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Are women more attracted to the men that have beards? Does the science of attraction support that women are actually attracted to beards? Read on to discover your chances of getting a new woman crush when you have beards.

A Beard Is Not Just A Beard?

Have you been considering your beard to just be what it is – a beard? It is time you look at it from another angle because it is not just a beard.

Your quest to become an alpha male lies in that sideburns and beard you have been overlooking all these while. As some ladies have come to confirm, subtly rocking your beard can pass across the message of health, masculinity, and even your parenting skills.

What’s more? It can be interpreted in different ways by different women. While some will regard it as being sexy especially when you trim it accordingly, some other women will regard it unsexy if you leave it in a mess.

The Science of Attraction: Why Women Are Attracted to Beards

No matter how you keep your beard, the fact is that facial hair will change women’s perception of men.

We want you to learn the real reasons why women are attracted to beards. So, if you haven’t been taking this seriously, it is time you start growing a nice beard.

1. Masculinity Rating

It will interest you to know that some women consider facial hair as a sign of masculinity. You don’t have to doubt this because many studies have continually proved that to be true.

You may be wondering why masculinity is rated based on the amount of beard you have. Well, women consider men that have more facial hair more masculine than those that don’t.

2. Facial Hair Style

You now know that your masculinity from a lady’s perspective is rated by the beard you have. What you should be bothered about right now is to figure out the facial hairstyle that will fit into the description of masculinity.

Once more, this decision is not yours to make. Remember we are talking about what women think of beards and whether they are attracted to it? So, let’s see what they have to say about this one.

Light Stubble

You already know some of the styles you can style your beard. From light stubble to a fuller beard, you have many options to select from. At the same time, the way you style your beard can attract more women.

The light stubble is one of the most popular beard styles that is loved by the ladies. For the womenfolk, a man that rocks the light stubble is attractive and should be considered for short and long-term relationships.

Mere Stubble

You may not be so lucky if you only have mere stubble. This is because most ladies consider men with simple stubble to be players. Hence, they are only deemed best for flings and shorter-term relationships.

Heavy Stubble

You also want to try your luck with the heavy stubble. You can be lucky this time because some women have high regard for men with that beard style. Researchers have found that men with light or heavy stubble will receive the most positive ratings, they are considered more attractive and masculine.

Full Beard

If you want the ladies to go gaga and rush after you, the best beard style to rock is the full beard.

This is because researches to that end have shown that women tend to have a higher regard for men with a full beard. From their perspective, a fuller beard is a sign of manly responsibility. Little wonder why ladies would gladly accept the proposal of men that have a full beard, as compared to those that have stubbles.

The general submission in this regard is that stubble is for sexiness while a full beard is more domineering and shows that the man is ready for long-term relationships.

3. More Facial Hair – More Attractive

There is no denying that the more facial hair a man has, the attractiveness rate increases. Also, biologically speaking, attractiveness is related to “good” genetic and good health. You don’t have to look farther for the reason because we have it all here.

First, the more facial hair a man has, it goes to show that the man is ready to show responsibility where it is needed. Besides, according to the study, facial beard signifies that the man has strength and can influence.

Second, science has continually proven that facial hair has some correlation to status. This is true when you look at the animal kingdom where the pendulum continually swings in the direction of the lion.

For the women that are looking for the alpha male, it is easier for them to interact with men that have more facial hair because they consider them to have more strength.

Extensive Study on Why Women Love Beards

You also need to understand some other reasons why women are attracted to beards. These additional studies will help you understand just how important it is to know your place amid women who like beards.

Cultural Associations

Culture and popular belief have since edged their way into the decision-making process of ladies that love beards. If you are not sure how the cultural background or societal acceptance can influence beard perceptions, here are some examples:

Clean Shaven

Many ladies haven’t been shy to assert that they love clean-shaven beards. The only difference between this and the full beard is that clean-shaven men are considered wholesome and youthful.

Longer Beards

On the other hand, rocking a full or longer beard can land you more ladies that are willing to settle down. It makes a lot of sense if you are thinking in that direction.

The idea is simple: longer beards equal to paternal associations and manly responsibilities.


Goatee beard style isn’t ruled out of the option either. You only need to know that many women consider men that rock it to be buskers and pickup artists.


You also need to consider the perspectives of women that are in relationships. We have often seen men that are conditioned to rock different styles of beards because their women wanted it that way.

Here are some of the ways relationships can also have some roles to play in the way women are attracted to beards:

Single Women

Single women will often like their men to have a full beard or any other style that appeals to them. The reason is quite clear: they want to show off their men and show he dominates the others out there.

Women Wanting Children

Both single and married women that want to have children have some things to say about beards.

In the case of such women, they find beards more attractive because they have this belief that men with beards have more testosterone. Hence, it is likely that their offspring will be cute and in the future, become alpha males too.

Married Women

Finally, married women are not taking the back seat in the craze for beards. From the look of things, they have the upper hand as far as the beard decision of their men is concerned.

It is not uncommon that married men often style their beards based on the advice of their women. That informs the reason why married women tend to find beards more attractive when compared to single ladies.

Another reason that supports this is that married women now have the man all to themselves and can easily influence his grooming decision.

Final Words on Why Women Love Beards

There is no denying that women love beards. They really do! But, having just any kind of beard style wouldn’t guarantee you having more female admirers. You must always style your beards accordingly so you can attract the right kind of woman.

Do you believe beards attract women? Support your answers with valid points using the comment section.

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