7 Unbelievable Ways How Looking Your Best Affects Your Mindset

By Patrick Banks

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Presenting yourself in the best light and in the most attractive way possible sure has a lot of advantages. And this is not just for men in the dating scene but even in a professional setting. Ensuring that you look your best is not just about looking good in other people’s eyes. You are not just doing to impress because it goes beyond that.
how your look affects you

You may not be completely aware of it but how you look can significantly affect your mindset in so many ways as it brings out the positive energy in you. With all the hectic schedules and personal obligations, most of the time it is much easier for many to just avoid spending time and effort to look good. When you are just too busy, it is just too difficult to even think about it.

So why do you need to look your best? Here are the top reasons why you should:

1. It makes you feel good about yourself

Let’s face it. The way how people treat you would depend on how they perceive you and how you look in their eyes. There is something in the way how you look that will make people treat you better. Try wearing that shabby clothes on and you will see how you will also be poorly treated. When you dress nicely, people look at you and admire you. This can surely boost your esteem.

By being well-groomed and wearing nice attire, you feel good about yourself. It radiates from the inside to the outside. This alone makes you feel better. Even before you start your day when you see yourself in the mirror, you see a vibrant you that is ready to take on the challenges all throughout the day.

2. It gets you through the bad days

Have you ever experienced having a terrible day? We all have those days and even the most gorgeous people cannot avoid it. But when you are completely dressed up, in a way it compensates for the bad times. What is more frustrating than having to experience a really bad day and you see yourself in the mirror wearing that really mismatch top and bottom, or a really grumpy look that is so unfashionable. Not liking what you see? That’s when things get worse.

3. It increases your confidence

You might be surprised for when you dress up; it gives you that confidence booster right away. It has that instant and lifting effect. We’ve all had these times when we feel like our confidence is at its all time low. But hey, gaining back your lost confidence does not have to be an insurmountable task.

Appreciate the good in you, the things that you love about yourself and wear the clothes that makes feel good and right there and then you start gaining confidence. You don’t dwell on the things that you lack. So when you exert effort to look good, you highlight your strengths.

4. It opens you up to more opportunities and career advancements

In as much as we are made to believe that we only need talent and skills to make it to the top, it is not the case in real setting. Of course, it is also not just about beauty or looking good alone. However when you have the talent, skills,personality and the looks, you are a complete package.

Presenting yourself professionally is extremely important regardless of the kind of job you have. One way or another you have to face your boss, work with your colleagues and meet with clients. But when you are neatly and nicely dressed, you look professional. And any organization will definitely see a person who has these qualities a valuable investment.

5. It can increase productivity

When you are dressed for the day, you are more likely to have higher productivity. You might ask yourself what is the connection? Looking your best means that you are wearing clothes that you feel comfortable and that it makes you feel good about yourself. Being comfortable allows you to have that flexibility to do what you have to do making you more productive. What happens when you are uncomfortable with what you are wearing makes you feel irritated the whole day.

6. You can better express yourself

What you wear including your clothes and shoes even your choice of perfume and haircut is an outward manifestation of how you see yourself. It is an expression of who you are as a person. When you dress up, you get to express yourself while looking nice.

For men, this can be slightly challenging especially since the variety of items in their closet are limited and often times fashion is associated with women. Nowadays, this is not the case. Even men are becoming expressive when it comes to their physical looks. Many are spend time and are willing to spend and there is really nothing wrong with that.

7. Looking your best motivates you to stay fit

As you dress up for the occasion, in a way you tend be conscious with how you see yourself and how you look in front of others. This is a good thing as it urges you to stay fit. You get to explore your fashion style and try out different looks that matches your personality and preference, eventually you also get to touch on important things not just about the items you wear but a more holistic view- being physically fit and healthy.

So what to do to look your best

Every person is unique and there are no exact rules on what you should wear and how to wear them. But fashion experts would always say that choose your own style that you find comfortable. Luckily for men, it is not as diverse and as complicated like women who have to spend several hours staring in their closet just to choose which items to wear.

As long as you have the basic essentials from cool shirts to nice formal suits, you are almost ready. Now pair it up with matching shoes. Put that perfume on and you are good to go. If you want to be more stylish, you can always mix and match or you can experiment. Read some magazines or observe how others pull off certain attire.

Invest in You

Most people shun away from spending money on clothes and other items because they think they are just additional expenses. Of course, you really do not have to fill in your closet with lots of things that you know you don’t need. It is a matter of having the right perspective that positively changes your mindset. Looking your best isn’t just about how much you spend on apparel or other stuff but how much time and effort that you invest in yourself for you to look your best whenever you face other people. So the next time that you find yourself in a store, do not hesitate to spend as long you don’t overdo it.

Looking your best does not necessarily mean that you have to get the most expensive clothes or accessories. It is in the way how you find your personal style that brings out your personality, that ability to be fashionable and still feel comfortable. When you look your best, you also bring out the best in you. This draws more people to you. It opens you up to different possibilities and opportunities. When you feel good about yourself, you also feel confident that everything is possible. Who knows when an opportunity might come so you always have to be ready and prepared.

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Bottom Line

There are no exact rules as to how you should dress up to look your best. Every person has his style and personal preferences when it comes to choosing the right clothing, accessories, shoes, etc. Achieving that confident look is not just about impressing other people but as well as having that right perspective which brings about the positive mindset in you.

In this world where you’ll never know what is coming your way whether it is an opportunity or a challenge, dressing up well can sure make a big difference. As with the saying goes, you attract who you are. If you look your best then you are also drawing more positive energy towards you. How you look affects your mindset either in a good or bad way. And you definitely have the power to choose.

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Patrick is a Berlin-based dating advisor, motivational speaker, a huge fitness and vegan diet enthusiast and the main editor at Wingman Magazine, specialised in men's health. His ultimate goal is to share with men around the world his passion for self-development and to help them to become the greatest version of themselves. He believes a healthy body and successful social interactions are two main keys to happiness.

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