5 Reasons Male Grooming Is the Next Big Thing and How to Start Taking Care of Your Beauty as a Man

By Patrick Banks

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In today’s world, radical changes are happening. Whether those are good or bad entirely depends on what perspective you’re looking at. There are simply too many to mention, but in the spirit of looking on the brighter side of things, how about focusing on gender norms and how beauty and emotions are no longer shunned by the “sterner” sex?
5 Reasons Male Grooming Is the Next Big Thing

Modern society has taken a big leap in thinking when it comes to acceptance and tolerance. Most men, women, and those in between, especially those belonging to the new generation, are seeing these concepts as the norm.

With these ideas come the movement of men becoming more in touch with their nurturing side. Men becoming more sensitive is a feat that would have been frowned upon a few decades ago. In fact, everyone is encouraged to embrace self-care to combat the stressors of the daily hustle and bustle of school and work.

Self-care means different things. For women, it can often mean skincare and makeup; for men, grooming. The concept of self-pampering has evolved over the years and blurred the lines of what is acceptable to all genders. In short, male grooming is the next big thing, and audience growth is climbing.

Thanks to the power of the internet, everyone is more connected than ever. In some parts of the world, male grooming is widely practised, and others are certainly catching up. Manufacturers are making more and more products for men.

The growing demand for male skincare has produced an array of products that target skin problems like ageing and how to lighten blemishes, to name a few. Companies have also catered to a demographic seeking affordable but multifunctional products for many kinds of skin types. If you aren’t in the habit of grooming yet or still remain unconvinced that you should invest in skin-care products, read on.

It’s a Competitive World Out There

Modern times have modern conundrums, and you should know as a hard worker that doing the bare minimum is no longer enough. If you want to succeed, whether at school or at work, you need to go above and beyond what you are expected to do. Being well-groomed will bring you success and maintain the excitement of your lovers.

It seems convoluted to piece together a reason you need to look good while hustling. The fact of the matter is that, if you manage to maintain a well-kempt appearance and to be good at what you do, it will put you in a good light.

Having a groomed exterior shows everybody that you value personal hygiene and take good care of yourself. You can consider it as a leg up your competition if you don’t look as haggard as they are. Why? It’s because . . .

Radiating Self-Esteem Is Key

It’s great to have confidence in the set of skills you have to be successful in your endeavours. A way to project this capability to others is not only to look the part, but also to match it with healthy self-esteem. It’s possible that you’re nervous about the future, but you can’t let that deter you from trying.

Ever heard of the expression “Fake it till you make it”? Well, being well-groomed and nicely dressed will help bolster that feeling. After all, no one likes to rely on someone doubtful of themselves. You’re going to be judged whatever you do anyway, so let them see and let it be worth their while.

Impressions Can Last

Although people nowadays are more lenient with how they perceive others, it’s still true that impressions last. Unfortunately, appearance can be the very first thing that people see, and if they like what they see, your chances are better. If you present yourself with the right pomp and attitude whether you’re working on climbing the career ladder or running as school president, you’ll be remembered more clearly when you have and apply all the things mentioned above. 

It’s important to make impressions last. Being well-dressed and groomed can get you there. If you’re a work in progress when it comes to the skin-care department, expand your knowledge little by little. Your skin-care routine can be minimal and according to your preference.

Winners do the work, so do your research on the type of skin-care items you want. It pays to know your skin type and if you have any allergies to certain ingredients. Your best bet is to go for organic and all-natural products, starting with a separate facial soap and body wash made from natural ingredients. The skin on the face is more sensitive, so if the bar of soap you’re using is strong, you could end up with irritations and skin conditions such as acne.

Neat Is Attractive

Beauty is power, and while not everyone is born with perfect, chiseled features, you can make yourself more attractive by grooming. There are a lot of resources on the internet you can utilize when it comes to skin care, dressing well, and having good manners. Use it to your advantage, and work with what you have.

Attractiveness is more than just physical, and people are more practical nowadays. Someone may find your work ethic and commitment attractive while others may find your neat appearance appealing. The biggest favor you can do for yourself is to invest in yourself. There is no exact science to it, but if you just do your best, you’ll hardly go wrong.

Being Trusted Is Important

If you know you are more than capable of handling whatever comes your way, looking the part should be the next natural step. While there are certain environments that don’t hold being well-dressed in high regard, it doesn’t hurt if your attire screams professional. The more elegantly dressed you are, the more people will see that you are trusted. You will be able to represent the organization you belong to or are capable of being entrusted with responsibilities. 

In a sense, being trusted is important. If you have your superior’s trust, you’ll be on their mind when the next promotion comes or if they’re looking for someone with the most potential. 

Priority Areas for Men’s Grooming

The way you present yourself to the world is dependent on the impression you give. Men’s grooming goes beyond being cleanly shaven and having a nice haircut. There are other factors too.


Acne, scars, whiteheads, and wrinkles can really do a number on your self-esteem. When you look at yourself in the mirror, your eyes will be drawn to the problem areas. Therefore, it pays to have a good skin-care routine and commit yourself to do it on a daily basis. A simple three-step routine that involves a facial wash, a toner, and a moisturizer can make a big difference. 

There are spot treatments you can apply to your problem areas. You can go to an aesthetician or any qualified personnel to give you the proper care that you need. Another tip is to apply sunscreen to protect yourself against harmful UV rays.


It is important to brush your teeth twice daily to keep it clean and to prevent bad odor. Yellowish teeth from food and coffee stains are normal, but if you want pearly whites, go visit your dentist to have your teeth cleaned or chemically whitened. When you’ve got clean teeth, you can confidently flash a smile at a colleague or a boss you want to impress with no worries.

Body Hair in General

If you’re a bearded kind of guy, you may already know the nuances of shaving and maintaining your facial hair. Keep at it, and make sure to keep both your mustache and your beard neat by trimming and styling them neatly. If you’re a clean-shaven kind of dude, learn about how to prevent ingrown hair and gentler ways to shave.

It’s also important to wash your hair, and depending on whether it’s dry, oily, or normal, the frequency of when to apply shampoo and conditioner depends. Finish it up with a styling gel and you’re as fresh as you can be.

Other types of body hair you should also worry about is the hair in your ears and nose. Get yourself a pen-type shaver or trimmer to take care of that overgrowth. You may also use a special trimmer to neaten your bushy eyebrows. 


How you want your nails to look is a personal choice, but having them short and clean is simple and easy to maintain. Your utilitarian nails will look good on a pragmatic man such as yourself. Handshakes will be memorable because of how you look overall and not because you have dirty and untrimmed fingernails.


As superficial as it sounds, clothing plays an essential role in your appearance. You look more put together if you wear good-fitting clothes. Always go for clothing items that are high-quality and flattering to your body shape, eye color, and even skin tone. If you have the dough to spare, get bespoke suits and pants.

Lastly, Manners Maketh Man

The most important part of your grooming is not about your physical appearance. Being polite and courteous to everyone you meet, regardless if they’re the CEO of your company or a server in a diner, is an important attitude to have.

Thou shalt not turn your nose up at anybody you think is below your stature. Practicing good manners should never be out of style, and if you want others to do the same, then lead by example.

Why do you think male grooming is the next big thing? Share your answers in the comments.

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