7 Situations in college in which you will certainly recognize yourself

By Patrick Banks

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Yeah, most college experiences are somewhat alike, as many people often claim. While some circumstances are funny, others are too awkward and embarrassing for college students.

Regardless of what kind of situations you experienced the most, college times are unforgettable, even if they were pertaining to check plagiarism situations that were absolutely horrific! By entering this new phase in life, college student funny situations and jokes on college life are purely groundbreaking. So, let’s review seven most common situations of college students, which are full of college student humor, in which you will be most likely to recognize yourself.

1. Professors Calling You When You Weren’t Listening

Haven’t you experienced this situation at least once during your college years? While some students are surely disregarding the content of the class, others might be too obsessed with romantic affairs or thinking over the plans for the weekend. Those instructors, which interrupt you from the domain you were in, are actually so mean! They obviously do this because they realize that no students are amused by their never-ending lectures and too exciting monologues. 

Alright, jokes on college life aside, professors have a concealed talent of knowing who isn’t listening and when. No, really, was anyone NOT interrupted by a professor in the midst of pleasant thoughts about your college romance or ambitious partying plans for a weekend? A wide range of college student funny situations were at least once concentrated on this funny situation. Depending on the temperament and mood of an instructor, your fate was decided without your participation. Recall that sense of looking foolish in front of your colleagues? Ah, those professors with their unexpected calls!

If only you could use a time machine and return to that class. You’d be most likely to listen to that particular lecture without even thinking about anything else. Ah, all those jokes on college life, how true they are!

2. Copying One’s Work and Getting Spotted

Don’t get us wrong; we fully advocate for self-development in the midst of college education. But sometimes the workload was too obsessive so that the only available choice to pass a course was to copy one’s work. The most predictable outcome of this college situation was a shameful starring of your instructor, who accused you of plagiarizing the work of your close acquaintance!

Oh, if only all those check plagiarism free services were available back then to make the texts look not that similar. The main reason why so many students make jokes on college life, especially pertaining to copying one’s work is the unawareness of the plagiarism check free platforms.

Obviously, right now, most of the former students are masters of making two identical texts unrecognizable if the professor has to check plagiarism between two. Back then, those situations ended rather badly. While some had to retake classes, others were punished with being flagged for plagiarism for the rest of their college stay. The whole class probably thought that these implications were somewhat “funny,” but trust us; they weren’t. Don’t you recall similar ones?

3. What’s that Professor Name?

All college students have asked themselves at least once something like: “Who’s that Mister that is lecturing the course?” Mr. Miller? Mr. Williams? Or maybe Mr. Davis? The funniest situations happened when one accidentally called a professor with a wrong name! So, all those jokes on college life about not knowing your professor name are 100% real and highly recognizable for the college attendees.

Yeah, you might trick the system by calling that Mister with a tricky “Professor.” But weren’t you obsessed with recalling that Mister’s name while having the necessity to e-mail him? If I were to return to that class with an unknown professor name, I’d be most likely to write it down! Nonetheless, Professors’ names were always hard to remember, eventually becoming one of the most recognizable parts of college student humor without any time frames!

4. Whoops. Caught with Plagiarism?

  Alright. Exhale. What was the last time when you simply couldn’t complete that annoying assignment? Endless guidelines, a rubric, samples, and all other papers, weren’t they too much? Most students thought about dropping out while sitting in front of the screen head-to-head with that task. A deadline is slowly approaching, some paper should be published as soon as possible. As many jokes on college life would express in this instance, plagiarizing is the case to publish at least something. Fingers crossed for not being caught!

The next day you’re standing in front of your professor, who alleges you of copy-pasting the entire passages of your report! The results of the upcoming conversation are deteriorating, probably.

As emphasized by modern free plagiarism checker services, all those stories could have been reversed if only that student could check for plagiarism through the work. This situation concerning plagiarism checker free is somewhat common for dozens of college students. For those who’re currently attending college, try explaining the situation that happened to the professor directly without intensifying the already existing conflict. Plagiarism is something horrible, for certain.

5. Your Stomach Starts its own Life in Class

Some jokes on college life focus merely on making fun of ordinarily normal body functions. Let’s be honest; most students miss most of their breakfast because of highly disrupted sleeping schedule, coupled with a lack of self-discipline in mornings. Was anyone sitting in class and suddenly a stomach entered on the scene with its own rock opera when the entire class sits silently? Oh, this situation is something that anyone would recognize for certain!

Even if to perceive this situation as fully normal when one had missed breakfast, such situations are both funny and embarrassing at the same time. College student humor is sometimes really tough, so be sure that your colleagues will make fun of you for long after this “incident” takes place in college.

But why were you feeling ashamed because of your normal body functions? Most of the students who were the main heroes in these circumstances were joked for long after it took place, at the same time, feeling ashamed for long weeks after that. But wait, guys. Those are completely normal body functions and reactions. Stop making fun of that. At least for now.

6. Laptop is everywhere!

Sometimes a preparation for finals is too robust. All you’re asked to do is to concentrate all your attention and conduct drastic efforts in the direction of that long-demanded “Pass.” Yet, how most students achieve this objective? By bringing that annoying laptop EVERYWHERE!

Some jokes on college life even claim that college is literally sitting in front of your laptop at different places. And if you have tough times preparing to your finals, then prepare to grab it everywhere. Library? Fine. Classroom? Ok. WC? Alright, we all understand that exams are close.

While this isn’t a sign of habitual dependency of your laptop, be sure that all college students now recognize that laptop is somewhat an artifact of the college education. Only by bringing it everywhere, one might genuinely go through that groundbreaking atmosphere of the college. Yeah, a laptop is truly “amazing.”

Some students even claim that they had their dreams with laptops as the main characters. Wow, college is full of social interactions and networking facilities (no).

7. Partying with Whom? Ha?

  College parties, the true symbols of the education times. They’re often expected to be truly groundbreaking experiences with numerous social interactions and fun times! Wait, aren’t they? Most students have been to some parties, where they literally knew no one. Either being invited by mistake or by some other reason, those parties are definitely the myths of college student humor. 

Basically, during such parties, people are just walking circles without saying a word to anyone. The common feature of this “entertainment” is a feeling of being literally purposeless. Wow.

Regardless of how students make to these parties, all of them find these parties as somewhat horrible. So, maybe they should socialize more next time? Well, it highly depends on what people are present there right at that moment. While some might be close to your temperament, others might seem to be too harsh or rude.

All in all, the entire situation with getting to a party without knowing at least somebody might be disturbing. Luckily for our article, this situation is quite widespread among college students. How to get through it? Well, who knows for certain?

Aren’t They Recognizable?

All in all, all those seven situations are the most widely recognizable cases of college students. While some make jokes on college life and its situations, others find them being a part of college student funny life as a whole! So, it doesn’t really matter whether you were singing a rock opera with your stomach or worrying about the use of plagiarism checker free, be sure that thousands of students across the globe find these situations highly recognizable.

So, if you’re feeling that you are alone with your failures or misconceptions during college times, don’t be too shy returning to this article. We are with you, everyone was in the middle of those situations.

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