7 Tips to Make You Fashion-Ready for Your Travel

By Ann Neal

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You may have heard people complaining of sore muscles and other aches from having to drag around their heavy luggage while travelling. Whether you travel for business or leisure, travelling light can nearly eliminate risks of returning from the trip with strained neck and back muscles. Just like planing the itinerary of your trip, the mindful selection of your travel clothes is essential too.

Looking good when you travel to a different city need not be hard to manage. You don’t have to carry a host of clothes or accessories either. The key to an elegant attire when traveling is wearing clothes wisely, without compromising on the comfort factor. It is always a good idea to carry an extra set of clothes to help an indecisive mind make a better selection, but don’t go overboard with hoarding clothes in your travel bag.

Read on to know how to travel light and keep it stylish at the same time.

1. Stock Your Shirts, Tees and Vests

Apart from leisure travel, a lot of people travel for work purposes. However, even when you’re on a business trip, you are likely to spend your evenings trying out local delicacies and visiting the local marketplace for shopping. For such occasions, it is advisable to opt for smart casual wear to help you walk up and down the streets without any trouble.

For men, nothing can replace cotton shirts, vibrant-colored t-shirts and comfortable vests. Go for a semi-formal look by pairing a light colored slim-fit shirt with dark-colored denims or khaki pants, which will make you stand out in the crowd.

Women can consider tank tops for a casual, yet stylish look. Further, team up funky vests, shirts and camisoles with a comfortable pair of pants or a skirt for a relaxed look. Crop tops and blouses in different patterns can be a good option for women who like to experiment with their look.

2. Keep Comfortable Clothes Handy

Straight-fit pants paired with a blazer or a jacket can be an instant hit when worn to formal events. But, you may not want to wear them to casual outings as they can stick to your skin, making you uncomfortable. In such situations, a pair of smart shorts can come to your rescue.

Team them up with a t-shirt and a blazer, and this combination will make you look chic for an outing with your friends. Your shorts can be easy solution to stay cool in hot and humid weather. Make sure you keep a few long-sleeved tops handy to protect your arms from rashes and sun strokes. Don’t hesitate to add a little color to your vacation wardrobe. Also, add a hat and pair of sunglasses to your attire and you are ready for a beach party.

If you are planning a trip to colder regions, then you need to make sure that you carry enough clothes to keep warm. Pair a fur-lined jacket with a poncho dress, leather pants and a brightly-colored scarf, and you are ready for your chilly vacation. A winter jacket doesn’t have to be baggy and oversized anymore. Include a parka or an anorak in your attire to flaunt a stylish look in the cold.

3. Carry a Pair of Cotton/Linen Pants

Once you step out of your hotel, you are likely to spend the day exploring the city or spending time with friends. Wearing clothes made from synthetic fabric throughout the day may not be the comfortable as they can make you sweat if the weather is hot.

Linen pants are usually associated with beach holidays and relaxed vacations for both, men and women. However, they do get wrinkled quite easily. So, opt for wrinkle-free linen pants to avoid the hassles of ironing them when travelling.

4. Go the Denim Way

Jeans are among the most reliable piece of clothing and you can wear them on most occasions. With the right fashion clothing styles you can transform your everyday laid-back look to a travel-ready one. Jeans are the perfect travel companion for people who like to keep it trendy. Even if they are worn for a long time, the comfort and the durability they provide remains unmatched.

Whether you’re a woman pairing them up with a ravishing halter neck top, or a man sporting them with a formal shirt, a pair of jeans will never disappoint. So, don’t think twice before putting on a pair of jeans during the trip.

5. Don Dresses

Whether you’re taking some time off for yourself or travelling for work purposes, a comfortable dress can be a good option to wear. Acclimatizing to hot weather can be less of a challenge with this clothing option. Whether you wear it during the day or in the evening, cotton dresses are extremely easy on the body.

In tropical regions or warm places, nothing can keep you cool and relaxed like a summer dress. Pick out dresses that are delicate and feminine, and suit your body type. If that is not your style, then a denim jumpsuit or a shirt dress may be something you might like.

Ankle-length maxi dresses, sheath dresses, and skater dresses, all of them can bring out the fashion icon in you. An off-shoulder dress with a ruffled-neck or frilly-sleeves can be a great option for day or evening wear.

People travelling to colder regions of the world may find knitted dresses to be helpful. Layering your clothes can be a stylish solution to stay warm in cold environments. Depending on the chill, you can wear a turtleneck under a sweater with a jacket on top to keep warm. A bright-colored scarf added to your ensemble can do wonders for your vacation look.

6. Protect Your Eyes

Your eyewear can transform your look and make you a trendsetter. Choose an exquisite pair of sunglasses for your trip and you are ready to head to the beachside, a road trip, or for a suave luxury stay. Not only will they protect your eyes from the harmful ultraviolet rays radiated from the sun, they will also take your fashion quotient a notch higher.

It is important to wear sunglasses that suit your facial shape structure. For instance, a person with a round face can go for a rectangular frame or the aviator style. Carry a pair which can be worn with most of your day clothes during the trip.

7. Let Your Shoes Do the Talking

A lot of times, travelling involves more walking than usual. Strolling by the sea or walking through the busy market streets is no fun if not experienced on foot. That’s why your shoes are as important as any other element of your attire.

A pair of elegant and comfortable shoes that do not hurt your feet even when worn for long hours can be your best bet. Also, don’t forget to ensure that your shoes complement your outfit.

Most of you will agree with the acclaimed luxury footwear and fashion designer Christian Louboutin when he says, “Shoes transform your body language and attitude. They lift you physically and emotionally.”

Carrying a separate shoe bag or using a separator in your suitcase to stack up all the shoes you take along can be the best way to keep them away from the clothes. Among the must-haves are a pair of walking shoes, flip-flops, sandals, and formal shoes. If your itinerary includes evening parties and formal dining, then don’t forget to carry a pair of classic pumps or stilettos that match your ensemble.

Style is not just about what you wear in your everyday life, but also about how you carry yourself when you visit places. Don’t let uncomfortable clothes ruin your travel mood, and carry those that you will love to wear. Use the above tips and make your next trip the most memorable and fashionable

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