8 Fastest Ways to Lose Weight for Men

By Margaux Diaz

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Fastest Ways to Lose Weight for Men

Dropping over 3 pounds of our body weight is not that easy attributing to our unhealthy lifestyles.  Most of us tend to lead sedentary lifestyles leaving every work to machines. Well, however hard it may seem, this is actually an achievable goal. You only need a healthy diet accompanied by regular exercise, and you are there.

The fastest way to lose weight

If you can burn 500 calories above what you consume per week, it is likely that you will be shedding between 1 and 2 pounds of your overall weight. The idea here is for you to ensure that you eat less and exercising regularly. Keeping off junk food is yet another great way that will ensure you lose weight fast.

Point to note – By eating between 1,050 and 1,200 calories daily and keeping to the gym regularly for at least an hour, you will definitely achieve faster weight loss results. You will start realizing results merely a week after commencing on your weight loss regime. Incorporating top diet pills is also good.

Here are some tricks to help you shed more weight faster

1. Start your day with a lot of proteins


And keep it that way all day. The most important part of losing weight is to cut back on sugars and starches (carbs). They are proven to stimulate secretion of insulin, the main fat storage hormone in our body. In opposition to carbs, proteins can boost metabolism and increase fat burning. Proteins also keep you fuller longer, by reducing your level of the hunger hormone ghrelin.

Here are some delicious high protein breakfast ideas:

  • homemade muesli blend with rich in proteins chia seeds, nuts and unsweetened yogurt (no colored yogurt if you want to lose weight!)
  • omelet, scrambled eggs and other variation of eggs
  • dark bread with unsweetened peanut butter, cottage cheese and avocado

2. Drink sufficient water

Keeping hydrated is very important if you want to stay healthy. The funny thing is that if you drink less water, the body will tend to retain the water weight instead. Yes, every individual differs from another; however, it is recommended that you drink at least 8 glasses (64 ounces) of water daily.

Taking water a few minutes to meals helps to reduce the amount of food one is likely to consume considering that it fills up space in the stomach. Plus you are less likely to confuse hunger with thirst.

3. Avoid too much salt

As mentioned earlier, salt triggers weight gain and that is why most us find it hard to bring the scale down. Statistics indicate that salt consumption for an average American is two times the recommended daily consumption. This explains the high number of overweight individuals in America attributing to bloating and the incapability to shed the stubborn fats.

Salt makes one feel thirsty and hungrier; hence, make sure you read labels before settling for your package and always go for fresh rather than packaged diets.

4. Check your eating speed

People who eat faster tend to grow fatter than those who take their time (The University of Rhode Island). The body needs up to 20 minutes to communicate to the brain that it has had enough. In this case, if you eat faster, the chances are that satiation signals will elude your fullness feelings and eventually lead to your overeating. Always chew your food properly and be conscious of the fullness signals.

5. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables

 Fresh vegetables and fruits have immense healthy benefits in the body. They can be considered as good source of high fiber diet that help to keep you full. Taking vegetable soup before meals could help lower the amount of calories consumed by 20%. This is according to a research conducted by Penn State University.

Thus, if you want to lose weight faster, start with vegetable soup or a small salad before embarking on your main meal.

6. Stay away from junky diets

Well, it is sometimes very hard to stop craving for those junky diets, but you can still manage it. Though it may look very obvious, how we breathe can help in this course. Taking a deep breath can help get you out of that brief stress, improve oxygen circulation in your brain and body tissues and cause a reduction in. The stress-related hormones. It is, therefore, advisable for you to have a few breathing breaks all day.

Incorporating walking in the breathe breaks can also help to take away stress. Take a few minutes strolling in silence; a few deep breathes and results will start to show up. Yoga is also one better way of managing your cravings.

7. Check your emotions

Men tend to neglect their emotional state and focus most on their calorie consumption and hence, end up gaining weight instead. Your emotional condition significantly reflect in your health and overall being. Your feelings prior to meals – hungry, bored or sad – are likely to impact on your weight loss achievement.

To succeed in your weight lose endeavours, working hard and staying focused is mandatory. The best way to do so is by recording whatever you eat and watching over your mood.

8. Move more

Fastest Ways to Lose Weight for Men

Do whatever it takes to motivate yourself to move more. Buy a bike you like, hit the nicest gym you can afford or simply go out running.

Working out regularly is critically important in weight loss. Ensure to combine strength training and cardio. Give yourself between 5 and 10 minutes in cardio training. Take between 5 and 10 minutes on cardiovascular warm up along with strength training including skipping and stretches for better results.

In order to live healthily, you need a body weight you can easily manage. Thus, by following the aforementioned tricks, you will be on the right track to achieving not only an attractive body physique but remain healthy as well. So keep fit to stay healthy!


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