5 Ways You Can Prevent Lower Back Pain

By Patrick Banks

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In the current health trend that we are living in, many people are discovering a variety of options they can use to create a better outlook on life for themselves. However, in lieu of preparing for their bodies future, problems and trouble can still arise which hasn’t been thought of yet. Stiffness and pain, muscle tension, and more like this can create several medical conditions throughout your body including anxiety and stress.
5 Ways You Can Prevent Lower Back Pain

It’s important to ensure the future of your health but unforeseen things can happen, and one of these things is lower back pain. Unfortunately, when the body is asleep, it can become twisted when you sleep incorrectly, the lower back can cause other aches and pains as well. Here are five ways you can use to prevent lower back pain in your daily life in order to prepare for your future health and wellness.

#1 – Sleep Correctly

A common problem of lower back pain comes at the expense of something you may not even know you’re doing. This problem is the way you sleep. Sleeping in an incorrect position can cause the lower back to twist and contort, causing moderate to severe pain, or perhaps discomfort. While one may be a heavy sleeper, the body can still be trained to sleep in the correct positions for sleep. 

Make sure you sleep on your back, you can also use a pillow under your knees to help with making your spine neutral as well. A small rolled up towel can also be placed under the back for added support. If your lower back pain persists while you sleep, you may want to consider options that offer healthy back alignment choices like mattresses. There are a few out there that support spinal alignment you can use.

#2 – Keep Correct Posture

The majority of working America has a desk job. This is very tough on the lower back because of posture. Usually, the person is bent over a computer or their desk all day long causing stress on the lower back. It is very important that you continue to think about the correct posture at work. Make sure you sit up straight and have your chair at the right height as your desk.

In some cases, this is almost impossible. The worker’s chair is usually too high. If this is your scenario, talk to your boss about a sit/stand desk that can be adjusted. Taking a break from the bent-over position you keep your lower back all day will go a long way to preventing those aches and pains.

#3 -Chiropractic Care

People who are looking for a healthy alternative and to change their overall lifestyle, chiropractic care centers like NYC Atlant Health are the way to go. Continuing a regimen of adjustments to your body helps to maintain your body’s balance and overall health.

The brain and spinal cord communicate by sending messages back and forth, and when lower back pain interferes with these messages, the nerves which are being prohibited do not allow the body the natural ability to heal itself.

This is where chiropractic care comes in handy for the patient. Seeing a chiropractor every week until your problem is resolved is generally what patients do, however, a regularly scheduled chiropractic appointment each month is also important to keep those communication lines between your brain and nervous system open.

#4 – Stay Active

One of the biggest problems of lower back pain is that the patient is sedentary for most of the day. When the body becomes stationary for long periods of time, the muscles tend to deteriorate when they aren’t used. Make sure you take in some type of activity or exercise every day. This will ensure all of your muscles are working properly.

Generally, when lower back pain happens in this scenario is when the patient has not had activity in a while and then does something strenuous, thereby hurting themselves. Maintain a consistent exercise schedule and stay active.

#5 – If You Lift, Lift Correctly

In almost all cases, most doctors recommend a person does not partake in heavy lifting at all. If you work in a place that requires heavy lifting, refer to the employee handbook or consult your manager. In almost all scenarios, they recommend two people to lift objects over 70 lbs.

If you do have to lift, make sure you are lifting correctly. This means to bend your knees and lift with your legs. You back has some of the largest muscles in the body and the entire body can be affected when these become strained.

In Conclusion

If you are one of the many American’s who has been educating themselves on better health for you and your family, you’re on the right track. However, don’t forget about the importance of the entire body when it comes to your health.

If you are faced with lower back pain, there are several options you have where you can combat this ailment. If you are trying to prevent lower back pain, these five strategies will help ensure that you are getting the maximum results by doing these things on a consistent basis.

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