20 Essential Styling and Grooming Tips for Guys

By Patrick Banks

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Just like ladies, men also struggle to get dressed in the morning. Nowadays, people judge you by your looks. For this reason, it is essential to set the right impression, especially at the start of your career. From casual to formal dressing, you will get lots of options to express your personal style.
Essential Styling and Grooming Tips for Guys

When selecting a dress, you have to consider a perfect balance in style, individuality, and comfort. Here are some tips for your assistance.

1. Choose a Perfect Suit 

Suits are equally suitable for formal and casual events. Make sure to buy a suit with perfect fitting. Before purchasing an off-the-peg suit, pay attention to the fitting across your shoulders. Remember, it is easy to alter the waist and chest. Prefer classic suit available in dark and light colors. 

Make sure to pick a dress with moderate details to avoid the impression of a uniform. Combine different ideas to build a perfect suit for your personality. To complete your look, carefully choose mens ties, tie bars, belts, and other accessories.

2. Trendy Watches for Different Occasions

For men, the watch is similar to a beautiful art piece. Your watch should reflect your personal style. Men often like functional and rugged sports watches. These are suitable for every occasion and make you look attractive. Make sure to invest wisely in watches and buy practical pieces.

A watch should ideally fit on your wrist. It must feel comfortable on your wrist. For this reason, measure the depth and size of your wristwatch.

3. Play with Colors

For formal and casual wear, you can consider some colors. Numerous men stay away from dresses. They find it intimidating to wear something else than grey or navy. Remember, colors are timeless; therefore, choose something unusual. 

A green suit is suitable for fashionable events. Feel free to choose mustard, greens, pinks, and bright blue to boost your mood. Colors can increase your versatility. Carefully add colors in your outfit to change your attitude. 

4. Jeans with Sneakers or Shoes

It is a famous garment in the world, even for broader thoughts. Jeans are comfortable with making you look narrow. Feel free to wear them on sneakers or shoes. Remember, you can choose jeans for any event. Nowadays, raw, dark denim is equally famous among youngsters and adults. 

5. Pay Attention to Grooming

Before investing money in clothing, you have to pay attention to your grooming. To meet the expectations of daily life, you will need basic hygiene practices. Hang your shirts in wooden hangers and use a shoe tree to protect your shoes. Wash your dirty clothes regularly and polish shoes. Here are some grooming regimes to make you clean and tidy.

6. Trim Your Nail

Trim your toenails and hand nails after seven days after a bath or shower. In this way, you can easily cut the essentials for guys. When grooming yourself, you can’t overlook your hands. These may show aging signs; therefore, give them strengthen treatment. Feel free to consider TLC.

7. Dark Circles

You have to master an exclusive moisturizing routine in the night. It will help you to deal with dark circles and make you feel and look young. Invest in a high-quality under eye cream or gel to decrease dark circles and puffiness.

Remember, you can’t achieve these results with regular moisturizer. When applying cream under the eye, you have to pay attention to technique. The skin is sensitive and thin so consider professional recommendations.

8. Visit a Barber

You have to visit a barber every four weeks. Remember, hair care is necessary if you feel like trim is due. Feel free to request to make your eyebrows tidy, if needed. With a proactive approach, you can avoid unruly hairs. 

A barber may recommend a moustache, ear, nose hair, and a beard tidy. He can make you feel neat and tidy. Avoid getting offended and let the barber do his job. You must not do experiments with your hair because a funky haircut can make you uncomfortable.

9. Get Scrubbing

A daily facial wash and a facial scrub (weekly) can be an ideal antidote to remove dead skin cells. Regular use of face wash is necessary to keep your skin clear and healthy. Focus on your forehead, chin, and nose for a clean feel.

Exfoliating is necessary during the shaving process. With this procedure, you can lift away hair from your skin and clear dead skins away from hair. It will help you to decrease the probability of ingrown hairs and several skin problems.

10. Style Your Locks

Based on your hairstyle, you will need styling products. With these products, you can take your appearance to another level. Make sure to understand the effects of hair products on your hair. Messy styles and thicker manes need waxes and pomades. If you have thin hair, consider light sprays. 

11. Shave Like Professionals

Do you want to feel smoother and confident? You will need an excellent shave. Prepare your skin with a healthy facial oil before using shaving cream. It may give you a sleeker finish. Use hot towels on the face and soak razor blades in warm water to enlarge facial pores. In this way, you can get a smooth finish to your skin. Use a post-shave ointment to make your skin feel fresh. 

12. Use Simple Underwear

If you want to buy underwear for men, choose something simple. Avoid novelty prints because these are not suitable for grown males. Remember, your underwear can’t be an expression of your personality. For this reason, avoid heavily-branded underwear. 

These brands lack sophistication; therefore, avoid a brand. When choosing underwear, you must consider your comfort. The cotton boxer shorts are suitable for repeated washing. Your skin can breathe well in these undergarments.

13. Buy Sophisticated Shoes

Timelessness can be achieved with a pair of sophisticated shoes. The pattern, sole, and colour are essential elements to consider when buying shoes. Avoid buying anything fussy because it will look strange. You have to find quality and comfort. Opt for classic shoes, such as a plain dark, loafers, brogues, or five-eyelet Derby. 

The shape of the toe is an important consideration. If you want an evergreen design, consider round toes. It can’t go out of fashion. Remember, square or pointy toes look impractical. Your feet shape will not support these types of footwear. To make it a long-term investment, consider your comfort, quality, and durability of shoes.

If you are more of a casual guy, invest in great sneakers!

14. Minimize Accessories

Accessories, such as mens ties, pocket squares, tie bars, can bring individuality to your classic clothing. You have to be careful when using them. Make sure to harmonize everything with the color of your dress or juxtapose everything. 

To curate tie and shirt combinations, you can choose pocket square or tie in darker shades as compared to jacket. Avoid overdoing accessories. If you want to look indifferent, you must consider one highlighted point.

Men often prefer a suit to dress stylishly. Before dressing yourself, you have to know yourself. Choose something suitable for your personality. Remember, you will not get a prize for looking like a festival clown. Acknowledge your style to become a candid style icon. Go your way with the confidence that will come from your clothes.        

15. Dress for a Suitable Setting

Style doesn’t mean self-expression only, but it requires you to dress appropriately for your atmosphere. Before creating a combination, you should consider the settings you are in. If you have to follow a dress code, take into consideration when selecting a dress. 

Remember, you will look worst in an out of place dress. It can decrease your confidence and put a question mark on your integrity. You can’t wear the same dress for a lazy Sunday in the club or a formal dinner. Avoid overdressing for each occasion and wear something comfortable according to the setting. 

16. Avoid Experiment on Shades

You will need time to find the perfect spectacles for you. People may spend a few minutes choosing a pair to use it for the next three or even more years. Remember, poor choice and the wrong fit can make you hate your shades. Before buying glasses, you should consider the shape of your face. 

Moreover, consider the shape of your eyebrows while picking a frame. For instance, choose a square frame for straight eyebrows or prefer curved frames for a similar form. Avoid buying a cheap frame for expensive lenses because the frame will start looking shabby soon.  

17. Versatile Outwear

Do you want to wear something classic? Consider modern design available in contemporary designs. Chic coats are lightweight because of smooth cuts and darker shades. Changes in buying habits, seasonality, and climate are affecting the fashion market. 

You may not find heavy wool coats in the market. Remember, a coat will be your final layer, so choose it carefully. Consider your personality, climate, and party settings before buying a coat or jacket.

18. An Elegant Dinner Suit

An extreme level of formal dressing is limited to a few occasions. You may feel like renting a suit instead of buying one. No doubt, owning an elegant dinner suit is better than hiring a suit. Remember, hiring can increase the risk of loose-fitting. You may look like a child wearing an oversized dress. 

It will be a long-term investment, so consider buying a single-breasted, midnight blue dinner suit with trousers, seams, and satin lapels. Before wearing a dinner suit, you have to learn to tie a bow-tie without any help.

19. Stick to Classic Shirts

Buy classic shirts from the middle line because these are better than over expensive shirt. Remember, a well-pressed men’s shirt looks costly and elegant. Avoid bold patterns and styles because everyone can’t carry them. Choose a collar that can go well with or without neckties. It must fit appropriately under your jacket. Consider a semi-cutaway for your convenience.

20. Get Ready to Break Some Rules

If it is necessary to obey dress code, such as black tie or coat, follow it. Remember, you can break the rules but at the right time. Some rules are necessary because of the demands of higher authority and occasion. In casual events, you can avoid unnecessary rules. 

After breaking the rules, you can enjoy freedom by making mistakes and inventing new styles. Try something unusual to express your personality. Avoid wearing an awkward dress or accessory because these things can make you uncomfortable.

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Patrick is a Berlin-based dating advisor, motivational speaker, a huge fitness and vegan diet enthusiast and the main editor at Wingman Magazine, specialised in men's health. His ultimate goal is to share with men around the world his passion for self-development and to help them to become the greatest version of themselves. He believes a healthy body and successful social interactions are two main keys to happiness.