6 Things You Will Experience During An Intense Workout

By Ella James

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Nowadays, attaining and maintaining a healthy physical condition is a priority for most people globally. A good physical state starts by toning your body weight. There are various ways to achieve the desired physical state. These ways are either natural or by the use of medical supplements. Most people prefer to use natural ways as they are simple, cost effective and have minimal or no negative side effects. There are various physical exercises to choose from depending on your physical condition and the urge to reduce your weight.

A hard workout is meant to challenge both your mind and your body no matter the level of your fitness. Engaging in intense workouts is a great challenge that leaves behind a giant puddle of sweat. Some physical exercises need to be carried out with great care and precaution or under an instructor’s supervision to minimise the risk of injuries due to accidents. Safe and healthy physical workout is essential for weight loss. Some of the injuries that may result from unguided, careless and intensive workout include joint injuries that result in joint pain.

1. Lack of motivation

After a long period of an intense workout, you are bound to lose all motivation and drive to train or undertake any physical exercise. This is a way of your body telling you that you need to relax and recover because you are doing too much. Most people have days that they do not feel like training or engaging in a workout at all. You can use the time to listen to your bodily needs and take care of your body. The lack of motivation is highly driven by worked out muscles that require time to rest or relax a bit.

2. Feeling sore

If you happen to feel intense soreness even while under healthy dieting program during an intense workout program, it is a result of overtraining your muscles. Although you may experience a bit of soreness in your muscles during the usual training program, the soreness of intense workout and overstrained muscles is much painful and lingers for a few extra days.

The cases of overtraining and intense workouts are common among beginners. For example, most people complain of sore arm muscles making them not even wash their hair or sore leg muscles. Sore muscles make you avoid walking up or down the stairs for a whole week after an intense workout.

3. You stop seeing the results

Although workout is highly recommended to help reduce body weight, working out too hard can cause to gain fat and lose muscle. Most people perceive that engaging intense workout helps in burning more calories than you can consume, but hormones in the body play an equal role in regulating your body weight.

Intense workout and overtraining causes your body to produce higher levels of cortisol and inadequate levels of testosterone. This causes your body to increase both fat deposition and insulin production that is a major problem for both men and women. This inhibits your training goals to get strong and get in shape.

4. Losing focus and becoming restless

During a high-intensity workout, your sympathetic nervous system goes into overdrive causing restlessness, hyperexcitability and inability to focus. Quality sleep is very critical if you are under a workout plan. Restlessness can interrupt your sleep causing you to have inadequate and interrupted sleep time. If you are trying to recover from sore muscles, being restless is a great inhibitor to the recovery process thus reducing consistent gains.

5. Sluggish feeling all the day

Feeling sluggish the whole day is also a symptom of the intense workout session. Intense workout overstrains the sympathetic nervous system. This leads to your body producing decreased levels of testosterone and increased levels of cortisol.

Despite causing hyperexcitability, inability to focus and restlessness, it also leads to debilitating fatigue making you feel like you have come down with a cold. Most trainers recommend engaging in short time intense workout to prevent the effects of a long duration endurance workout. Although you are in a position to accomplish these intense workouts, it does not necessary mean that you have to engage in them to protect your physical state.

6. Feeling sick more often

If you are under a healthy diet while training and you still experience poor dieting, lack of sleep, mental stress and lack of enough activity, you might be suffering from the symptoms of the intense workout session. Before you ignore the early morning cough and sniffles here and there, make sure you listen to your body. These might be the simple signs that your body is telling your there is a problem with your immune system as a result of the intense workout. Therefore, take the time to rest and take care of your body.

Workout and healthy dieting are meant to keep you physically fit and in shape if undertaken with deserved care and precaution. Even if you can accomplish an intense workout, it is advisable to take caution when engaging in it. In some cases, the intense workout may end producing directly opposite results from the desired ones. For example, increased and intensified workout may result in increased body weight rather than reducing the general body fat percentage.

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