Natural Injury Recovery: Fast Action Pain Relief and Accelerated Healing

By Alex ErikssonPosted 8 months agoHEALTH
Here’s the truth—in any physically demanding pursuit, you have a chance of getting injured. This is a reality that comes with working out, playing a sport, or generally, having an active lifestyle

Is Butea Superba the Ultimate Male Elixir or Some Overhyped Herb?

By Alex ErikssonPosted 1 year agoHEALTH
Have you been experiencing some sort of—how do we put it?—“issues” in the bedroom? Maybe you feel frustrated because you just can’t “get into it”, or because the action between the sheet

Your Brain’s Natural Wingman: Dopamine

By Alex ErikssonPosted 1 year agoHEALTH
When you think of a reliable wingman, chances are you’re not thinking you have one of the best ones right inside you. Lost? No surprise, but don’t worry, by the end of this post you’ll understan

How Cannabidiol Can Help Your Physical Performance Reach a New All Time “High”

By Alex ErikssonPosted 2 years agoHEALTH
After decades of debates on cannabis, the dust begins to settle as proven by the rise in the number of countries allowing the use of medical marijuana.  As someone aiming for a healthy lifestyle

Why You Should Eat More Chocolate: The Dark Side of Flavanols

By Alex ErikssonPosted 3 years agoHEALTH
You know how people say that if it’s too good to be true, it probably isn’t? That’s not the case with chocolate, specifically dark chocolate. It might sound incredible considering that chocolate

Why This Female Hormone Is Killing Male Sexuality (and How To Fix It)

By Alex ErikssonPosted 3 years agoSEX
When you are talking about problems with male sexual health, you usually look at testosterone levels. Estrogen is a female hormone that’s associated with the growth of breasts and secondary sexual c

7 Most Effective Treatments for Androgenic Hair Loss (Backed By Science, Bitch)

By Alex ErikssonPosted 3 years agoHEALTH
 Some people think that building muscle and sculpting your body can be at the expense of your hair. It is surprising how some of the mechanisms that allow you to build more muscle and be more manly,