7 Tips for Making Money with Your Instagram Posting

By Charles Ebert

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Instagram has become one the most powerful social media tools to be harnessed. Did you know that already in the year 2018, Instagram is getting over 400 million users a month? Wow! That’s a pretty astonishing statistic, wouldn’t you say so?

It should come as no surprise that brands are now trying to cash in, putting a hefty amount of resources into their social media Instagram strategy. So who’s to say that you can’t cash in too?

With a little time and commitment, you could find yourself in a position where Instagram is bringing in the bacon on a serious level, and we mean serious. Just look at some of the top earners out there if you don’t believe us.

Want to find out more?

No problem, we’ll look at the best ways that you can make big bucks through a few clever tricks. Sooner or later you’ll be making a big name and big bucks for yourself.

1. Gain a following

Attracting followers is the first thing that should be on your mind, so ask yourself what you could do to gain the audience that you need.

You need to make your Instagram account stand out strong, separating the men from the boys. It’s essential that you include all the right stuff in your bio such as your contact info, where you’re heading from, what you usually post et cetera. To spice things up, don’t forget to include a few hashtags that are easily relatable to the kind of followers you want to attract. As a step to take, think of everything good about your brand and narrow it down to some simple communication.

Growing numbers take some time and a fair few posts too! It’s no good sending off a couple of snaps every week. You want to post things every day. Set up a schedule and think about when and what to post, but don’t post all your content at once all this won’t work in your favor. If you can’t commit, don’t expect big numbers at the end of the day!

how to make money on instagram

Make sure your photos are slick and high quality. Take some time to really make your photos shine, using the most attractive effects and postproduction. There’s no point in being mediocre here – go big or go home!

It’s a good idea to compare your profile with similar Instagrammers who have a bigger amount of followers. What they do differently? Oftentimes consistency in sticking to the same colour palette and theme makes a difference!

You’ve got to tag it in this day and age. Hashtags are the most popular symbols out there for Instagram. Do your research and see which hashtags will work best for your audience, including them in every post. It’s also good to look for trending hashtags with third-party applications, but whatever you do, don’t go bombarding your audience with hundreds of tags at the end of every picture. If you can’t be bothered to read them all, why will your audience bother?

Engage, engage and engage some more. We don’t mean to labor the point, but you can’t seriously expect everyone to come to you directly and give you money on a plate. Get active and spend time every day by commenting, liking, and facilitating conversation. This will ultimately lead to sales and cash flow further down the line. Communication makes you authentic, drawing in more and more the crowd. Plus, the crowd will look for you to make purchases. It’s just like engaging with your local community, everyone is happier, and you are more respected. If you want to join the high ranks, that’s great, but if you don’t engage, you won’t make much money at the end of the day.

So, now the users are coming in, where’s the dollar at?

Let’s look at how to turn that new traffic into the cash that you deserve. Check out these practical steps and marketing techniques.

2. Affiliate programs

This is a simple but effective marketing technique where you can promote your product and get cash for every sale using a URL that is provided by your affiliate. Instagram allows you to post the most attractive images and highlight products, driving sales through affiliate URLs.

Do a little research online, and you’ll find a whole handful of companies that you can work with, such as Sharesale or Ebates. There are tons of third parties at your disposal, many of which would be keen to partner with you.

Incorporate your affiliate URL within your bio or within your captions. If the links are too long, use services such as Bitly to shorten them for free, making them easier for viewers to digest. Once people click create, you can get a sale.

There isn’t much to say because it really is that simple. No sweat.

Get on the affiliate stream, then sit back and watch the commissions roll in. Not a lot to do but a lot to gain.

3. Sponsored posts

It’s actually easy for users with large followings to earn money by creating sponsored content for various companies.

So what’s this all mean?

Sponsored content highlights a particular product within a company. One of these posts is usually followed by captions with hashtags and mentions that relate to a brand. They can even be links to brands directly.

A lot of companies like to tap in with certain influencers that can make them look good and bring in users. It’s important to know about “looking good” – only promote the brand and certain products that fit well with your personal image, don’t go and back anything you can. Keep that slick image alive.

If you’re a top model, would you REALLY want to promote stair lifts?

No way jose! Only promote brands that you can get behind.

4. Sell your snaps

Making Money with Your InstagramIf you’re a photographer, why not sell your photos in an instant via Instagram?

It may seem a bit obvious; however, Instagram originally came into existence for photo sharing. So, if you are a professional photographer make use of this space to advertise and sell your snaps.

If you’re going down this route, don’t let others steal your content – add various watermarks in order to protect what’s rightfully yours.

With the right hashtags, an online presence and everything that we’ve discussed so far, there’s no stopping you selling your shots with ease. There are also many sites that will put your Instagram photos up for sale, so get stuck in and reap the rewards.

5. Business promotion

Instagram is the key to running a business. Every marketing strategy should mention it. Did you know that according to 2018 research, 35% of American adults use Instagram? That’s a large market that one could tap into.

Selling products can be done by posting the most beautiful shots of them. All the angles and all the best looks should apply here.

Also, it’s a great idea to showcase what can’t be found on your website through Instagram. We’ve got a whole bunch of ideas that you can use in your marketing strategy:

Behind the scenes

Post images that depict what it is like behind the scene. What exactly goes on at your company that others may find appealing? As an example, a lot of people enjoy seeing jewelry brands piecing together their bracelets or cake manufacturers taking the fresh cake out of the oven. Showing your audience what happens behind the scene brings a touch of honesty to your company and people will reward you for it down the line.

Get people involved with the ethos of your brand!

Sharing is caring

If you care about your brand, you’ll take this seriously. Get your customers to share images of your product line through Instagram by encouraging buttons to repost customers photos on your website. A lot of customers will be willing to do this and will find it fun, especially if there is some incentive such as a special offer included. If all goes to plan, you can set up your own hashtag in order for you to stand out from the others.

Have you ever heard of White Castle’s #MyCrave tag? It brought in some serious business for them and was great for their customers too – everyone was a winner.

You could be a winner too.

6. Special offers

Instagram is the go-to place for infographics and special other marketing to grow your business. Just think how someone can feel rewarded with an offer that they won’t find anywhere else. Instagram gives you the opportunity to promote your business by offering unique offers that people will find appealing. Entice your customers and your audience in, getting creative with the offers you can make. If you’ve got a big enough audience, you’ll see a lot of sales as a result of this strategy.

7. Sell your account

Wait, so you’re telling me I can sell my account for cash? Seriously?

The answer is yes, however only if you’ve got a large enough following. People won’t take anyone who isn’t a major market player, so you’ll need a strong following and a steady fanbase.

This can be a great little way to roll in some money when you’re done and dusted. The net is full of sites that may help you facilitate a sale such as Frame Swap, but do some searching online before you make any choices to get the best deal for you.

Have you had any luck making money on the ‘gram? Maybe you have some tips of your own you’d like to share. Do get in touch and drop a message below. We’d love to hear from you!

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