Healthy Salad Ideas for Spring

By Patrick Banks

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Hello readers, it’s nice to have your attention, once again, on the subject of nutrition. So, today, I want to tell you about four creative, mouthwatering and healthy salad ideas you should try this spring.

Before I say more, I would like to point out that while most of these salads are side dishes, some salads can also be taken as main courses if not main courses. Without further ado, let’s look at them one by one:

1. Apricot Fluff Salad

Consisting of apricot yogurt, apricot gelatin, cubed peeled fresh apricots, miniature marshmallows, and frozen reduced-fat whipped topping(thawed), apricot fluff is a perfect salad to take during the season of spring. Delicious, rich in flavor and quite filling, this healthy salad is impressively low in calories with about 225 calories per serving.

Great for weight loss, apricot fluff is also a good source of carbs, and sodium with each nutrient contributing to good health. For example, apart from serving as the body’s main source of energy, carbohydrates help fuel some key body components such as the brain, kidneys, heart muscles as well as the critical central nervous system.

On the other hand, sodium helps balance the essential body fluids such as blood and send nerve impulses. Additionally, this critical macronutrient also plays a pivotal role in the process of muscle contraction and helps regulate blood pressure. It goes without saying that apricot fluff salad is very easy to make with a recipe that yields ten servings taking only ten minutes to conclude. With all the benefits above in mind, how about you source the necessary ingredients from the right meal delivery service to make and try out the salad?

2. Easy Cucumber Salad

Yummy, light and comprising of English cucumbers, red onion, distilled white vinegar, minced fresh dill, granulated sugar, and table salt, easy cucumber salad is another incredible salad you should try out, especially during spring.

That’s because the primary ingredients for making this healthy salad are often abundant during the warmer and wetter season hence their prices are normally highly discounted. Nonetheless, this salad is among the various vegetable salads with the lowest amounts of calories. For example, a single serving of the salad contains just 30 calories, hence it can help you achieve weight loss within the shortest time possible. Furthermore, these salads are relatively easy to make. As long as you have the right ingredients and instructions, such as online comparison and review posted here, you should be good to go and pick Home Chef or Hello Fresh.

Apart from containing the lowest levels of calories, cucumber and other salads are an excellent source of sodium and potassium. Just like sodium, potassium offers a number of health benefits, including high blood pressure, stroke, heart and kidney disorders, as well as stress and anxiety reliefs. Apart from that, this critical macronutrient helps enhance metabolism, water balance, muscle strength, metabolism, nervous system and electrolytic functions, contributing to good health. 

3. Strawberry Baby Herb Walnut Blue Cheese Salad

Consumable both as a main course and side dish, strawberry, baby herb, walnut, blue cheese salad is not only yummy, but it is also filling and fairly light. Comprising of fresh strawberries, toasted walnuts, fresh rosemary, thyme, baby herb leaves, crumbled blue cheese, savanna dry, honey, extra virgin olive oil, white wine vinegar, and salt, this salad is packed with a whole lot of nutrients that greatly contribute to good health. Your taste buds will dance to the flavors of this low-calorie salad.

You can have it as a healthy lunch or dinner option for spring, considering the health benefits of consuming strawberries, walnuts and limited amounts of calories. Furthermore, strawberry, baby herb, walnut blue cheese salad is also an excellent source of protein and fiber, which as we know, each contributes to good health. For example, protein helps the body build and repair damaged or worn out tissues.

 Apart from that, this important macronutrient helps the body manufacture hormones, enzymes, and other body chemicals that are essential for various processes that take place in the body. Additionally, protein serves as a critical building block of skin, muscles, cartilage, blood, and bones. On the other hand, dietary fiber is another important macronutrient that significantly contributes to good health. Apart from enhancing digestion and promoting weight loss, fiber helps control blood sugar levels and lowers cholesterol levels. 

 4. Greek Salad

Yummy, flavour-rich and easy to make, the Greek salad is another perfect salad choice for a delicious, filling, and healthy lunch or dinner in spring. Just like other tasteful salads suitable for the warmer and wetter season, this Mediterranean-diet-oriented salad can be taken as a main course or a side dish. Nevertheless, it goes well with a wide variety of pairings including but not limited to brown rice, pasta, pizza, seafood and so much more. Consisting of capers, mixed grape, cherry & Campari tomatoes, pieces of Persian cucumbers, and pitted Kalamata olives, this delicacy is low in calories and high in vitamins A & C, iron as well as potassium. 

The health benefits of each nutrient are tremendous. Vitamins A and C, for instance, boost immunity, reduce the risk of contracting or developing chronic diseases, prevent iron deficiency, and manage blood pressure. On the other hand, iron promotes a number of vital functions within the body, including the management of the immune system, the regulation of body temperatures, the control of the gastrointestinal processes, and the management of the body’s energy. By the way, iron is so important that lack of adequate amounts of it in the body can lead to anemia, a mild to a moderate condition that is characterized by low levels of hemoglobin.

Final Thoughts

Looking for some new and inspiring spring salad ideas? If yes, look no further than the above ideas. Try apricot fluff salad, cucumber salad, strawberry blue cheese steak salad, and greek salad to whet your taste buds and improve your health. You can be confident that each salad is delicious, healthy, easy to make, and rewarding. With that said, how about you start by ordering the right ingredients before putting your culinary skills to test?

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