15 Simple Exercises to Skyrocket Your Brain Power

By Joan Selby

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Whenever we exercise physically, our muscles are growing and strengthening. You go to the gym, you become big. You start jogging – your body feels better. No matter what sport you may practice, you’re doing your body a huge favour. Well. The same way your body benefits from physical exercise, your brain is being stimulated by a number of mental factors.

When you think, solve problems, meditate, digest information, and when you do a couple hundred more mental actions that you’re barely aware of, your brain power is increasing. And like with everything in life, improvement comes once an action has been taken.

You see, even though you are using your brain almost all the time you’re awake, you are not your brain. Your brain is not your mind. Grasped that?  And since the “real you” lies beneath many layers and brain fortifications, the only way to improve your mental capacities would be to start training. Consciously.

Well, in today’s post, we’re going to illustrate the benefits of brain exercising while delivering the 15 simplest exercises that’ll skyrocket your brain power over time. Are you ready to take your life to the next level?

What Are the Benefits of Regular Brain Exercising?

Why would you exercise your brain if it would not be useful or productive in some way or another? Brain exercising is building your brain’s muscles. Nevertheless, what are these “muscles” bringing you? How are they going to benefit your life? Why even bother putting the effort? Well, a number of resources that confirm brain exercising as being an excellent activity that improves many important aspects of your lifestyle:

  • Your memory (both short and term) will improve over time
  • Decreased levels of stress
  • Your concentration and focus tremendously improve
  • You’ll feel more positive and you’ll send positive energy vibes
  • Enhanced creativity
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Enhanced motivation
  • Your mental flexibility improves
  • You’ll think faster and react faster
  • Improved self-confidence
  • Sharpened hearing and vision
  • + Much more others, which people haven’t yet discovered.

For those who sit in their comfort zone and rarely exercise their brain power, these benefits might be just fantasies. However, if they would start exercising their brain regularly, they’d see way more than just words.

Without further ado, let’s see how we can exercise our brain power using these simple yet extremely effective brain exercising techniques:

1. Use the Other (Non-Dominant) Hand More Frequently

If you’re right-handed, using your left hand for most of the activities you do throughout the day is an excellent exercise that will put your brain into action. Your dominant hand makes it all easy. You can eat, write, and work with it. However, when you try to do all these activities with your non-dominant hand, you’ll run into trouble. Do exactly that and you’ll give your brain the “proper workout” every day.

2. Keep Your Eyes Closed While Doing Stuff

Our brain is used to take the same neural pathways every time we do our usual chores. For example, whenever we wash our teeth, take a shower, walk on the street, we’re not giving our brain any challenges. Well, in order to create new pathways for your brain, keep your eyes closed while performing normal things. It might feel weird at first, but you’ll soon start to recognize the benefits.

3. Read Books with a Loud Voice

When you read and use your internal voice, you’re using your imagination to comprehend the information. When you listen to a loud voice (yours or a friend’s), you’re using the same imagination, only that the process is different. When we hear something, a part of our brain regions will light up. When we read or speak words, different regions are set into action.

4. Learn a New Language

Learning a new language will boost your brain’s power significantly, as your cognitive abilities will show better performances as you’re learning new foreign terms. Studies are already confirming it, and so do people that have managed to learn secondary languages. Therefore, if you delayed the decision of taking a new language under your knowledge, now is the right time to take action!

5. Do Introspection

An introspection is a terrific activity that leads to many positive results. Besides the fact that you’ll be calming your mind and you’ll be solving your problems, your brain’s power will also improve. The more time you take to be with yourself and just think the more you’re triggering your brain’s potential.

6. Meditate

Meditation is another extremely useful activity that lets your mind be free. As I’ve already mentioned, there’s a difference between mind and brain. When you meditate, you’re basically slowing your brain down, allowing your mind to rise to the surface. In those powerful states, your brain is regenerating and gaining fresh powers!

7.  Stop Using a Calculator and Start Using Your Brain

Digital calculators seem to be our best friends whenever we need to deal with numbers. Adding up or multiplying numbers will always require brain effort. Therefore, why don’t you stop using your “personal assistants” and start using your own assistant?  Your brain is your best friend. Don’t leave him out of work, or else he’ll become less productive!

8.  Read Consistently

Are you reading on a consistent basis? If you didn’t know, reading is one of the most amazing brain-stimulating activities out there. When you read, you’re using a lot of your senses and many brain functions. Read today, tomorrow, the next day, and you’ll suddenly feel better. Why? Well, simply because reading brings a lot of brain benefits to the table!

9. Challenge Your Beliefs

All of us live under a set of beliefs and rules. We get these beliefs as we grow up…and unfortunately, we get them through unconscious channels. If your father is a weed addict and you don’t like the way he treats you, you’ll associate weed with bad behavior. Until someone (including you) changes your mind, you’ll be stuck with that association. Well, my friend, that is called a belief.

The thing is, we have millions of beliefs that govern our lives. Our job is to detect them and challenge them whenever we’re aware.  The more you’re challenging your “root beliefs” the more you’re exercising your brain!

10. Seek Unique Experiences by Trying New Things

Whenever you experience new things, such as a new sport, a new book, a new friend…your brain has to create new patterns and new associations. Therefore, you’ll stimulate it to step out of its comfort zone and you’ll improve its “muscles” every time you give it something new.

11. Visualize

Visualizing something that has never happened will trigger a lot of brain activities. You’re using your creative mind to develop something that might not even exist. Visualization lets your brain explore new dimensions while improving its flexibility and reach!

12. Acknowledge, Feel, and Control Your Chi Energy

Have you ever sensed you Chi energy? It’s there…deep down inside you. Every person has it, yet not every person is aware of it. If you have never felt it or triggered your Chi energy before, start with this simple exercise:

Lie down in your bed, completely relaxed. Start focusing on your legs and try relaxing them even more. Once you feel them more relaxed, strive to relax them even more. Soon enough, you’ll start to feel a tickling. That is your Chi, flowing inside you!

When you’re able to acknowledge, feel, and control your Chi energy, your brain will be “working” on a different level. No one has to confirm it – you’ll feel it on your own skin.

13. Continue Challenging Yourself

Do not fall into comfort zone once you’ve become good at something. Keep optimizing that skill, keep improving that goal, and don’t you ever stop doing something just because you’ve mastered it. You would be sabotaging yourself completely, damaging all the positive consequences that your grind has previously produced.

14. Connect with Different Minds

To develop yourself as an individual, you’ll often need a satisfying social environment. Choose your friends wisely, and spend time with those who can drag you up instead of down. Moreover, to better exercise your brain, you should start interacting with different types of people. Start looking for individuals who have great minds, as they’ll help you unlock and gain many new perspectives.

15. Active Exercising – The Best Brain Booster

Do you want to be healthy both physically and mentally? Most people do. Fortunately, an amazingly simple solution exists: step out of your comfort zone and begin exercising regularly. There are many studies, which confirm the benefits of exercising over a person’s brain and mental capacities. As Nike says…”Just do it!”


Exercising your brain even at a young age is definitely going to bring positive effects over your life. Besides your mental health, which will be stronger than ever, your overall happiness states will be more intense and more frequent.

You’ll become an excellent problem solver and you’ll be able to keep an objective perspective on life consistently. Create a habit out of your brain exercising activities; get used to it and you’ll see it as “play” for the rest of your life.

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