An Ultimate Guide to Put On And Use Condoms (Infographic)

By Elizabeth Morris

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News that there was a marked increase in the recorded instances of sexually transmitted diseases such as Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea in the U.S. in the last few years will no doubt surprise some people. However the statistics will hopefully help to re-emphasize the importance of using contraception like condoms to help prevent the spread of these infections and other even more serious diseases.

The ubiquity of online dating platforms like Tinder and Grindr mean that casual sexual encounters are on the rise. Tinder alone has over 50 million users [2015].

Attitudes have changed towards condoms though and that can only be a good thing. Today it’s seen as responsible to carry one and thankfully that goes for both sexes.

Condoms are now pretty much available everywhere except perhaps your local church and they’re relatively inexpensive so there really is no excuse not to practice safe and protected sex.

Condoms have actually been around for centuries which may come as a surprise. While of course manufacturing technologies have made huge advances along the way meaning that this type of contraception is a lot more reliable than previously. There’s also an array of flavors, colors, and sizes available to suit most requirements.

In developing countries, condom use is very much encouraged by aid workers to assist in the prevention of HIV and AIDS which was and continues to be a major concern for the well being of citizens of that part of the world. While condoms of course have their function in assisting unwanted pregnancies, the role they play in stalling the spread of these diseases is of paramount importance to world health and the fight against AIDS worldwide.

Why and How To Put On A Condom?

This infographic below gives some background to condoms, with some facts you might not be aware of plus it explains the best way to store, use and dispose of them. You’ll also see how rigorous the manufacturing process is which will help to reassure you of their reliability (when you choose reputable brands of course!).

Check it out, you might learn something new!

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