8 Things That are Killing Your Motivation

By Dan Western

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As a wise man once said, “People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.” Motivation is what pushes people to continue working hard through tough times in order to get to the other side of success.

Top motivational speakers,such as Zig Ziglar, who said that motivation is like bathing, show that it’s something very difficult to maintain. It’s not just a case of getting yourself motivated once and then you’re motivated for life. There are a lot of things that can kill even the strongest willed man’s motivation, so what are they? And how can you stop them from killing your motivation?

1) No Results

Probably the number one reason people give up on their dreams is because they don’t see any results in the first few months, and that’s the soul reason why the term we call “Average” is a lot lower than it actually could be.

It’s incredibly difficult to keep putting the same amount of effort into something, that hasn’t gotten you any results yet. Anybody who we would ever regard as being successful is someone who has had no results for a certain length of time, but kept on going.
Which is exactly why they are successful. So, is that what you want too? Then keep on going!

2) Surrounded by Negative People

For those that are surrounded by people constantly doubting your goals and dreams, who themselves have nothing really happening in their life, then there’s no doubt this will be killing your motivation.

People get upset if they can’t do something, because they expect it to be easy and so when they can’t do it they want to go ahead and tell you that you can’t.

After all, it’s easy for them to put you down and it’ll make them feel better about their own failures. It’s a horrible thing to do, we all know that, but they do it anyway because they think that they were in the same position as you.

Don’t let these people put you off, and if they are killing yourmotivation, then find people that actually support you to hang out with.

3) Being Afraid of Failure

Fear of failing is something that hits a lot of us. Similar to having no results for the first few months of starting out; people are also afraid of just failing in general before they’ve even started.

“What if I spend all this time, energy and money on something that in the end doesn’t even work?”
It’s a scary question, right? The only thing you need to remember when it comes down to this, is that there’s nothing worse than not trying. Failure is far better than not trying because it’s a step in the right direction. At least you will have learned something from it.

Would you rather go through life wondering what could have been, or actually finding out for yourself how far you’re able to go?

4) Not Loving What You’re Doing

You should be happy with the job you’re in, and if you’re not then it’s probably the wrong career for you. It’s not just about being financially stable, it’s about living a life that you love. Enjoying life is one important point I made when I wrote about ‘waking up in the morning feeling unstoppable

“Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, maybe you should set up a life you don’t need to escape from.” – Seth Godin

There’s no point throwing all your energy and time into something that you hate, because no amount of money you earn will make up for those years that you wasted being miserable. Find something you love and go after it like your life depends on it!

5) Lack of Energy

Feeling tired, slightly exhausted? Get some rest. If you’re striving towards achieving something at the moment, then just relax a little bit. If this is a goal worth having, then you can’t complete it in one day, no matter how much work you do.

The more exhausted you get, the less motivated you become. Have a rest, let the batteries recharge and be better unleash your power on the world tomorrow.

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6) Little Faith in Yourself

I mention this time and time again on my own blog, and it’s very important for keeping yourself motivated and ready for what life throws at you. You need to be able to believe in all your ideas and everything that you’re doing.

It’s like I always say, if you don’t believe in yourself and your dreams, then how do you expect others to? They won’t be able to give you their full support if you don’t even believe in what you’re striving for.

7) Working in the Wrong Environment

Have you ever sat down and tried to work in a room, and you just find that your mind will go blank and you just don’t seem to be doing anything productive? It could be the room you’re trying to work in.

Right now, I’m writing on my laptop in a pretty neutral room, sitting on a wooden chair and leaning on a wooden table stood at a decent height. If i go into any other room, my productivity drops almost automatically. In this room there are no distractions and nothing ridiculously crazy going on that would cause my attention to wonder.

It also manages to keep me in a good mood, since I’m sitting upright and the room has a lot of light hitting it. So I’m more motivated in here than anywhere else. Pick the room that you work in wisely, or if you work in an office do your best to make it work well for you.

If you’re really not motivated in your environment no matter what you do, then something is wrong. Maybe you’re working with the wrong people, in the wrong job role, or just the wrong sort of company all together.

8) No Clear Goals

Nothing is more guilty of killing your motivation than not having any goals in the first place. If you have no actual goal you’re striving to achieve, then you have no real reason to be motivated. Nothing’s driving you, nothing’s pushing you. There must be something in life that you really want, or a dream that you have.

No dream is too big, so don’t be embarrassed by it. Find out what your overall goal is and then you’ll have something to be motivated for. 

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Dan Western is the CEO and Founder of Wealthy Gorilla, a blog that focuses on providing advice for success, entrepreneurship and awesome life motivation. Dan loves to share great knowledge with others in order to help them become successful at what they love.

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  1. Completely agree with being afraid of failure. What I’ve come to learn is that failure is actually extremely important and a crucial part of success.

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