Faster, Smarter, Stronger: Why Nootropics will be Huge Business in 2018

By Rob Carmichael

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Alan Glynn – author of the Dark Fields, which was later adapted into film and has since sent the search term “nootropic” into ascent after Bradley Williams’ performance in Limitless, recently  has come out in criticism (in an article by the Irish Times entitled “Smart Drugs Don’t Work”) of the many websites that advertise products with “madey-up, science-y-sounding names” such as Cogniflex and Optibrain, claiming that there is no silver bullet – rather self-improvement or self-transformation is a slow burning affair which will take gradual and incremental steps, through an accumulative timespan of commitment and emotional intelligence.

An observation that most level headed individuals would not dispute whether noots (nootropic user’s) or otherwise but while author Alan Glynn is morally true in that what the big guns purport to offer: a super-accelerated boost in productivity, an instant cure to procrastinating, a mental clarity with boundless energy – all essentially fabricated benefits of becoming “miraculous” – this is not to deny there is a revolution of sorts taking place in the world of Nootropics.

The aggressive marketing that claims such quasi-superpowers are only one click away is both misleading and capricious, but with interest online in “viagra for the brain” experiencing exponential growth, the mounting rise of this search term looks unlikely to fizzle out any time soon, with the possibility of the Nootropic market set explode as  Forbes point out in their May 2016 article – if – and this is the biggy, (as American’s love to buy supplements), if those that manufacture/market nootropics are able to:

a) Engage and pursue in positive academic research.
b) Hire innovative medical thinkers that can come up with solid studies and data-based findings.
c) Finally seek FDA approval.

If all these boxes are ticked – especially the latter – then nootropic pharmaceutical companies will probably go on to make a killing.

While Alayn Glynn goes onto say: “As far as I understand it, nootropics are subtle and most likely won’t be detectable if your lifestyle is anything other than a super-healthy one”  in a previous interview with he openly discloses that: “The world of cognitive enhancers and nootropics has come a very long way indeed since 1999 and I certainly had no personal experience with them back then and was only vaguely aware of their existence”, concluding that “I have no expertise or special knowledge about how this stuff works”.

When there is an irresistible offer for a shortcut to change – you will always have the snake oil salesman.

The perfectibility of man and the Gatsby-like notion of the transformation or reinvention of the self will always tug at the individual who wants to better themselves, and while none of the current day nootropics will perform like MDT-48 in Limitless, what they can do is possess the ability to install a clarity of thought to get your day going.

The fundamentals of boosting your baseline productivity level comes down to diet and sleep, and when you don’t feel good it’s hard to get the motivation and remember what it feels like to dominate your day.

The argument laid down in current online forums by noots is that taking a nootropic or stack (more than 1) can help replicate that amazing clarity of thought and motivation that you feel  when you have your diet and sleep in check + a little bit more.

Before the exciting new-frontier feel of experimentation and liberation – as with the early days of the internet – is reined in and brought to heel as this whole nootropic arena is almost ripe for full-spectrum corporatization, you can learn about how and what people are using nootropics for here –  to not just better themselves,  learn faster but also to treat anxiety, depression, ADD, sex drive, joint pain and more, all without the propensity for abuse or the side-effects prescription pills inflict.

About the author Rob Carmichael

Rob Carmichael is the Author of the latest 2016 digital Nootropics book: Nootropics for Newbies

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