Apartment Decorating Ideas: Inspirational Ceiling Designs (Infographic)

By Patrick Banks

Posted 3 years agoOTHER

Every room in a home has a ceiling of some sort, and yet they are often neglected in terms of colour and design. This infographic showcases some inspirational ideas for giving the humble ceiling a touch more visual appeal.

Rather than plain white, giving a ceiling some colour can really make it stand out. Interior designers will use a dark colour on high ceilings to give the illusion that it is lower, alternatively, they will use light colours to make a low ceiling appear higher.

Ceilings are typically plain, use the ceiling as a place to add artwork, colour and pattern to make it a focal point in the room. Artworks on ceilings have been around for centuries, think along the lines of Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel or William Morris, and give a room a design, picture, old style map or artwork that highlights the theme of the room. In today’s world of interior design, you don’t have to dedicate years of work to get the look, use the latest digital imagery instead.

the entire ceiling doesn’t have to be painted or covered with artwork to make it stand out, hidden lighting is an achievable idea that will shine a new light on the way you view your ceiling. Alternatively, geometric ceiling roses will add instant visual impact without being too overstated.

From candy cane stripes in a child’s room to amazing artwork, a ceiling offers you a blank canvas to experiment with colour, lighting and pattern, making all who enter the room look up in envied amazement.

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