5 Facts Men Must Know About How Cannabis Can Influence Your Testosterone Levels

By Patrick Banks

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People tie many benefits to smoking marijuana. Some of these benefits include reduced inflammation, pain, better management of insomnia, and increased strength, among others.
5 Facts Men Must Know About Cannabis And Testosterone

With the recently increased legalization of weed, particularly medical cannabis and cannabis strain like Indica that has a high level of THC, most researchers want to find out more about its effects on health.

Marijuana’s impact on fertility has received considerable attention. Over the years, doctors have linked marijuana to testosterone in various ways. It is for this reason that men who have low testosterone levels can take cannabis to improve their sperm count and sexual activity. Here are some of the facts that all men must know about cannabis and marijuana.

1. Cannabis Increases The Sperm Count

There has been a reduction in male sperm count by half between 1973 and 2011, especially in Western countries. In the United States alone, the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development reports that 9% of the male population suffer from fertility issues. Men who smoke cannabis have higher concentrations of sperm compared to those who have never taken marijuana.

As per a study in the journal of Human Reproduction, weed smokers had about 62.7 million sperms per milliliter of ejaculation, while non-weed smokers have an average concentration of 45.4 milliliters per ejaculation. Weed influences sperm concentration through its activity on the human endocannabinoid system. With increased legalization, you can purchase weed seeds from high-supplies.com and enjoy the benefits.

2. Cannabis Increases Activity Level That In Turn Boost Testosterone Levels

Testosterone levels increase after exercising. Even that 15 minutes or 1-hour training can boost your testosterone levels. Therefore, for men who have low testosterone levels, exercise can help a lot. Cannabis comes into play here by boosting a person’s physical activity.

Depends on what type of a personality and what do you smoke, weed can either demotivate you and even cause serious mental issues or actually help you to chill and keep going.

If you are the lucky one for whom marijuana works well, when you consume cannabis, you feel more energetic and willing to undertake continuous exercise. It increases your morale, and you can do five laps instead of the usual one lap per day. Therefore, men can take cannabis to boost physical activity to increase their testosterone levels. Your levels of testosterone vary throughout the day.

Testosterone levels are highest in the morning and drop significantly in the afternoon. Research shows that engaging in strength-training exercises can boost these levels in the evening. Therefore, using cannabis and strains like budget buds to provide a boost to your exercise routine may have significant effects on your testosterone levels. To increase my testosterone levels, I Love Growing Marijuana seeds at home. 

3. Cannabis can lead to Erectile Dysfunction

Indeed, testosterone is not the only aspect that drives a man’s sexual performance. However, low levels of testosterone can reduce your ability to have an enjoyable sexual experience. Erectile dysfunction is a sexual issue that can originate from low testosterone levels.

Men who have erectile dysfunction cannot maintain an erection firm enough for sex. The best-known chemical contained in cannabis is THC, and it has a psychoactive effect.  Most studies conclude that long-term use of recreational marijuana may lead to erectile dysfunction. Researchers of a 2018 review contend that there is a lack of enough evidence to confirm this relationship.

Specific effects of the THC compound can cause dysfunction. Since cannabinoid receptors are also present in the smooth tissues of the penis, THC can impair the function of the penis and lead to erectile dysfunction. The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) posits that cannabis causes a feeling of drowsiness and euphoria, which can lead to a decreased desire for sex.

4. Increased Sexual Stamina

Recent studies show that marijuana users have enhanced sexual relations. Thanks to the legalization of marijuana in some states, researchers have been able to undertake conclusive studies to understand the link between weed and sexual stamina. I

n one study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine (JSM), the researchers proved that weed use leads to increased sexual frequency among men. Participants studied admitted having a 20% more sex increase compared to non-weed smokers.

Weed can increase sexual pleasure whereby the THC compound makes you high and can put you in the mood for sex. Since it increases sexual pleasure, it helps men to achieve a longer-lasting orgasm. In California, some women are selling “Sexxpot,” which contains some small amounts of THC to increase sexual pleasure. It does not affect libido, and people smoking weed are more likely to experience more sexual encounters than those who do not use weed. 

The body’s endocannabinoid system regulates many things, including pleasure. Weed activates this system leaving users with increased pleasure, which can lead to increased arousal. If you have had a boring sex life, you can discuss with your partner how you can include weed in your sexual life to increase your stamina.

5. Gynecomastia or Man Boobs

The swelling of man boobs occurs due to an imbalance between testosterone and estrogen. As per a CNN post, one plastic surgeon reported that weed could lead to the development of man boobs. Studies done on animals show that exposure to THC (the active ingredient in weed) can lead to a reduction in testosterone levels.

Although there is a lack of sufficient evidence, sources show a link between pot and man boobs. Boys that smoke marijuana in the early years are more likely to have man boobs later in life. Marijuana alters testosterone levels, and this can lead to temporary boob enlargement.

However, some people argue that man boobs in a natural condition in some men and not tied to cannabis smoking. While most long-term users may present man boobs, the evidence is still lacking. 


has been considerable research to determine the relationship between marijuana
and testosterone. Most studies show that it boosts sperm count and increases
sexual stamina. However, men should be aware that weed can lead to erectile
dysfunction and man boobs. If you’ve decided to use cannabis, then you should
only buy from the best online dispensary Canada offers.

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