20 Best Free Online Apps to Help You Through the Pandemic

By James Dorian

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Don’t worry… it’s just a virus! Yeah; that’s what we all thought while it was far away. Now that it’s close to everyone, we see how serious the situation is. No matter where you live, you’re probably spending a lot of time at home. Maybe you never considered switching to remote work, but now you have no other choice.
20 Best Free Online Apps to Help You Through the Pandemic

Cold Turkey

Now productivity is important, but secondary, as we need first focus on naturally boosting our immune system to fight potential enemies. At some point being at home becomes our reality and if we are privilege to actually still have a job – a workplace too.

Switching to remote work is hard because your home is full of distractions. You would rather spend time on Instagram, Reddit, Netflix, and other online distractions. Cold Turkey is one of the best productivity apps to use during these difficult times. It will block your access to distracting websites. You’ll be able to use the computer for work only. 


When you plan your day, the process of switching to remote work will be much easier. You have to get into a routine, so you won’t get too relaxed just because you’re at home. With Trello, you can organize to-do lists and move the tasks across categories (to-do, doing, and done). 

With the right remote work tools, you’ll have no trouble working in or running a remote team. Here’s a quick guide to the best remote work tools for your business with key features, pricing and their alternatives.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is one of the best free apps for conferences. You’ll feel connected with your coworkers if you communicate through video conferences. You can also see your friends and family without getting out of isolation. 


Slack is a wonderful app that keeps the team connected throughout the remote work process. They can organize projects and topic conversations, assign tasks, and manage the work without much effort. There’s a free version that works well for small teams.  

Focus Booster

Focus Booster is an app based on the Pomodoro Technique. It helps you to stay focused during brief working sessions, followed by short breaks. When you realize that you have to stay focused for only 25 minutes before the next break, it doesn’t seem like too much.  

Dark Noise

If you’re alone in the room, trying to focus on remote work, silence can be a distraction, too. You miss the ambient noise from the office. Don’t worry; this app will replace it! 

It’s amazing to see how some noise can have a focusing effect on your mind. 

Day One

You’re living through something exceptional. Maybe you never considered keeping a journal, but now is the right time to start writing about your thoughts and feelings. Day One is one of the most popular free online apps for journaling. 


What will you do when you’re done with the remote work and you have the entire afternoon left? You can’t go outside and meet your friends. Instead of watching Netflix for too long, you can use the time for something useful: learn a foreign language. Duolingo gives you access to free lessons in 30+ languages. 


Now is the right time to return to reading. You can install the Kindle app on your tablet or computer. The Internet is full of free books. Many publishers give access to their editions for free at the moment, so they can help people to cope with the pandemic. Hint: the classics are always free. That leads us to the next source:


Scribd is one of the best free apps that give you access to books without any fees. You can access thousands of titles. No matter how picky you are with your reading, you’ll definitely find something interesting here. Nothing can beat an evening with a glass of wine and a good book. 


All that time spent at home may make you feel dumb. How about some brain training? Lumosity offers fun games designed to improve your focus and memory.  


You have more free time than usual and you don’t know what to do with yourself? Start learning! Maybe you don’t feel motivated for an online course right now, but you’ll change your mind when you find the right one. 

iTunes U

This app had humble beginnings, but it turned into one of the best free online apps for online learning. You’ll find amazing courses that help you understand the world that surrounds you. 


This app helps you track your mood, thoughts, and feelings. It’s an awesome tool for tracking your stress and anxiety levels. It also offers meditations that help you relax. 


Active is one of the best home exercise apps. Popsugar offers it for free during the lockdown, so use the opportunity to access all content free of charge. 


Sworkit is another workout app that gives temporary free access. It’s great, since it helps you build custom workouts based on your stamina and needs. 

WHO Info

Fake news creates terrible panic. You want to isolate yourself from them as much as possible. Install the WHO Info app and use it as your only source of information for COVID-19. You can be sure that everything you read there is checked and verified by the World Health Organization. You will get updates, advice, and news on the Coronavirus situation around the world. 


Calm is the ultimate anti-anxiety app. It offers a great collection of breathing programs, calming music, and outstanding guided meditation. Close your eyes, choose your Calm program for the day, and let the stress go.  

Apple Podcasts

Who thought that we would list Apple Podcasts as one of the best productivity apps to use right now? You can listen to outstanding educational podcasts for the pandemic, but feel free to experiment with the topics. You can explore meditation podcasts, or turn to any fun topic that helps you relax. 

Time for Kids

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