5 of the Best Exercises You Can Ever Do, Bar None!

By Emily Brathen

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In this society where fitness is nearly an obsession, fitness trends abound like clockwork. But when you factor in your young, fresh mind into them, these exercises could become a little more daunting than they have to be. And with good reason!
5 of the Best Exercises You Can Ever Do, Bar None!

Virtually all these regimens are growing by the second, and if you’re not following, you could easily be drowned in all that shame, and at times, that consequential pressure.

But when it comes to exercises, the young are almost always the ones who fall into that familiar trap: The notion that getting them all performed at once is king. If you must know, these exercises don’t have to be all that complex and demanding.

As it is, most fitness professionals nowadays would swear on something that is quite unheard off, especially in a world that insists on getting busier: Keep them simple!

Here are five of the best exercises that you can ever do, starting today:

1. Walking

But of course walking has to be placed at the very top of this list.

A good, old walking is perhaps the simplest exercise that you can ever do, for the rest of your life, that is. But don’t be fooled with the uncomplicated straightforwardness of walking. Walking, as you might have already gleaned from the hint I’m trying to intimate, is also vastly powerful. It helps you stay trimmed, or even trimmer than your best friend!

Walking is also noted for its array of physical and mental benefits. Chief of these is its capacity to improve your cholesterol levels, make your bones even more robust, keep your blood pressure at bay, lower your risks for diseases you don’t want to be experiencing at your youthful age like diabetes and those heart-related illnesses your father has told you about.

Numerous studies have also revealed that walking, alongside activities that wake the very physical of you, can not only lift your mood or improve your memory. Ultimately, it resists the effects of ageing.

To make walking more fun and beneficial, ensure that you are equipped with a well-fitted and supportive pair of shoes. You don’t have to walk like Cheryl Strayed during your first outing. You can jumpstart this exercise by just walking for about 10 to 15 minutes. Until then, you can start adding some more when you get the hang of it.

2. Swimming

If walking is the simplest one, swimming should have to be the perfect exercise. And who are we to argue with perfection?

So, if you’re now in the mood, break out those age-old goggles and start splashing those gawking waves!

Essentially, swimming is not only vital as a cardiovascular workout. There is more to the water which provides resistance to beef up your muscles and protect your joints in the process. Swimming can also improve your mental states and better your mood down the line. Ultimately, this exercise is a workout that does all those much-needed workouts you’d usually perform in separate regimens. As what they said, keep them simple.

Getting started in swimming, on the contrary, is just easy. Just make certain that you own a pair of swimmers. Some goggles would serve you really good, too! Oh, and yes, you must know how to swim first, before ever engaging yourself into such foray.

Apart from that, make sure that you don’t overdo it as you’re just starting out.

3. Tai Chi

I know, but don’t be intimidated by the language!

Tai Chi has generated a significant amount of buzz for years. The reason behind its popularity isn’t rocket science!

Tai Chi is a Chinese martial art that expertly amalgamates movement and relaxation that benefit the body and the mind. Sounds a bit oxymoronic, don’t you think?

But fear not, this famed exercise is well-loved for its series of graceful movements, one that transitions ever so smoothly right to the next.

Dubbed as the “meditation in motion,” Tai Chi is also renowned for its array of benefits. The exercise can reportedly improve your lower-body strength. Think of those best hack squat alternative exercises, only less demanding. And when done regularly, this could also be akin to performing resistance training and brisk walking.

The mention of Tai Chi could not have been more complete without mentioning balance. As it is, this exercise reduces falls. This should come in handy when you grow older in which proprioception or the ability to detect the position of your body in space, deteriorates in age.

A Tai Chi session can include a warm-up, an instruction and practice of tai chi forms, and the Qigong or the “breath or energy work.”

Best of all, Tai Chi is very safe and would not require you to own or use fancy equipment.

4. Planking

At times, the simplest of movements often result in the greatest gains right to your fitness aspirations. But with the planking exercise, such reaping is more than fulfilling!

Planks are a phenomenal workout and an undemanding one at that. They strengthen your core, engage multiple muscle groups simultaneously, improve your posture, flexibility, and balance, and ultimately improve your mood in the long run.

And if you’re able to muster the right dose of discipline and will that are required by this exercise, consider this workout as a godsend of sorts.

Planks may certainly look simple, almost too easy, if you ask and see around. And while that entails deception if you must, the discipline that comes with it is both straightforward and uncomplicated. It’s the holding of the position that will exert a lot from you. And if you’re here to conquer such challenge, you’re going to give your abs, back, and core a favor that you should soon be reaping with praises.

A toned belly, you say? Consider planking as your new ally!

Here’s how to perform a basic planking exercise:

·         Hold your elbows under your shoulders directly. Next, place your wrists adjacent to your elbows.

·         Ensure that your body is pushed up into your upper back as you hold your chin near your neck. Imagine laying an egg using the area between your throat and your chin.

·         During this position, your abdominals should be braced in a way that the area is expecting a punch. While you’re breathing normally, make certain that your tailbone and thigh muscles are squeezed simultaneously.

·         Hold this position for at least 20 seconds. Subsequently, you can increase this 30 and so on. Note that when the correct form is practice, it’s not that crucial that you hold the position for that long. Rest for about a minute then repeat this step for three to five more times.

·         If you feel like adding a little more challenge into this exercise, you may start doing it using your toes and elbows instead. You can also level this up by performing a higher planking exercise.

5.  Pushups

Pushups, like swimming, is also a whole body exercise. Just don’t get distracted with how your arms seem to be getting the whole attention during this entire affair!

Similar with planking, pushups can be a little too easy when you’re the watcher, but without the proper form and discipline, this one too will just go straight out of the window!

But the most perennial question most starters would often ask themselves in terms of performing pushups: Are pushups really worth with all the trouble?

As it goes, the response is in the affirmative!

Pushups essentially aid you to build that much-needed strength while burning your calories and increasing your mental fortitude all at the same time. More importantly, this exercise works every muscle in your body right from your neck all the way to your toes. Considering all these, it’s not that difficult to comprehend as to why pushups are now called as the ultimate barometer of fitness.

When engaging yourself with pushups, it’s always important to note that you don’t rush. In the same vein, it’s crucial that you focus on doing them with the right motion. Ensure, too, that your legs, hips, neck, and head are all falling under one straight line.

By now, you must have already been impressed upon with the idea that the best exercises don’t really require fancy equipment that some of those fitness nerds you’ve encountered have told you about.

These shamelessly uncomplicated exercises can certainly do wonders not only to your physique but to your overall well-being as well. They should keep your weight under control, bring your balance to a whole new level, strengthen your bones, prevent diseases, and lift your mood like a pro!

And whether you’re just literally sprung into the fitness world or are looking into managing your oftentimes demanding list of workouts, these exercises are not only the best of the bunch but are also the most effective ones, at that.

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