Buying a Used Quad Bike: What to Know Before Purchase

By Patrick Banks

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More and more people give preference to an active lifestyle and choose adventures instead of lazy couch-sitting in front of the TV. For an active pastime, a quad bike is a good choice. This is entertainment which can be called extreme, thus, it is essential to be cautious while choosing one for purchase.
buying an used quad

With no or low experience in driving an ATV, it is reasonable not to spend a fortune on a new vehicle. Considering a used one, it is important to start checking a quad’s state with an ATV VIN lookup using the services which possess a database containing all the relevant information on a vehicle.

How to Find a VIN Number?

To get a VIN report, one will need to have this number. It can be simply asked from a previous owner or found on the frame of a quad. Its location depends on the manufacturer and model of your dream vehicle. One more tip: check on the Internet where a VIN number should be indicated on a particular model of a quad. After, check if it is present at the proper places of a quad model you are considering. If not, beware of this vehicle.

How to Choose a Quad Bike?

Before choosing a manufacturer and model, it is important to understand why you need a quad. They can be classified as follows: for sports, for tourism, and utility use. The first group of quad bikes should be fast, suitable for all the terrains, and it is designed for one rider, as a rule. Special protection against injuries can be also foreseen.

Touristic four-wheelers are intended for long distances, they will be ok with slopes and descends. Besides, a rider, as well as a passenger, will have enough space on such quad. The last group of utility-use vehicles is widely used by farmers. The peculiar feature is a trunk designed for 100 kilos of load, as well as the possibility to attach a trailer to it.

It is essential to make sure that a quad you are considering for purchase has been used according to its initial and original functionality. In such a way, it will not be too worn or damaged. Undoubtedly, a vehicle history report will be handy. To get it, carry out a VIN check and make sure to choose a quad meeting all your demands.

Complementary Accessories to Be Considered

Despite an intended use, a quad is intended for all the types of terrain, that is why the following items should be bought with a quad or separately:

  • Winch;
  • Trunk, if not originally present;
  • Additional protection for extreme driving;
  • Set of tires according to the terrain type.

A properly chosen quad, if in a good state, will bring a lot of joy to you, your friends, and family. Spending more time while choosing it will reduce to the minimum the possible troubles for repairing it instead of spending adventurous time. Be a responsible purchaser and enjoy the ride!

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