6 Best Diets for Men Who Want to Get Ripped and Stay Ripped

By Nikola Djordjevic

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When I first started working out and thinking about the food I eat, I have to admit I had no idea what I was doing. I had nobody who could explain to me the ins and outs of building muscle and getting lean, so I had to rely on a lot of empirical evidence. As you can guess, that means making a lot of mistakes.
6 Best Diets for Men Who Want to Get Ripped and Stay Ripped

Browsing the internet will lead you to believe a lot of different things about healthy eating and dieting. There are a lot of opposing opinions out there which might get you confused if you are not experienced and do not know your body well. 

If you are skinny and want to gain muscle, you might end up getting skinny fat instead of buff. On the other hand, if you are trying to lose fat and get ripped, you might fail utterly and become discouraged.

That’s why we decided to create a list of the best diets that you can follow in order to get ripped and stay ripped fuss-free. These have been tried and tested numerous times before, and are in line with the World Health Organization’s Healthy Diet Guidelines.

Start working toward your beach body now!

1. Paleo Diet 

Paleo diet is one of the most popular diets out there. Many consider it to be a fad diet, but a lot of men have seen great results. 

Basically, the Paleo diet tries to mimic the way our hunter-gatherer ancestors ate, and it includes only the food they could find. That means eating a lot of unprocessed foods, fruits and vegetables, and plenty of animal-based foods like meat, fish, and eggs.

Why Does It Work?

The idea behind it is that our ancestors who ate this way did not face any of the modern diseases that we have to deal with, such as heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. 

Research shows that the Paleo diet causes weight loss in healthy individuals. The best way to get ripped and stay ripped on this diet is to combine it with a high-intensity workout, which is what our ancestors did when they went out to hunt for food.

Due to its high-protein content, Paleo diet is great for building muscle as well, which is going to speed up your metabolic rate and help you get your dream body.

If you decide to take our advice and go on a Paleolithic diet, you will have to say goodbye to dairy, sugar, grains, processed foods, and your frying pan. But don’t worry, it won’t actually turn you into a caveman.

2. Gluten-Free Diet

As you may guess, a gluten-free diet is not intended for everyone. Even though anyone can go on a gluten-restrictive diet without any consequences, it’s most suitable for those who are suffering from gluten-intolerance. 

If you are one of those people, then gluten might be standing between you and the ripped body you have been dreaming of for years. The best way to know is to get tested or eliminate gluten from your diet and see if you start feeling better than before. 

Why Does It Work?

Gluten causes numerous unwanted effects in people who cannot digest it. The most common one of these is bloating, which is the complete opposite of getting a flat stomach. 

Other symptoms that prevent a lot of men from getting and staying ripped include fatigue, depression, joint and muscle pain, and muscle weight loss. If you have to deal with any of these health issues, it will certainly be a lot harder for you to maintain a lean physique.

Going on a gluten-free diet means that you will not be able to eat foods containing gluten, the most common of which include bread, pasta, pizza, beer, soups, and many other popular foods.

3. Keto Diet

The Keto diet is the most restrictive diet on this list, but it gives excellent results if executed properly. This is an extremely low-carb way of eating in which people limit their intake of carbs to less than 50 grams a day.

People are usually either explicitly for or against the Keto diet. However, the results you can achieve with it are irrefutable. Apart from being able to get you ripped and help you stay ripped, the ketogenic diet is also used to treat heart conditions and diabetes.

Why Does It Work?

To lose excess fat, you should eat a lot of protein and as little carb-rich foods as possible. This is exactly what the Keto diet will help you achieve. 

As you stop eating carbs, your body will enter a state called ketosis, in which your cells run on ketones derived from the fat stored in your body. That’s why the Keto diet is one of the most effective ways to get rid of the beer belly and start flashing abs.

However, this diet is the most difficult to follow and the most difficult to get used to, but it’s also the most rewarding in terms of what you can achieve for the time and energy you invest.

OUR CHOICE: 4. Whole Food, Plant-Based Diet (WFPB)

Possibly the most popular diet today and one that is gaining the most traction is the Whole Food, Plant-Based diet. It’s also known as the vegan diet because it aims to eliminate all animal products from the menu, which includes meat, fish, eggs, and dairy.

While this diet is also quite restrictive, numerous studies show that it can help individuals lose excess fat and treat numerous modern diseases. This is due to the fact that, apart from eliminating animal foods, it also eliminates processed foods which are your biggest hindrance to getting ripped.

This diet is our favorite because is the only one that acknowledges climate changes and animal rights. As much as it may seem hard at the beginning, you can check our vegan bodybuilding diet plan and get healthier, sexier and feel better as a human being.

Why Does It Work?

As its name suggests, if you eat a Whole Food, Plant-Based diet, you will be eliminating animal foods and processed foods. Both of these are known to be a major source of unhealthy, saturated fats, which are not very good for your health or your physique. 

The best way to make the most out of this diet and make it work towards your goal of getting a god-like body is to avoid eating too many carbs. Instead, eat whole, plant-based foods that are rich in protein, fats, and other essential nutrients. 

While a lot of people follow this diet because they choose to go vegan, you can do it just for your health as well. The results will be there either way.

5. Mediterranean Diet

It has been long believed that the Mediterranean diet is the one diet to rule them all. Is this really true? According to doctors, it might be the healthiest and most sustainable way of eating we can follow. 

There is a lot of evidence that shows it can help you lose weight and keep you healthy, young, and vital for a long time. Therefore, it can certainly help you get shredded if you do it right.

Why Does It Work?

The Mediterranean diet is rich in healthy omega 3, omega 9, and omega 6 fats, as well as animal and plant proteins. It consists of a lot of fresh vegetables, olive oil, and fish. Unlike many other diets, it does not favor red meat as the main source of protein. 

Omega 3 fats that you can get from olives, nuts, and seeds are much healthier for you and are less likely to end up getting stored as fat in your body. 

It is a well-known fact that people in the Mediterranean live long and prosperous lives and have low rates of obesity. Therefore, the best way to get a Mediterranean physique and win the hearts of beautiful Mediterranean girls is by following the Mediterranean diet.

6. Weight Watchers Diet

Last but not least, the Weight Watchers diet can definitely help you find out what your abs look like. This diet uses a method that has a lot of similarities to counting calories. 

However, the Weight Watchers diet uses a scoring method in which all types of foods are given a specific value. This value is based on factors like their content of fat, calories, fiber, protein, and so on. 

No points are off the table, but at the end of the day, you need to stay below your daily points limit to reach your goal. It’s extremely easy to execute and very effective. 

Why Does It Work?

The Weight Watchers diet works in getting you ripped because it is not restrictive. You can eat whatever you want, but if you eat a lot of junk food, you will quickly run out of room to wiggle.

The scoring system is made in such a way that if you stick to your daily limits, you will certainly lose fat and improve your looks. 

This is much easier than counting calories and macronutrients, which can quickly become overwhelming for most people out there.

Additional Foolproof Advice on Getting Ripped Fast

If you have decided to get rid of the dad bod and you have already chosen one of the six incredible diets that we have recommended above, you are halfway done. 

Here are some additional tips that will help you stick to your diet and achieve your goals more easily:

  • Drink plenty of water. Water is going to be your best friend when it comes to losing excess fat. It will not only keep you alive but also accelerate your metabolism, which is going to be key for your summer goals.

  • Be easy on yourself and have a cheat meal. A very restrictive diet is hard to follow. If you never give yourself some slack, you will quickly get demotivated to go on. A cheat meal will not ruin your goal of getting ripped but actually help you stick to achieving it.

  • Get a lot of fiber. Plant foods rich in fiber are key to burning fat. When eaten, they expand in your stomach and take up a lot of room. Therefore, you will feel satiated more quickly and feel full for longer.

  • Have a large breakfast. Someone once said, “Eat your breakfast alone, share your lunch with a friend, and give your dinner to someone else.” We could not agree more with it. 
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