Best Man Speech Ideas: Being a Best Man & Perfecting the Speech! (Infographic)

best man speeches

If you are lucky enough to be asked to perform the duty of best man at a wedding you should firstly feel proud. Someone trusts and loves you enough to consider you suitable for this role in what is, for many, the biggest day of their lives. As a result, it’s important that you take it seriously. Failure to do so could incur the wrath of your best friend or worse… the bride to be!

The role of a best man is definitely an important one; you are the one who organises the bachelor night which should be a blast but he needs to come home in one piece! You also look after the rings on the big day and you also become chief card and gift collector as people fill your arms with presents for the main couple. And then there is the speech!

The speech given by the best man is highly anticipated on the day, especially by the future husband. This is for many reasons: one is that the groom likely knows that you have lots of ‘dirt’ on them so is nervous about what you will divulge, another reason is that it is a time in the wedding celebration where light hearted humour can be injected to really kick off proceedings.

It’s so important that you as the best man understand what is required of you. This doesn’t just mean in supporting both the groom and the bride. It’s about being there in the run up to the wedding day; being helpful and supportive to all the wedding party.

The best man speech at the wedding is probably your big moment to shine but ensure not to take away from the main players. One very important thing to remember though as the best man: enjoy and relish it!

Good luck!

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About the author Barry Kerwin

The infographic was provided by Barry Kerwin, the founder of Loyes Diamonds. Loyes Diamonds is an Irish-owned company, founded in November 2012 by Barry and Stacey Kerwin. Loyes experience spans over a decade of working with other well established Jewellers both in Ireland and the UK. Both Barry and Stacey have studied with the GIA in London which is the most respected body in the diamond industry.