Exploring The Impact Video Games Have On Elderly Brains

By Patrick Banks

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Scientific evidence supports the theory that aging negatively affects the human brain. This is one organ that has a lot left to explore. In fact, the medical community’s knowledge of the brain is significantly limited. What they do know is humans only utilize 10 percent of their brains, the rest is reportedly inactive. As humans age, their brains begin to shrink, resulting in a decline in their cognitive abilities. There is no sure way to prevent the brain from aging. However, humans can fight the negative effects by keeping their brains active. How is this possible? It is possible through novel environments like those created by video games. 

Learn more about the positive effects of video games on the elderly brain by reading the content provided below.

Video Games And The Rodent Brain

Research shows a major difference in the rodent brain when exposed to sparse environments compared to enriched environments. In sparse environments, the rodent’s brain function did little to generate new nerve cells in the regions utilized for memory encoding and memory retrieval. The exact opposite was noted in the rodent’s brand exposed to enriched environments. 

The human reacted in a similar manner as the rodent brain in novel environments. They experienced neurological benefits not noted in sparse environments. Medical experts are concerned about elderly individuals in isolation due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With COVID-19 bans in place, elderly people are asked to remain in their homes to avoid contact with the virus. This is unfortunate for all impacted seniors because their brands are doing little to nothing to generate new nerve cells to ward off memory loss.

Creating Novel Environments Through Video Gaming

There is no doubt, seniors living alone are exposed to minimal novel stimuli. The Cambridge Dictionary defines novel stimuli as containing the same features as original stimuli. The sensory cortex of the human brain relays novel stimulus after it has been perceived. From here, the novel stimulus passes through the thalamus and eventually to the brain stem. Of course, the process is much more complicated, but in latent terms, this is how it works.

Novel environmental stimuli include everything from bright lights, sudden loud sounds, and sudden flashes. Researchers utilize “Fribbles,” a set of novel animal-like stimuli to study human behavior. Fribbles are utilized to determine the true impact on mental disorders, such as phobia, anxiety, and depression.

Video games create novel environments to boost cognitive health in senior citizens. Research shows video game three-dimensional “3D” novel environments would offer more cognitive benefits for people between the ages of 60 and 80 than video game two-dimensional environments. An example of a 3D video game environment is Super Mario versus the two-dimensional video game environment provided by solitaire. Casino LVBET games can help stimulate your brain in more ways than one.

Playing Video Games Can Boost Cognitive Thinking In Seniors

Through extensive research, medical experts now believe seniors between the ages of 60 and 80 should participate in video gaming daily or every other day. It is recommended to play video games that deliver 3D novel environments for at least 30 minutes. During the 30-minute playtime, older adults are exposed to various novel stimuli. While it is recommended to play video games daily, several times a week can still help.

If you follow the research recommendations, you may notice an improvement in your recognition memory within two weeks of consecutive playing. Most seniors require by the time they reach 65 years of age. Others continue working in environments, where they are exposed to various novel stimuli. 

To achieve the maximum results from video gaming, it is recommended to stick with video games, with 3D environments. 


Video games not only delivers cognitive benefits but also entertainment, real money reward, friendship building, and communication values. There is no doubt, the coronavirus pandemic bans have taken their toll o nthe brains of all impacted older people. Even children, young adults, and teenagers are experiencing mental issues due to months of isolation. As you age, your brain is shrinking, which can result in poor cognition over time. If video games can help slow the aging process in the brain, what are you waiting for? Video games are available in more than a handful of genres, some of which you will surely enjoy.

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