The 3 Ways To Overcome Sexual Performance Anxiety

By Patrick Banks

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performance anxiety in bed

Let’s be honest about things here for a minute…

If you’re bad in bed, you’re going to struggle keeping attractive women with options in your life. Basically, any woman you’d want to be with is going to get frustrated with your sexual skills and leave you. Reality may not be what you’d want to hear, but we live in a cold world.

However, this information shouldn’t get you down. You should not be saddened by this fact. Actually, this should be great information for you to hear. If women don’t stay with men who are bad in bed, they have to date and have sex with somebody. That means attractive women only stay in the lives of men whom are good in bed. Dominant men with confidence to rock their world between the sheets.

Thus, all a man must do to keep women in his life is become one of these men – one of the men who rocks a woman’s world in the bedroom. Now, if you’ve been struggling with sexual performance anxiety in the bedroom this may sound daunting. Yet, don’t get down. There are a few easy, yet unconventional methods you can use to gain confidence in bed almost instantly.

The problem is most people who have figured these methods out don’t want to share them with you. They’d rather keep all the girls satisfied themselves – but I’m not that greedy.

Here are 3 steps to overcome sexual performance anxiety:

Step 1: Figure out why you’re experiencing performance anxiety

First, you’re going to have to be honest with yourself about your specific sexual performance issue. Do you think you come to quickly in bed? Do you believe you’re sexually inexperienced? Do you think you have a small penis? Or do you think you there is another issue holding you back from driving a woman wild in the bedroom?

As you may have noticed, the word “think” was in every question above. This was on purpose. The mind is the most powerful weapon in a man’s arsenal. Your mind will control how a girl feels when she is around and how she feels when you’re in bed together. Thus, you have to consciously figure out what issue is holding you back in the bedroom.

Once you have your issue sorted out, you can be begin to address it. If you come to quickly in bed, you may have a negative feedback loop that causes you to believe you are a premature ejaculator. This can easily be fixed by adjusting your subconscious beliefs.

If you think you have a small penis, I’m here to tell you it doesn’t matter. Women truly don’t care about your penis size. Women care about two things – if they have good sex that gives them an orgasm and what they can brag to their friends about. It’s easy to give women great sex, no matter the penis size. Thus, if you fuck her well, she will come and she can still brag to her friends about how good you were.

As well, sexual experience is almost irrelevant. You don’t need to sleep with a lot of women or have a lot of sex to be great in bed. Great sex is passionate sex. If you can provide a girl with passion, you can give her the sex she truly desires.

You could have a different sexual issue as well. The key is being open and honest with yourself about your sexual anxiety. Once you figure out what’s holding you back, you can solve the issue quickly.

Step 2: How your body and hormones influence your state

Sexual confidence comes from a number of things for most men, but the key is being confident in who you are in a man. If that’s an issue, the easiest way to solve it is to begin working out. Not only does working out make a man look better, you will feel better when working out.

When a man works out his hormones change. In the beginning of a work out routine, a man will start to feel his hormone levels balance. His serotonin levels will rise, which will allow him to last longer in bed.

As he continues to workout, his testosterone will begin to rise as well. The man’s estrogen levels will lower. This is a positive feedback loop. As these hormones change, the man begins to lose fat and build muscle much faster. He begins to feel confident about his new physique.

This confidence often translates to other areas of his life, including the bedroom. His newfound physique generates more attraction from women and this translates into a woman being more excited to have sex with him. The more excited a woman is, the less work a man needs to do to please her.

Now when working out, do not do a ton of cardio. You’ll want to begin chiseling a rock solid physique in the weight room. Find a program to stick to and hit the gym four to six times a week. At first, you may find going to the gym tedious and exhausting. However, once you get into a routine of going to the gym, you will begin to love it. Your body will begin to crave the endorphin rush. Your body will begin to need the boost in testosterone.

Step 3: Work on your subconscious mind to gain more confidence in bed

Now we have already discussed the mind and how it is the most important aspect of your sexuality, but we didn’t dive too deep. We will now. See, the mind essentially controls every aspect of your body and life.

The mind does so through both the subconscious mind and the conscious mind. Your conscious mind is the one you can control. The subconscious mind is the part you cannot. Yet, your subconscious mind plays a far greater role in your life than the conscious mind does. Think about it – there are many aspects of your life where you do not actually have to think when you do something. You don’t really think when you drive a car. You just do it. You rarely are consciously thinking when you become aroused. You don’t think penis get erect now. No, you automatically become erect when you are aroused.

The conscious mind controls things that you generally have to think about to do. Things like making a decision on what to eat or what clothes to wear are controlled by the conscious mind. Often, the conscious mind controls small tasks, while the subconscious mind controls the important stuff.

Yet, that doesn’t mean you can’t use your conscious mind to affect your subconscious. No, you can change how your subconscious views things by using your conscious mind. The first way to do so is by changing your self-talk. Instead of thinking negatively, begin to always think in a positive manner. This is especially helpful from a sexual standpoint. If this doesn’t help you sexual performance issues, you may need to take one final step.

That one final step is hypnosis. Hypnosis is the fastest and most effective way to change your subconscious thoughts and beliefs. If you are struggling with sexual performance anxiety, you may need hypnosis to immediately change things.

With the help of a professional certified hypnotist, we created a product designed to rewire your mind for longer lasting with the help of 2 powerful hypnosis sessions (among other techniques). Check it out (for free) here.

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