8 Scientifically Proven Natural Aphrodisiacs That Work! (Infographic)

By Elizabeth Morris

Posted 5 years agoSEX

In today’s world there are a lot of distractions. Our commute to work leaves us stressed out before we even begin our working day, then our working day is so busy it can be sometimes difficult to remember how to switch off or take some ‘me-time’. Technology has also of course played a huge part in this. With the proliferation of smartphones, tablets and instantaneous internet access, it’s difficult to find time to focus on romantic relationships.

Finding dedicated time for you and your partner is so vital to the health and future of your relationship. This might mean that you implement a no-tech rule after a certain time each day in order to catch up on each other’s days. Some couples implement a no-TV rule for the bedroom in order to make romance (and/or) sleep the focus for there. Whatever the method, relationships need focus.

We have long since read about how aphrodisiacs can inject some life into romance and sexual desires…the usual methods are well known like oysters and chocolate but there are many foods that are seen as being aphrodisiacs without us being fully aware of them.

While medical practitioners don’t hold much weight with the power of the aphrodisiac, popular culture and opinion seemingly does and we regularly read or see articles about how some food or drink is now deemed to be a formula to increase desire. While there may not be any major scientific studies around that back the power of the aphrodisiac, there isn’t any harm in trying them out!

This infographic below charts some interesting information regarding aphrodisiacs that you might not readily be aware of. These could easily be incorporated into meals on a regular basis or could even form part of a romance-packed dinner with a loved one which could really spice things up! The infographic also points out some foods which are to be avoided if you don’t want to turn things the other way and allow the romance levels to take a hit!

About the author Elizabeth Morris

Elizabeth Morris is the resident sex-pert @ Carvaka and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Biology. Carvaka is an online retailer who specialise in adult toys and specifically Vibrators.

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