4 Reasons Why People Buy Synthetic Urine

By Patrick Banks

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The words “synthetic urine” don’t sound like groundbreaking chemistry, but more like a gag gift. It’s gaining popularity at a surprisingly high rate. What is that and why someone would like to pay for such substance?
4 Reasons You May Want to Spend on Synthetic Urine

Synthetic urine is not natural urine, but rather one manufactured in a laboratory to be similar to real human urine. Water mixed with inorganic and organic compounds such as chlorides, uric acid, and creatinine among others, results in synthetic urine.

However, synthetic urine doesn’t have human waste throughout excretion. You can use it for numerous tests and activities since it’s hygienic and safe. Here is why you may need to purchase synthetic urine. 

1. As a Drug Tests Substitute

Drug users who want to pass drug tests usually opt for the synthetic one as a solution for them. But you will only be lucky if your test is unsupervised. You can visit noon proposition56 to know how synthetic urine helps pass a drug test. Also, you will be able to pinpoint the difference with the real urine. Only keen individuals will be able to detect the difference. 

Are you wondering why someone can opt to buy urine instead of receiving a clean one from a friend? Well, as much as this may seem to be an option, chances are that your friend may not be as clean as you think… Drugs are more common than people think, and nothing wrong about that, especially if they are psychedelics taken with respect, moderation and safe environment!

Also, there may be a mismatch in temperature. Synthetic urine helps you avoid running into the risks of impurities. And you can alter the temperature yourself

2. For Scientific Research and Pest Repellant 

Most researchers and institutions use this urine to perform scientific experiments. They use this product to do urine tests, which keeps them safe from contracting pathogens normally, present in actual human urine. Also, medical students synthetic urine in their researches. Other uses of this urine include; lab machines calibration, and diapers. 

Most Industries including those that make cleaning agents usually test their diaper’s effectiveness with the same urine. Synthetic urine includes the one that resembles human urine as well as another which looks like that of animals. The latter helps prevent pest attack in your garden. 

3. For Cosmetology and Beauty

The beauty industry believes that urine can cure acne and kill harmful bacteria on your skin. With many people going to any length to keep their skins glowing, they may not hesitate washing their faces with urine. For those who have the guts to wash their faces with urine.

However, you don’t have to use your urine which may be contaminated, but rather purchase the synthetic one, which is safer. Using real human urine could cause certain infections to your skin.

4. Synthetic Urine for Fun and Games

Pranking is fun especially when you do it to your friends or family members who love fun. Therefore, you can use synthetic urine to fool them that it’s real urine. For instance, you can pour this hygienic urine on them while unaware and make them believe they have peed on themselves. But kindly don’t use real urine since it can contain human excretion which could lead to serious infections. 


Synthetic urine has numerous purposes that help institutions and researchers to carry out experiments. It is safe and hygienic and can be used to manage conditions like acne as believed by beauty therapists. Also, you can visit noon proposition56 can help you understand more about synthetic urine. Likewise, you will learn how to escape real urine test by using the synthetic one.

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