8 Netflix & Chill Movies That Will Positively Surprise Her

By Katie Porter

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Here’s a mistake 99.9% of all men (including yours truly) have made at some point in their relationship: they chose the most god-awful, honey-dripping, I-met-you-one-week-ago-but-you’re-the-one movies to watch with their girlfriends.

The poor girls don’t even know how to tell us they want to watch interesting movies, not these unrealistic, cliché pictures men have watched with their girlfriends from the dawn of times.

If you want to surprise your other half with a truly compelling and entertaining movie, consider any of the following:

1. Enter The Void (2009)

This movie is as touching as it is compelling. It will keep the two of you on your toes from start to finish. It tells the story of a drug dealer who is shot in the aftermath of a deal gone south.

His soul leaves his body and this is the moment we start wondering “Uhm, what am I watching here?” Don’t even think about melodrama – this is the real deal, a surprisingly unique take on what happens after we baste the formaldehyde turkey.

The film is set in Tokyo and is a feast for the eyes, as it’s lush in neon and psychedelic imagery inspired by DMT trips. Just a precaution measure for you: don’t get stoned before watching this picture. Thank me later.

You’ll feel like you’re high just by watching the movie, trust me. I got off weed by binge-watching it.

2. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)

This isn’t your common romantic movie, as it’s got a twist most of them lack. What I did realize after years of being dumped is that women don’t like romantic pictures unless they break the mold. And Sweet Jesus – this does it with style.

Imagine for a second that you could erase each other from your memories – what would happen? Would you fall in love again after you’d meet or would you go like “Oh, I made the right call erasing you…”?

This movie is the proof that some things are really meant to be, but also a testimony on how fragile and extremely complicated the human mind actually is.

I know that Jim Carrey is mostly known for his comedic roles, but the one he plays in this movie is inspiring. He can be so much more than the goof you’re familiar with.

If you haven’t watched this yet, please do so. You won’t regret it. It’s got that power to strengthen a bond between people while it manages not to become some cheesy, cliché romantic film.

3. Under The Skin (2013)

Women love powerful women and that’s that. This mind-blowing movie deals with an enigmatic woman that keeps on seducing guys on the streets of Scotland.

Even though it sounds like one of those bad porn movies, it’s one of the deepest and most philosophical motion pictures you’ll ever see. The woman is, in fact, an alien that comes to see what it means to be human.

In a nutshell, this movie stands to show that nothing in this universe can resist this force within us that drives us into each other’s arms. And here’s the kicker: after you’ve watched it, you can tell your girl “I’d totally go with you, even if you were going to do that to me”.

You’ll steal her heart forever. Though she might have a problem if she agrees she’d do that. All kidding aside, this is brilliant and it’s a definite must-watch, even though it hasn’t enjoyed much attention from critics or movie enthusiasts.

But you know, most great movies are largely unknown. We’re happy Twilight became a thing… Not.

4. Gone Girl (2014)

I’m not going to lie to you, guys: watching this movie will be pure suffering. Every man’s worst nightmare is leaving his girlfriend pregnant.

But what about leaving her pregnant without even doing what it takes for that to happen after your girlfriend seeks to avenge herself for being cheated on? I watched this movie with my other half and I swore to myself and to her that I’d never cheat on her.

Not after watching this movie. Gone Girl is pretty much a cult classic already and a really scary movie for men to watch and even for some women. It’s the kind of movie that keeps you with your eyes plastered on the screen.

It’s somewhat crude and visceral. Gone Girl is an assault on the senses and will definitely make you wonder “Can really people do this?” To save you some time, the answer is yes, they can.

Girls, if you have any reason to believe your boyfriends are unfaithful, watch this movie together. If they start to sweat, you need to have an “interview” with them. Just kidding.

5. The Revenant (2015)

This movie is a cinematographic masterpiece, something you experience rather than just watch. It’s about Hugh Glass, a guy who comes back from the brink of death to wander the wastelands and get to the one that killed his boy, all of these after being torn by a bear.

Meanwhile, I can cry for two hours if I stub my toe on the foot of the bed. This is honestly a spiritual, religious experience and a monument built in honor of nature and the human spirit.

The movie got Leonardo DiCaprio a long-awaited and 100% deserved Oscar. That merely made the movie even more popular. However, the film, too, got a lot of awards.

The only good way to watch it is by having your girlfriend come over and wrap the both of you in nice, thick blankets and have a cup of hot chocolate. The blankets will also absorb the shock of your dropping jaws.

6. The Perks of Being a Wallflower (2012)

Charlie, a student with depression, is haunted by flashbacks from his childhood and finds it difficult to entertain social relationships due to being an extreme introvert. However, he becomes good friends with Patrick and Sam, two seniors.

With the indirect and direct help of Sam and Patrick, he gradually becomes more open about his past and eventually manages to overcome his condition. The movie is all about being accepted by and learning to accept others.

While I’m not a fan of Emma Watson, one can’t really say she doesn’t play her role well. The Perks of Being a Wallflower will let you feel the glory of being a high school student without a worry in the world, least of all that of picking a movie that will fascinate your girlfriend.

7. Nocturnal Animals (2016)

Nocturnal Animals speaks about escapism and some of the dangers that come as a package deal with it. To be more precise, Susan gets a manuscript from Edward, her ex-husband, who had wanted to become a writer for a long time.

As quickly as she gets through 2-3 pages, she realizes she just can’t stop reading it. However, this takes a huge toll on her, as the story enclosed in those pages eventually strikes too close to home.

The book of her ex-husband lets her know the pain he went through after she had an abortion without telling him about it. The film is quite dark and violent, but it’s got an undercurrent of justice that’s absolutely fantastic.

It also has a formidable casting that could not have been better, including Jake Gyllenhaal and Amy Adams. Make sure you watch it closely because it has a few clues you can use to decipher the movie as a whole.

The movie is exciting because you can’t figure out what’s going on initially, but when it hits you, you’re like “Wow!” And like every movie that packs a punch, it has an ending that offers some food for thought.

8. Donnie Darko (2001)

Donnie Darko is one of those movies at the end of which you’ll need to take half an hour (or half a month) to figure out what exactly it is you’ve watched. Many say it’s a science fiction-type movie, but I don’t see it this way. Perhaps a better label would be “fantasy”.

Donnie Darko, a high school student, keeps seeing someone dressed in what looks like an Easter nightmare: a huge, grotesque rabbit. “Frank”, the rabbit, tells Donnie when the world will end.

This is just the start of a series of eerie happenings. For instance, an airplane crashes in Donnie’s house out of the blue and nobody believes him and people say he’s got schizophrenia.

Obviously, we all know there’s got to be something going on, and there is, as you might expect. It’s just that you don’t really get it the first time you watch the movie. If you do, you’re a genius.

The film isn’t, as many might be tempted to think, about a restless teenager, but about time travel, believe it or not. Just wait until it hits you. It will become one of your favorite movies. It’s no wonder why this has become such a huge cult.

So, next time you want to surprise your partner, just take a look at this list and choose one. Be careful though, Netflix can be addictive like any other pleasure!

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