6 Pacific Northwest Events Worth Traveling To in 2019

By Patrick Banks

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6 Pacific Northwest Events Worth Traveling To in 2019

The Pacific Northwest of America is a land full of opportunity. The states of Oregon and Washington, in particular, are packed full of adventure and excitement. If you are a student in the Northwest, you may need some guidance and help with your studies – don’t forget that you can make use of services such as Courseworkz.com.

Aside from studies, you also want free time and fun. Throughout the Pacific Northwest states, there is plenty of fun to be had.

For those students who love to travel and explore, this region of America has a fantastic array of events. Practically any month of the year you can travel to a different city or region and join in the frivolities of one of the organized events. In the article below, we list 6 awesome events that are worth traveling to in the Pacific Northwest in 2019:

1. Treefort Music Fest

Dates – 21st to 25th March
Type – Music Festival
Location – Downtown Boise, Idaho

The Treefort Music Fest is one of the most popular music festivals in the whole Pacific Northwest. It spans nearly 5 days and contains a host of awesome musical performances. The first festival opened in 2013 and since then it has grown – the number of performing bands, for example, has nearly doubled. What makes this festival special is that it is split into “forts”. Each fort has a different theme – for example, there is the Alefort that features a host of different breweries and cideries providing unique drinks for the festivities.

2. Special Olympics USA Seattle

Dates – 1st July to 6th
Type – Athletics and sporting event
Location – Seattle

The Special Olympics is a wondrous sporting and athletic event for those with intellectual disabilities. This year, the Special Olympics turns 50 and this milestone event will take place in the Northern city of Seattle. The event will take place across 14 different sporting complexes in the city.

Watching these athletes take part is certainly something to witness. Different sporting events include basketball, football, bowling, tennis, powerlifting, gymnastics, volleyball and more. You can also catch the opening and closing ceremonies which are a spectacle in their own right.

3. Celebration of Light

Dates – 28th July, 1st August to 4th August
Type – International Firework competition
Location – Vancouver

This is undoubtedly one of the biggest events in the whole of Vancouver and it is something not to be missed. If you love the bright lights and colors of fireworks then you will go mad for the Celebration of Light. Who would have thought that an event such as this would draw over 1 million visitors? Vancouver comes alive when the celebration takes place.

The competition involves a mind-boggling display of fireworks from various different organization and competitors. The spectacle is something else. You will not believe the colors, noise, and scale of the fireworks unless you see and hear them with your own eyes and ears.

4. Trailing of the Sheep

Dates – 10th October to 14th
Type – Sheep herding
Location – Idaho

Yes, this is an actual event! Not only is fun and ordinal but also it is an eco-friendly way of travelling.

The Trailing of the Sheep is a huge tradition in Idaho and dates back to the 19th century when the sheep breeding population was huge. Today this tradition has been turned into a celebration and event spanning 4 days. Sheep are literally herded through the streets of Ketchum – sheep outnumber the human population!

Surrounding the main herding of the sheep you can also find a myriad of events taking place and cultural festivals. Furthermore, you can find a plethora of food stalls and other marketplaces with the locals selling their goods. It is a fun and enjoyable experience and something truly unique to witness.

5. Oregon Winter Fest

Dates – 16th to 18th February
Type – Music festival
Location – Oregon

Each year the Oregon Winter Fest continues to grow in size and popularity. This festival has it all and attracts a wide crowd from all over the globe. Snowboarders and skiers flock in their thousands. There is always a live music festival that usually headlines some superstar names. Furthermore, you can find fire pits, ice sculptures and a marketplace that features a diverse range of food and drink. Located near the Deschutes River Woods, Oregon Winter Fest is something not to be missed.

6. Oregon Country Fair

Dates – 12th July to 14th
Type – Country Fair
Location – Oregon

The Oregon Country Fair has been in existence since 1969 and this year it celebrates its 50th anniversary. This is one of the biggest events in Oregon and this year promises to be something truly special. The 50th anniversary will feature additional performances, stands and more. This truly is a typical country fair – you can expect to see musicians and performers. You can even see jesters, juggles and other comical acts!

Aside from this, there is food vendors and over 700 different artisans selling their wares. The whole atmosphere is fun and enjoyable and you can get stuck into international cuisine or simply enjoy the entertainment.

Why not start exploring the Pacific Northwest today and attend some of these events? You will broaden your horizons as a student and learn more about the peoples and traditions of this region. Special events such as the 50th Oregon Country Fair only happen once in a blue moon so make sure you take advantage and don’t miss out!

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