9 Reasons Why Women Lose Interest In Sex

By Belinda Andreson

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You may be wondering why your wife or girlfriend loses interest in being intimate with you. You might have thought that she doesn’t love you any more or that she already lost interest in you and your relationship. You start comparing her sex drive before, and now you start doubting yourself, asking questions whether it’s your performance in bed caused her to lose interest.
9 Reasons Why Women Lose Interest In Sex

Men’s performance in bed is not usually the reason why women lose interest in intimacy. There are clinical reasons for this, and to better understand your woman, here are the main reasons for women’s decrease in sex drive.

Lack of Sleep

A study conducted back in 2015 showed that women who have enough sleep manifest a high sexual desire level. They also show better arousal on the next day, which suggests that women who are sleep deprived are the ones who exhibit a low sexual desire.

The study also suggests that an hour of shut-eye added a 14% increase in women’s chance to engage in sexual activity with her partner. Now that you know about the impact of sleep with your partner’s sexual drive, you now have a reason to let her sleep in peace. The longer, the better.

Effects of Certain Prescription Drug

Certain medications can cause a woman’s interest in sex. This includes a particular antidepressant medication categorized as SSRI or Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors.

Women who are under SSRI drug medication manifest little to no interest in engaging in sexual acts. However, there is a relatively new drug that does not have these side effects on women taking the medication.


If you already have kids and your partner suddenly loses interest in making love  with you, this might mean that she’s experiencing fatigue. Exhaustion of taking care of young kids, sometimes coupled with work, can cause fatigue.

It is also possible that an illness or surgery, specifically around the breast or genital area, can affect a woman’s sexual function, body image, or desire for sex. These issues can also cause your partner’s fatigue. Thus, you have to be more attentive and observant with your partner’s lifestyle or medical background.


A glass of wine isn’t a bad idea to put your partner in the mood, but excessive alcohol consumption might result in the loss of interest in sex. Alcohol consumption is not discouraged entirely, but instead, it’s advised to drink in moderation.

A woman should limit her alcohol consumption to three units a day to ensure that the alcohol won’t affect her libido. And as for men, you should not go beyond four units of booze a day, or else you might also experience a loss of libido, which reduces your sex drive.

Hormonal Change

Another factor that can decrease a woman’s sex drive is hormonal change. There are many reasons why a woman’s hormones are altered. The most common ones are menopause, pregnancy, and breastfeeding.

During menopause, a woman’s estrogen level drops as her body undergoes the process of menopausal. This decrease of estrogen causes a woman to have a dry vaginal tissue, which will result in painful and uncomfortable intercourse.

The change of hormones during pregnancy, after childbirth, and during breastfeeding can also cause a constraint in sex drive. This brings us back to fatigue that’s discussed earlier, which can be present post-partum.

Psychological Factors

A woman’s mental health can also affect her desire for sex. Low self-esteem and poor body image make a woman think she’s not suitable to have sex with any partner. Other factors include stress, anxiety, and depression. Nobody will be in the mood when they experience these psychological issues, whether you’re a man or a woman.

If your woman has previous bad experience of sex or a history of sexual and physical abuse, this could play a huge factor in her sex mood. Pay close attention to her body language as most abused women are wary, especially to touch.

Relationship Issue

If you and your partner are struggling with your relationship, it’s normal that she does not want to have sex with you. No woman enjoys sex with her partner during a relationship crisis.

For most women, the preparation of good sexual intimacy is their emotional closeness to their partner. So, if you just pissed off your girl, don’t expect any intimacy from her until you resolve your issues.

Lack of Exercise

Maybe this is the time to encourage your girl to hit the gym with you. Exercise has a connection with a sex drive as it can stabilize and balance the hormone and physiological processes of a person, helping with a person’s libido.

If you think that exercising would increase your partner’s sex drive, motivate her to exercise. It will improve not only her interest in sex but also her overall health.


Whether we like it or not, a woman’s sex drive decreases as she ages. Sex hormones decrease during ageing, plus the side effects of all the medication for age-related health problems contribute to a lack of sex drive. Their energy level also declines, which can make them brush off the idea of having sex.

How to Help Increase Your Partner’s Sex Drive

You must support and help your partner in dealing with this issue. Instead of condemning her, you should be her number one support system in this battle. This is not just an issue for sex, but it is also a health issue that both of you need to address.

Here’s some guidance on how to increase your partner’s interest in sex.

  • Help her with her daily tasks. If you already have kids, you can help her take care of your children or assist with the household chores. This gesture will help your partner relax and save more energy.

She’ll have extra time for herself, like taking a relaxing shower, reading a book, or even a nap to enhance her overall mood, including her sexual mood. A survey conducted shows 15% of women become aroused if their men help with the household chores. It’s popularly referred to as “chore play”.

  • Manage stress by taking part in a healthy lifestyle. You have to consider not only your physical health but also your mental and emotional health. It is a good idea to take a break from your everyday life. You can travel together and enjoy an intimate vacation.

If travelling is out of your capacity, you can have a quiet time to relax instead. A spa or massage would be a good option to provide a relaxing and quiet time for your girl. You should spend more time with her and establish your connection once again.

  • Seeking professional help is another thing you can do. Get an appointment with a health-care provider to know whether the cause of the decrease in sex drive is a medical condition. This way, whatever your partner is suffering from can be appropriately addressed by a professional, and she can get proper treatment.
  • Aside from helping her figure out the issue behind the sudden loss of sexual interest, you can also try to be more romantic. Rekindle your intimacy by showing romantic gestures, such as kissing her deeply before leaving for work or sending her sexy messages.

You can also reconnect with her by sensual touching and complimenting her anytime you can. They say that women need more time to warm up and be in the mood, and these little gestures can surely jumpstart satisfying sex later.

Engaging in foreplay is also a good idea. Bring her into the mood by heating her up. Make her feel good and more loved. By engaging in a more emotional and sensual activity, you’ll get a woman aroused.

  • Try new things with her, such as experimenting with sex toys during your intimate moments. You can find different kinds of sex toys at online e-commerce sites, such as Bellesa shop, with different designs and purposes. You can also try new sexual positions, or even explore both of your body together.

Change of settings can also help, such as doing it in your kitchen counter instead of on your bed. You can also enjoy it in your bathroom, with warm water coming out of the shower. The possibilities are endless. Be adventurous and lead your partner to a more exciting world of making love.

  • Another tip to make your girl aroused is to study her body. Identify her hotspots and focus on that part to help her achieve arousal. When you hit the perfect spot, everything will fall into place naturally. Sometimes what a woman needs is a little bit of spice to electrify the mood.
  • If the reason for the decrease in sex drive in your woman is due to relationship issues, it is better to talk it out. First things first, do not think about sex. Focus on how you can fix your problem.

If talking could not mend your relationship issues, you can seek a relationship counselor. If your partner can’t open up to you and talk about her issues regarding your relationship, a counselor could be of immense help.

It is normal for women to lose their interest in sex at some point, but it does not happen without reason. There is always a cause behind it, and understanding these reasons will open your eyes and be more eligible to offer assistance to your woman.

Never neglect your woman’s signs of decrease in sex drive, which usually indicates a more severe problem. Whenever you notice a change in her sexual performance, talk to her, and assure her that you understand.

You also have to put in mind that men and women have a different perspective on sex. Men can separate sex from emotions, but most women cannot. A woman engages in sex if they are emotionally attached or attracted to the man. You have to consider how your girl feels about sex and intimacy. What works for you might not work for your partner and can cause further loss of interest.


Remember that you are partners and her sexual issues affect you. Thus, you should be in this together. Help her regain her sexual desire by opening your mind to your problem’s possible causes and solutions. With the given reasons above, you can better acknowledge her situation and can now provide better support for her.

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