9 Classy Gifts to Get Your Best Man on the Wedding Day

By Patrick Banks

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Are you at a total loss for what to get your best man? Worry not, because we’ve got you covered. Discover classy best man gift ideas here.

Your big day is fast approaching, and there are so many last-minute things that you need to take care of. You start to worry about how you will manage to get everything that you need to do without forgetting a single thing.

Then it pops into your head that out of everything you could’ve forgotten to do, you forgot to pick up a gift for your best man. Not only have they been by your side before you were engaged, but they have also helped you through the engagement and wedding planning process.

Your scrambling to think of the best man gift ideas, and you’re running out of time to choose something. There is no need to worry because below you will find the 10 best gifts to give to your best man.

Best Man Gift Ideas

They have helped you plan out the proposal and may have helped narrow down the ring selection for the big day. It’s only fitting that you do something to show your best man how much you appreciate him for helping you through such a life-changing time.

1. Cufflinks

Nothing says thank you more than a personalized pair of cufflinks to wear on the big day. Purchasing a beautiful set of cufflinks can take a standard suit to an extravagant suit just by wearing them. The links can help to tie all of the suit components together for the big day.

Also, the gift can be personalized when you order them if personalization is your thing. Thing engraving the date you all become friends or brothers. Or perhaps engraving a simple thank you on the links is enough to get the sentimental thought across.

2. Sunglasses

This can come in handy for everyday wear after the wedding and can prove useful if your wedding is being held outside. The shades will help to block the sun from their eyes and block their eyes from anyone noticing that they are becoming a little bored during the wedding festivities.

Let’s face it sometimes, there may be a lull in excitement, and they will need to hide it. Gift them with a pair of shades that really fits their style.

3. Headphones

If your  is into music studio-grade headphones would be a perfect gift for him. It gives him a more natural way to shut out the surrounding noises of the environment and enjoy his favorite playlist whenever he wants too.

Don’t worry about breaking the bank when you purchase the headphones; there are plenty of options out there that are budget-friendly and accomplish the same thing as the expensive ones.

4. Vinyl Records

There is something classy about owning a record player and enjoying the sounds of vinyl records. If your best man is into vintage items getting him a set of vinyl records may be the way to go when getting him a gift.

In recent years vinyl has made a massive comeback so you will be able to find vinyls for a lot of mainstream artists that are making music right now. A vinyl record as a gift is timeless and will remain in style for centuries to come.

5. Personalized Yeti

A personalized yeti is a great gift to give your best man when you give him a vessel to hold all of his beer and liquor for the night without losing his cup or other unexpectedly useful stuff.

And what makes the cup so unique is that it is personalized just for them. Feel free to put a witty joke on the outside or keep it simple with their initials.

6. Leather Flask and Shot Glass Set

A flask and shot glass set is another gift that can be personalized for your best man, and they could slip it in their suit pocket during the wedding. It takes the appearance of the flask to another level with the custom personalization.

7. Shaving Kit

Every man can benefit from having his own shaving kit with the essentials packed into it. And the best part is you don’t have to spend an excessive amount of money to find a shaving kit that has all the essentials and is beautiful at the same time. If you feel like personalizing the shaving kit bag, go for it.

8. Desk Organizer and Phone Charger

At one point or another, every man has misplaced his keys, phone, and wallet, but this gift is going to change all of that. The desk organizer and phone charger give your best man one central location to place all of his things every day. 

It reduces the likelihood that he will lose his things and help him become organized. This is an excellent gift for the best man that is naturally unorganized and tends to lose their stuff at all times.

9. Your Own Beer

This gift will be consumed quickly, but they will be thankful to have the gift of a beer that you crafted just for them. Tons of breweries will allow customers to customize and make their own beer for a small fee.

All you have to do is research the breweries in your area that offer this service to customers. Then make an appointment and make a beer that your best man will love.

Choose Your Gift

Now that we have provided you with a list of great best man gift ideas to choose from, it is time to make your final selections. Remember, time is running out, and there’s no time like the present to choose the right gift for your best man.

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