5 Apps To Help You Make Money On Summer Travel

By Helenna Birk

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Did you know that there are apps that make you money on a trip? Now you can not only travel but also earn a bit.

All of us like to travel. The tastes are so different, that allows thousands of travel agencies all over the world to create more and more various tours starting with group hiking and finishing with shopping tours to the Middle East. People travel all the time. There are up to 60,000 flights, which are taking place every day and relocate people all over the world as well as grant them a status of a traveller.

Why are we constantly seeking for a journey?

Most people are looking for new emotions. Going to another city, to the seashore, to an exotic country, to mountains, taking a bike or motorbike road trip is something that instantly grants us with a portion of new experience and allows forgetting about current stress or problems. This is a 100% effective way to gain new emotions. There is a widespread opinion that people are running away from their problems by taking a vacation. On the one hand that is indeed true, on the other hand, why is it considered to be something negative?

There is always a reason for a vacation

When it is already clear, that travelling is running away from current reality, then why not to make it amazing? There is always a reason for a journey. Solo travellers are supposed to meet new people and discover themselves from the inside. Couple travellers are mostly oriented on refreshing relationships. Be it a lazy seashore vacation or crazy ski/motorbike/hitch hacking tour, it is supposed to show your spouse in a completely different light outside your apartment. Friends are getting alone together to have fun and double emotions.

Adrenaline lovers

There are also group tours for adrenalin depended on people like climbing, free-riding, hiking, down-healing, sailing, canoeing and other. In most cases. Those groups are not interested in an urbanistic beauty. They need much more. New ways of risk your life are appearing every year and becoming more and more popular. Usually, adrenalin lovers are saving and spending more money for supporting the favourite way of life.

How much money do we spend?

The average cost of a trip for a couple is 1,000-4,000 USD. This price varies a lot depending on the destination and way of travelling. Today the popularity of low-cost or budget way of journeys are steadily growing due to popular bloggers who experienced all the advantages themselves. The number of luxury tours is increasing as well with all-inclusive opportunities and VIP class hotels.

Each traveller can earn a bit

travelling app

Travelling is always about spending savings. Hopefully. Some apps can even make you money during the journey. Renting your apartment, taking a fellow passenger, uploading best photos for sale, picking up a package can partially save your money. Whenever you go there is definitely one thing that you are taking with – your phone. Be it a navigation system, camera, access to social networks, tracker or whatever other reason, most people always have it with. The good news is that you can download make money apps. Some of them are obvious, other not.

1. Airbnb

The app is mostly used for renting an apartment if you don’t want to live in a hotel. It is mostly used for two reasons:

  • Save money.
  • To find out something personal about the way of life of locals.


The first reason is clear. The interesting thing is that in many cases people are very trustworthy and can live keys in unexpectedly obvious place. It is always amazing that they trust their sweet homes with all the favourite stuff, decor, dishes, expensive TVs or computers and sometimes even pets to complete strangers. It means that Airbnb is more than a cheap way to stay the night but also a community who trust each other.

This brings us to the second reason to choose Airbnb. Imagine staying in a Thailand, Chinese, Vietnamese, Indian, Australian hotel and in an apartment of a local person. From staying a night in someone’s place, you may find out much more about the traditions, culture, habits, style of life then from hotel rooms, guided excursions, and museums. There is no other possible chance to become a guest in someone’s house except finding friends in behalf. This way is the best for getting to know the way of living from the inside.


Become a part of this community. Depending on your apartment, you have a chance to earn from 30 up to 300 USD per night for doing nothing. The security system is trustful enough in this app. There is no need to worry about payment. If you have a unique collection of vinyl or fully equipped home cinema system, then closing it in a separate room is a good idea. There is no valuable reason to avoid a possibility of earning money because of concerns. The community is growing every day. You will always find the way to spend additional money in the middle of the trip.

2. Blablacar

This is another app build on trust. It is not only a way to save but also one of the best apps to make money. The network is growing, and the number of users is enlarging every day.


Blablacar is not hitchhiking. You don’t have to leave things to change. Usually. There is a reliable driver who will pick you up and deliver to the destination point faster, cheaper and more convenient than a bus or a train. The negative point is planning. You can’t plan it beforehand, and you are not ensured from cancellation.


If you are lucky enough to have or rent a car, then this is one of the must make money apps downloaded on your phone. Post your trips and take passengers to make your rent almost free of charge. You can earn your travel cost fully. When it goes about traveling, there is no limitation on spending, saving or making money. Try, experiment and learn.

3. Clashot

We are moving from more to less obvious apps that help you make money. Clashot is a relatively new platform where you can sell your photos. Sounds crazy, isn’t it? Who needs to buy someone else’s photos when there are a lot of free pictures which can be downloaded without being concerned about copyright? In fact, those people exist. Many of them are hunting for unique photos.

The biggest advantage of this platform is the orientation of mobile photos. Most of us have hundreds of pics of flowers, sky, food, architecture, legs, arms, cups, birds, animals, roads, bridges and much many other stuff that no one of your friends is really interested in. The good news is you can sell them. There are special deals where you can upload thematic pics with a special description and win up to 100 UDS.

Are you obsessed with Instagram? Do you catch moments with your phone camera that no one can truly appreciate? Your memory and cloud are almost full? Sell it. Clashot is not the only one app for sale pictures. Check for more apps and direct your obsession into the right direction.

4. Field Agent App

This is another not obvious but useful app that allows travel and earn money. Field Agent App will make you feel like a special agent. How does it work? Register, find a task nearby in the map and finish it within two hours. Most of the tasks have something to do with products, prices, customer surveys, special stores, and other. Each task costs from three to twelve UDS. Payments can proceed to PayPal or Dwolla account.

This may appear not only a way of earning some cash but also an exciting quest, which may end up with an entertaining experience. It is a funny way to go for a walk and do something you have never done before. For using the app, you have to verify your phone number. The app is constantly growing and needs more security.

5. Roadie

Want to feel yourself like a Jason Statham from ‘The Transporter’ by Luc Besson? Download ROADIE app and carry out a delivery service. This is a pretty useful application, which will allow you to earn from 20 up to 700 USD depending on the type of the luggage. The most expensive deliveries are yourself. If you don’t mind an animal in your car, then go for it and earn.

Roadie allows applying for gigs posted by app users and contact with a person directly. The service allows picking up small, big, smart, huge and ‘alive’ luggage for fast and safe delivery. The service allows national-wide and local shipments. Time for a good news. Each package is insured for 500 USD automatically. There is an option to buy a 10k USD insurance for special occasions. Real time tracking is an excellent solution for those especially concerned.

Don’t lose your chance to earn

Be it a wedding honeymoon, trip with friends, single journey, a hiking tour, don’t lose your chance to earn some money. Professional trip makers know that it is impossible to have too much money. Earning and traveling can be easy and funny.

About the author Helenna Birk

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