3 Steps to Making Your Car or Truck More Appealing

By Patrick Banks

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3 Steps to Making Your Car or Truck More App

Did you know that the average American driver spends about an hour behind the wheel each day? And if you’re a man, chances are you’re in your car about 19% more time than your wife or girlfriend. 

Despite the fact that so many of us drive just about everywhere, it’s surprising how unappealing so many of our vehicles are. The interiors are dusty. The floors are littered with discarded soda cans, empty chip bags, receipts, and stray french fries from our last drive-through experience. Stuff is flying everywhere and it’s difficult to find a napkin or a tissue when you need one. 

It’s time to change all that. Read on for some tips to help make your car a more appealing place to spend time!

Step 1: Keep It Clean

If you drive a junky old beater and you never have passengers, then it’s sort of excusable if your car is always a filthy mess. But don’t subject other people to your clutter. Any guy who regularly carpools — or takes women on dates — should clean up his act! 

The first tip for keeping your car clean is to keep a trash bag or can inside. All garbage should go in there, and it should be emptied regularly. Once a week or so, take a shop vac or dustbuster to the carpets, floorboards, and seats. Dust the dashboard, console, storage areas, and other surfaces with a dry microfiber cloth. You can also spritz your cloth with an all-purpose cleaner, if necessary, to remove any grime and gunk.

You can buy a special tool that makes cleaning the inside of the front and back windshields a snap. And make sure to stock your car with napkins, tissues, wet wipes, and paper towels so that you can not only keep yourself clean, but keep the car’s interior clean too.

Step 2: Make It Yours

Whether you listen to CDs, subscribe to satellite radio, or live and die by Spotify Premium plus your trusty aux cord, you probably have your music ready to go for commuting, road trips and quick jaunts around town. But why stop there? You can make driving your car a multi-sensory experience!

Particularly if your car tends to smell like gym clothes, wet dog, or all those on-the-go burgers you grab, freshen the air with an aromatherapy diffuser for the car. Using essential oils can also help reduce your stress and help you zen out on the drive home.

To make your travels a delightful tactile experience, choose a memory-foam steering wheel cover, a cozy sheepskin seat cover, and a sturdy lumbar support pillow to prevent your back from seizing up during traffic jams and long stretches on the highway. 

It’s never a bad idea to stock up one of those storage compartments with a variety of snacks, candy, gum, mints, and bottled water or tea. You can even invest in a small cooler to keep beverages cold.

Step 3: Keep It Organized

Today’s vehicles usually come with a ton of storage spaces. There are plenty of cupholders, cubbies, and compartments to stash all your gear. However, you might consider going a step further and checking out some of the many organizers and storage systems available for cars. 

Choose a multi-purpose organizer that holds water bottles, tissues, maps, CDs, toys, and anything else that travels with you, or a hanging hook system that’s suspended from the back of your seat and keeps your belongings up off the floor. 

Need to keep your cell phone, pens, change, Bluetooth earbuds, or other small items close at hand? Stick them to a grippy pad that mounts onto your dash, or corral them in a cupholder insert with separate slots for all of your essentials.

Crossing the Finish Line

Driving can be fun, or it can be a drag. It all depends on where you’re going, what the route is like, and of course how pleasant your car is to spend time in. You can’t control all of those factors, but you can take steps to make your car’s ambience more appealing.

How have you made your vehicle one-of-a-kind? Have you discovered any super useful or cool car accessories that you think other drivers should know about ? Let us know in the comments section!

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