other. Happy Man Caving, This is your Sparta!!

About the author Shawn Stevenson

Shawn Stevenson is a passionate blogger who loves to write on health and lifestyle. A Basketball freak and curious to know everything unknown.