How to Overcome Psychological ED; Stop Sabotaging Your Game!


Psychological ED, a sort of mental block to getting an erection, is a problem that has affected almost every man at least once in his life.

If you’re lucky, you beat it, move on, and it never happens again.

If you’re not so lucky, psychological ED can plague every sexual encounter you have, harm your confidence, and prevent you from having a happy and healthy dating life or relationship!

My Personal Experience with this Mental Block to Getting An It Up

Back in the early days of my sex life, I had a time period where I COULD NOT GET AN ERECTION, and it made no sense to me…

It first happened in my late teens with a sexy little chick with some big breasts, thin waist, nice ass and legs, and a very cute face.

By all my means, my “type”. Most men’s type… I’d think.

However, when it came to the sex, the harder I tried to get an erection, the softer I became!

I felt like there had to have been something wrong with me… low testosterone perhaps? Maybe I injured my penis that one time I heard a *crack* during sex?

In an attempt to test out my erection, I ran back to an ex-girlfriend, and my erection worked just fine.

This confirmed that the problem was all in my mind, and not a physical problem.

However, this psychological ED kept on rearing its ugly head for a long time, throughout different relationships and attraction efforts…
And this formed one hell of complex in me.

How Psychological ED Can Ruin Your Attraction Effort

If you feel that you are “broken” in any way, and not a 100% solid, confident male, most women will pick up on this vibe, and stay away, or be very cautious/guarded…

Hot, in-demand girls with options generally steer clear of a man who seems like he’s hiding something. Women are very intuitive…

Having failed a number of times to get an erection before sex caused me to doubt myself and my sexual abilities.
So if I did get lucky enough to “pull” a girl at a club or bar, and it looked like things were getting hot and heavy, I oftentimes “pussy-footed”, and didn’t push the issue aggressively enough to take her home.

I wanted to take my time, because I wanted her to like me enough first, so that if I failed to get hard, she’d stick around…
So many one-night stands that I wimped out on, all because I didn’t trust my abilities to get an erection… throw in being drunk, and it made my confidence in my machinery all the worse.

But once I became better in the bedroom, and learned how to get a rock hard erection on command every time, then there was no more hesitation…

Full on, pedal to the metal acceleration to the bedroom.

Ways to Gain Back The Confidence In Your Rock Hard Erection

Being able to overcome any sort of sexual performance anxiety needs to takes place in the mind first.
But improve the physical, and the mind will have less “overcoming” to do.

(Warning: you do not want to take Viagra to overcome this issue… this will prevent you from learning how to defeat the problem, and you may end up forming a mental dependency – costly, inconvenient, and confidence-crushing).

Perform the following physical activities to achieve harder, longer-lasting erections that react quicker:

    • Up your vitamin D… get some sunlight, drink milk, take supplements… whatever it may be, low levels of vitamin D (which many men have), are associated with low testosterone levels.
    • Perform cardio… the improved blood circulation from aerobic activity will not just benefit your mind and body, but your genitals as well… leading to a quicker-reacting erection.
    • Lift weights… for powerful erections, do the power workouts! Football exercises: squats, leg press, bench press, deadlifts… and push the limits each week on the amount of weight you lift. Weight training will lead to an increase in testosterone levels, leading to a stronger libido, and happier wood.
  • Get your full night’s rest! Skimp on your Z’s, and you will start your day off with lower testosterone reserves, and higher cortisol (a hormone which will make you more stressed = higher chance of psychological ED!). Rest up!

This is just the tip of the iceberg… there are tons of things you can do to develop physically harder, longer lasting erections, as well as naturally increase T levels and libido.

Apply the following mental tricks/knowledge, and you will knock down the mental wall preventing you from getting hard.

You can’t force yourself to get hard.

Trying to mentally will an erection to happen, as you know, most often causes the opposite to occur… a lack of erection.

You want to try your best to be at ease, all the while working to become as mentally aroused — aka horny — as possible, and your erection will know what to do on its own.

Just like your lungs know how to breathe on their own without you having to tell them, your erection comes to life on its own when a strong enough arousal signal comes from the mind.

Just take your time, enjoy the sex (sex is supposed to be enjoyable; not a test of your manhood), and work on becoming horny…

Also, have faith in your erection. If you wake up in the morning with morning wood (even if not every day), then you can rule out any physical issues with your erection. KNOW that your erection works.

Also, as you become more comfortable with your sexual partner, it should become easier for you to become erect. Especially if you’ve been able to get it up with them already in the past. There are more advanced techniques to overcome psychological ED, but this should get you in the right frame of mind.

Please take note, overcoming psychological ED is much like learning to ride a bike — figure it out once, and you’ll know how to for life.

Improve your actual sexual technique while penetrating, in order to remove that preoccupation while trying to get hard.

Planning too far ahead is bad during sex.

You should be concentrating on getting horny first, in order to gain an erection, and remove all other concerns. Worrying about how long you will last, or if she’ll have an orgasm, will just get in the way of you achieving step 1.

Concentrate on your performance once you’re hard, and inside of her.
So what’s the best thing to remove this doubt?

  • Learn to last longer during sex, and,
  • Learn to make a woman orgasm!

If you are fully prepared and experienced, then you won’t HAVE to worry about future steps, because you know you’ll handle it once you get there!

Look around on Wingman Magazine  for plenty of great advice on how to naturally prolong your sexual performance, but I’ll give you a couple of quick, free cheats that will work for anybody, even the worst premature ejaculators, and men who are clueless as to the female orgasm:

1. Dapoxetine is a fast acting SSRI, which greatly delays ejaculation… you can take it “on demand”, meaning you’ll limit the side effects associated with these types of medication. This is a short term solution though, a longer-term approach, like kegels, ejaculation control exercises and mental training should be applied, in order to cut out the medication in some time. A prescription is necessary for this, but most MDs will write you a script without an issue for this purpose.

2. A sure-fire method of making a woman orgasm: warm her clitoris up with your tongue, while you finger g-spot hard with two fingers. Do this until she’s gyrating, pushing her vagina into your face, or lifting her pelvis up off of the bed… then dive in with penetration, rubbing hard into her clitoris with the area right above the base of your penis, without letting up pressure. Concentrate on that area. Perform this at a high speed. Don’t be amazed if you make her orgasm twice before you’ve even cum once!

Have a game plan for your sexual performance, and you will be much more confident, prepared, and willing to get hard.

Be A Solid, Well-Rounded Lover, and You’ll KNOW You’re a Hot Commodity Among Women

Luckily, for you and me, most men suck in bed…

This gives any man with at least some sexual competency a major advantage over the others in the dating world.

Once you satisfy a woman in bed, you’ll tower over the others who’ve tried and failed… once you satisfy a FEW women, you’ll stand confident in your abilities, and no longer have to slow down your seduction efforts…

Go at it full speed!!

About the author David Carreras

David Carreras is a blogger and author of Mr. Manpower’s Guide to Overall Manhood Enhancement , an e-book of his sexual experiences, knowledge, and exercises gathered through the years.

  • AngelsandDemons1

    Eat her out and beat your meat at the same time to jump start your schlong or just have her manually lube your sword while you finger her to get passed the mental block. Don’t beat yourself up about it….guys need a little foreplay too so don’t go thing you have to be a porn star with a magical erect boner the moment a broad pops up on screen.

    • Leslie Christy

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  • Mr. K

    Hi guys,

    I have been through what each of you must be going through now if you’re sitting down and reading this. I feel compelled to help as many guys as I can because I know how this “problem” can ruin the spirit of a man.

    Mental impotence started for me at 28 years old. Never once had I had a problem with getting it up before. In fact, it was the part of me I was most proud of. This torture of wondering what happened to my erection ability lasted for about 2 years. Im upset with myself because this could have been fixed in 2 effing weeks!

    My personality changed during this problem in my life – I turned into mr nice guy with girls when I instead used to be confident and pull them in for a kiss. I never took the initiative to close the deal on dates during that dark time in my life… I felt like a whimpy man, and girls could pick up on it.

    I got desperate one night and found cheap generic viagra and cialis online because if I had any more failed sexual attempts I would have crawled into a ball and cried all day and night.

    I recommend them for now while you’re getting into your meditation habit. I bought too many, thinking my recovery would take longer. Now I have a cabinet full of unused and expiring pills.

    I want all of you to know, you WILL be able to get back to how you used to be without a doubt. Your life will be happier knowing you overcame the biggest mental obstacle ever.

    THE ONLY WAY to do this is MEDITATION for a little longer than one week for your confidence to magically come back somehow. I know I sound sarcastic but Im DEAD SERIOUS. Meditation numbs the initial panic attack when thinking about a naked chick or sex, therefore keeping you relaxed enough for a fast boner without any conscious effort to be relaxed at all.

    To be clear, I tried everything, food, exercise, male supplements from the store, expensive psychologist – none of that worked.

    I had never meditated in my life, but i read online from my endless research that it is recommended for mental impotence. I avoided it for the longest time because it didn’t make sense to me that it could solve my problem. I thought it was for hippies or whatever

    Well, now, I had to yell at the rooftops and say meditation works hands down.

    It works so well, about 10 days into meditation, I needed to stay inside a pool cause my raging boner wouldn’t go down for 5 minutes after I thought of a past sexual experience. For the first time in that long, I couldn’t believe I had to think of something to kill my boner lmao.

    Nothing in your body has changed guys, nothing. it’s all mental. Even though I knew it, I couldn’t talk myself into being normal.

    I’ll save you the time and energy here – you cannot do mental gymnastics to get over this problem. If you try, you will fail and feel even more helpless.

    You need to calm your mind of thoughts, just like how your brain used to work when you saw a girl bend over naked.

    My meditation schedule: 5 minutes mid day, and 5 minutes 30 min before bed. All I did was focus on my breathing to keep my mind from racing thoughts. Thats all I did. No thinking about girls, just focusing on breathing.

    I’m back to my confident, genuinely horny self. The same girls I couldn’t get it up with before and who gave me a second chance are now calling me to keep having sex when they’re free. Life is good again.

    PS. I’m the biggest hypochondriac. I’m paranoid something is always wrong with me health wise. So if I can do it, you can do it even easier.

    Now enjoy the rest of your day knowing your life will be back to normal in a very short time.

    PPS your recovery MIGHT be a little longer than mine, but if it does don’t be discouraged. You have nothing to lose and your entire life to gain back. Start with guided meditation from youtube or whatever then branch off into your own quiet 5 minute sessions when you feel experienced enough.

    I promise it will work.