5 Simple And Essential Beginner’s Yoga Poses to Boost Your Health Almost Immediately

By Vivek Roy

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5 Simple And Essential Beginner's Yoga Poses to Boost Your Health Almost Immediately

Hey dude,

I need you to read this. 

No, you don’t have to think just right now, do as you’ve been told to. 

A bit of an effort but, you will NOT regret doing this.

Go buy a yoga mat.

With such a sedentary lifestyle and the kind of stress your mind and body endure, you need yoga to create movement in the body, stretch your muscle, open your mind and release those toxins. 

Studies show that men benefit more with yoga than women. So, you better get on it!

Standing Forward Fold

This particular asana opens the back, hips thus, preparing the body for deeper forward bends. One of the most important elements of the Sun Salutation. This pose is primarily to calm and rejuvenate the mind relieving fatigue, headache, anxiety, stress, and tension. This Uttanasana gives your hamstring the much needed, intense stretch.

The more you relax, the deeper and the more intense your stretch lengthening your hamstring and calves. It also calms the heart and brain increasing focus and concentration. The Uttanasana helps to improve digestion as it’s said to stimulate the liver and kidneys. Practicing this pose has therapeutic effects for asthma, osteoporosis, high blood pressure.

Yoga needs to be done at your own pace. It might take you months to achieve the deepest variation of a pose, and maybe in some cases even longer. Don’t rush. Take your time cause this is about you and your body, not your place of work. Damage takes no time at all, Healing does.

Warrior One

Funny guy right?

With this pose, develop resistance, balance, and coordination by toning up the arms, abdomen, and arches of the feet, thighs, and back. It corrects your posture by stretching your shoulder, neck, and belly.

It also stretches the lungs and the chest thus, improving the breathing capacity. It provides therapeutic effects for those suffering from Sciatica pains. This pose also encourages greater flexibility, blood circulation by warming up the muscles. 

Focus on building a strong base and then build the pose upwards, reducing distractions and sharpening your energy. It has calming effects on the mind, increasing the brainpower and thus, making it sharper. 

Warrior pose is an extremely powerful stance as it increases body awareness by increasing mind and body awareness. You are a harmonious connection with your physical self, which is extremely beneficial for your sexual health as well!

This warrior pose helps you gain inner peace and inner strength thereby, opening your heart and developing courage. This pose can really be helpful for the ones who don’t want to take too much space and thus end up feeling small. It’ll help you become louder, making yourself heard. 

Chair Pose

Or the Thunderbolt pose, tones the entire body especially the hips and thighs getting your heart to race. See, not just your woman, even yoga can get your heart to race. So convenient guys!! 

It is said to increase strength and stamina for the day and is often used as the transitional component in the Suryanamaskar or Sun salutations. 

It tones the butt, hips, thighs, back and provides a therapeutic effect to the flat feet. Stretches the shins and the Achilles Tendons. It tones up the digestive system and holding this pose for just a few minutes can make your heart pump faster thus, increasing the blood circulation and metabolism. 

Utkatasana tones up the nervous system thus building the overall endurance. 

Downward Facing Dog

Now, this is one pose the boys would love to learn as this one pose alone has so multiple benefits. 

This pose stretches, strengthens and energizes all the muscles of the body. Circulates blood to the brain. However, to reap all its benefits, you got to learn to down dog correctly. 

It strengthens the limbs. It works and strengthens your wrist preventing it from the Carpal Tunnel syndrome.  

The downward dog pose, actively engages your core area, drawing focus on both the lower and upper abdomen. It also simultaneously stretches and lengthens the sides of your waist. It tones up the abdomen and as well as all the abdominal organs. This pose helps to stretch and lengthen the spine through the crown of the brain. 

The bend in this pose ensures the hamstring and the calve muscles stretch. Not everybody is flexible. Most of us are stiff. Yoga helps to loosen up the body. In this pose, it requires you to keep your knees straight, but even if you fold them, you can still feel a good stretch on the back of your thighs. And as you lengthen your legs while lifting up your hips towards the ceiling, you gain strength. The blood flows directly to the brain when you have it below the heart. This pose might be a little tough to achieve for the beginners but it is has a number of benefits.

This pose helps you to increase your concentration span and heighten your energy. While bending when you allow your head to hang, you’re also releasing tension in the neck and spine. With this pose, you allow oxygen to into your body which will make you feel stronger, your lungs will expand, the spine will stretch and making you feel taller, sharper, and stronger.

Upward Facing Dog Pose 

Somewhat like the cobra pose. This pose you can see at the beginning of the article is performed usually while doing the Sun salutations series. The Upward Facing Dog pose just like the Downward facing dog pose has numerous benefits. This pose is known to strengthen the neck, spine, and limbs.

Most of the people have such bad postures. This particular asana corrects the backbone by lengthening the anterior spine and strengthening the posterior spine. Studies show that this pose increasing capacity – relieving the symptoms of asthma. 

The backbend while performing the Upward dog pose activates the abdominal organs for better functioning. The pose also tones the arms and legs and is known to open up the heart.

Alright young men, now we come to the athletes. You guys are obsessed with sports, ain’t y’all? 

With sports, come injuries and untreated injuries can be damaging in the longer run. Here is why the athletes, in particular, should be hooked onto this exercise. This exercise, because it can provide relief to all your aches and pains and gently repair all the wear and tear of your tissues and muscles. 

The Upward Dog Pose gently stretches the quadriceps i.e. the front thigh muscle and the hip flexors i.e. the front hip muscles so as to prevent the hamstring from being pulled. The footballers and racers need to perform this post regularly since they are prone to leg injuries and muscle tears. 

It also stretches and strengthens the wrist. Good for hockey, basketball, cricketers, and all those who have to use their wrists a lot whiling playing. 

Besides the above-mentioned benefits, this pose has the ability to expand your rib cage thus increasing your lung capacity. This should be done by everybody, especially the ones who have asthma as this increases your endurance. 

Yoga is highly underrated. These are known benefits of yoga poses mentioned. You never know the additional benefits that still remain unknown. But one should also always consult a doctor before performing poses, just in case it triggers something or anything as a benefit but for you, it’d be more like a disadvantage. You know what I mean right?

Like, there are yoga poses that help you lose weight. Now, weight loss is a benefit of that particular yoga pose. But if you are already slim or on the skinny side of the chart, it becomes a disadvantage for you cause you might further lose weight and become skinnier. 

Also, there are a few yoga poses that help you to gain weight. But if you are already on the heavy side, you’ll become heavier. Which is why consulting a good doctor before getting into yoga, in order to perform the ones that are relevant to you and would benefit you, instead of working against you. 

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