7 Healthcare Gadgets for Demanding Millennials

By Patrick Banks

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The 21st century started with a well-educated and informed generation that demands to have control over their health and welfare. Changes in lifestyle have also raised issues like obesity and diet-related complications that concern the millennials who have started paying closer attention to their health.

Millennials value independence and personal space, avoiding intrusive interventions, including health providers at all costs. They demand personal gadgets they can use at their own convenience to monitor, diagnose, and, where possible, gain relief. 

The MedTech industry has responded to these demands by providing medical innovations for personal healthcare that can help you in coping with stress and achieve optimum fitness. Some novel ideas like the MedWand are revolutionary that combine the use of hardware and software to provide the millennial with a personal home clinic in what is called telemedicine. 

Others combine functional and aesthetic uses like wristwatches that track your vital organs. However, as is common with innovations, not all gadgets and related apps in the market work as claimed by developers. These, as expected, are ignored by the discerning millennials as NSBroker states, but here are seven that are of interest.

1. Mateo Smart bath mat

There is one obsession with millennials, weight watch! The scourge of their times is obesity and the fear of checking own weight a reality. You know you should know and yet don’t want to! Any gadget that can help without a conscious effort will attract the demanding millennial. 

The Mateo Smart Bath mat is one such wonder gadget for weight checks. Since, as a bath mat, you have to step on it every other time you take a bath, you get weight checks automatically. 

In tests, Mateo can measure weight, BMI, and one’s posture and keeping track of these records in the accompanying app on your phone, only alerting you when there is a significant change. Knowing your weight and body mass index will help you preempt obesity-related back pains and get you started on fitness programs. 

Unlike the traditional scale that strikes a phobia in users, Mateo is not only effective but friendly and non-intrusive, keeping track quietly. This will definitely intrigue the demanding millennials keen on watching weight with smart gadgetry. 

2. MedWand 

MedWand is a winder kit of the times and one that will resonate with millennials. The beauty of this portable, literally in the palm of your hand gadget is that it is a complete medical diagnostic device capable of detecting a whooping number of conditions remotely and conveniently. 

MedWand, a physical examination device, is operated by the patient as directed by a doctor over internet or satellite links. Through this gadget, a doctor can listen to a patient’s lungs and heartbeat, examine the throat, nose, ears, and even get basic EKGs without from anywhere across the globe.

This is the best medical intervention gadget for the busy and traveling millennial who trusts one particular healthcare provider or facility back home. With MedWand, they can consult their preferred medic from wherever they are convenient. 

The gadget can take decisions out of your hand by automatically notifying your doctor of any clinical data excesses beyond what was previously agreed. All clinical data generated during telemedicine sessions are securely stored as HIPAA compliant and can be analyzed for other health trends.

3. ClearUp fromTivic Health

ClearUp is a drug-free sinus-related pain relief that one can carry in their pocket for easy and fast use. Allergic rhinitis does not only produce the discomfort of a stuffy nose but also develops severe pain around the facial area and headaches. 

Pain relief drugs can be addictive and many people do not like frequent ingestion of chemicals preferring alternative treatment where available. ClearUp from Tivic Health provides this relief more efficiently and topically.

This small handheld gadget uses soft microcurrent waveforms to soothe and relieve sinus pain to those suffering from environmental allergies in bioelectronic treatment. The patient glides the gadget along the outside of the affected nasal cavities – over the nose, cheek, and brow bone, releasing low current electrical waveforms stimulating nerves under the skin for faster relief. 

Besides pain relief that is achieved within five minutes of application, the gadget also improves breathing, reducing the patient’s general discomfort. The gadget is fairly effective and has received FDA approval for general use in the market as an OTC device. ClearUp is rechargeable and reusable, making it convenient for use outside the home and ideal for millennials.

4. Fitbit Versa 2 health fitness smartwatch

Fitbit Versa 2 health fitness smartwatch is a great millennium gadget for fitness enthusiasts that blend in well with trendy lifestyle. The Fitbit Versa is a lightweight smartwatch that records heart rate and workouts, tracking your progress and cardio fitness using 15 fitness modes. 

Fitbit versa is also great for the millennial woman, as it tracks periods and ovulation while recording symptoms and forming cycle patterns putting you in control at all times. It comes with a music app besides providing updates on sports and weather, daily statistics and calendar reminders. 

Fitbit Versa gives you stats on your daily physical activities, including how much calories burnt, water intake, steps taken and distances traveled, amount of sleep per night, and how many minutes active. 

Other than health uses, Fitbit Versa also takes over your phone when linked and lets you answer calls and text from your wrist quite convenient on the treadmill – at least calls. It is lightweight, with good battery life and always-on display if needed. Versa 2, however, does not offer Google Fit, Apple Health, and GPS.

It’s truly a great piece of tech and a must-buy while purchasing essential running gear or a bicycle for achieving your fitness goals.

5. Verilux CleanWave Wand

The 21st century comes with heightened anxiety over health concerns and sanitation. Public places and surfaces are avenues for transmitting harmful germs. 

Going out or to the office has turned the millennial into a paranoid germaphobe who is always worrying about contracting something dangerous. Verilux CleanWave Wand can put the mind of this demanding millennial at rest whenever faced with a suspicious surface. To sanitize any suspect surface, all you need to do is to wave the magic wand literally.

Verilux CleanWave Wand uses UV-C light to clear over 90% of bacteria, viruses, and mold found on any surface. You switch on your wand and point the UV-C light at the target surface for 30 – 60 seconds to get rid of any offending germs. 

At 10” long and fashionably slim, the wand is easily portable for use on the go. It is safe to use on electronic devices like office computers, printers, phones, or remote controls without causing damage. Verilux CleanWave is chemical-free but will get rid of E-coli, MRSA, and H1N1 pathogens that can cause serious health complications.

6. Nima Gluten sensor

Nima Gluten Sensor is a welcome relief to demanding millennials suffering from celiac disease caused by gluten intolerance. Even the slightest trace of gluten can be lethal to some people and this category needs to be on guard at all times. 

Since there are times you have to eat food someone else cooked, it is safer to check gluten levels yourself rather than rely on their word. For this, you need a portable gadget you that works fast, easy to operate, portable, reliable and affordable. Nima Gluten sensor fits this profile and, therefore, attractive to millennials.

Nima can be used to test any type of food, including solids and liquids, suspected of containing gluten. The gadget comes with disposable capsules in which you place a sample of the food you want to test. You then insert it in the gadget and screw the lid over it, while grinding the food inside the capsule as you do so. 

The gadget then does an antibody-based test and display results within three minutes by a smiley face for safe or frown for high gluten levels. Most surveys have confirmed efficacy though there was indication screwing back the lid was as easy as touted by developers.

7. Withings ScanWatch

Millennials demand trendy, classy, on body gadgets that reflect their lifestyle. Withings ScanWatch is the ultimate wearable that is both medically useful and a lovely fashion accessory. 

Aesthetically the ScanWatch is right there with the best displaying a classy analog dial with large hands and a sapphire glass that gives it a sophisticated look. Within this lovely packaging are PPG sensors, ECG, and SpO2 for sleep apnea for personal medical checks.

With a paired Health Mate Android/iOS app for view, the ScanWatch PPG sensor checks your heartbeat for irregularities during times you are awake but at rest. If any irregularities are detected, it prompts you to activate ECG sensors for a proper diagnosis. 

The ECG will take your reading and automatically send a pdf report to the Health Mate app that you can then forward to your doctor. For apnea tracking, a manual activation is necessary as you get into bed. 


The 21st-century lifestyle is fast-paced with many challenges and health concerns for millennials who assert the need for better gadgetry to improve their lives. In this century, lifestyle diseases are on the rise, and to combat this, millennials are putting pressure on MedTechs to develop medical intervention gadgets that mitigate emerging health needs. 

The medical industry has risen to the challenge and is continuously researching and developing medical gadgets for personal use, as seen every year at the Consumer Electronics Show in the US. The millennials are themselves involved in this research, which can only mean more superior innovations to meet their demand.

About the author Patrick Banks

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