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  • G Er Si

    i would adore to bee like dan…

  • weal

    i wont girls in my life

  • Mariam Lyazidi

    my friend on moviestarplanet is not answering me :'(

  • blaze

    I need a hot girl to.

  • scudman

    Show me the girls

  • ter

    looking for a great woman to date … willing to work out with me i.m 50 to stay in shape ……..

    • steeffany

      Woow i like to be the woman you like to date………………….but sure i like to make the work out with you and stay in shape ….can i be the one!

  • steeffany

    I would be happy if i can found true and gentle man ,figure like boyfriend and future husband

  • dessexy

    I need a gf but I’m 12

  • Don
  • Jhoanna

    He asked me out and I like him, I want to say yes but people are snooping on my shoulder when ever he asks me!!! What should I do???

  • rohan

    i will

  • Jose Cespedes

    I may be in the friend zone even if I touch her. She’s not attracted to me. Do I continue with the touch-break-barrier.
    Can I ask her out?

  • Mekael Ijaz

    I want sex girls

  • Mike S. Kratzer
  • Mike S. Kratzer

    What’s the topic here today?

  • Reuben Oguzie

    What’s the discussion today?

  • Never Alone

    Haven’t have sex with my wife for more than a year. Tried massaging her once in a while, look after the children doing every chores at home, paying every bills, being a driver to wherever she wants to buy her sexy dresses, you name it. I did everything anyone could imagine from a long day hard work, out/in the entire by myself over the years! All she does was constantly on her social media, calling her friends and social with her friends leaving me babysitting our 3 children.
    I treasured, cherished and valued every moment showing her my presence respecting her points listening to her ongoing dramas…
    Politely ask her will there be a good time to make love like we first met again. She smiles but no response.
    What’s wrong?