How a Mattress Can Destroy Your Sex Life

By Patrick Banks

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How a Mattress Can Destroy Your Sex Life

Human beings are known to be extremely adventurous in their sex lives from the positions they attempt to the new places they set out to be intimate, and it leaves a lot to be desired. The one thing that always remains constant for everyone is the mattress; regardless of the time or place, most people always end up having sex in bed on a mattress.

The mattress plays a big part in your sex life and, therefore, can determine how the experience will be, considering this is one of the most intimate times in a person’s life. It is necessary to note that even though the mattress is used for intimacy, it can also give a negative impact on your sex life.

The type of mattress you use can negatively affect your sex life in the following ways:

How a Mattress Can Destroy Your Sex Life

1. Non Responsive to Motion

A mattress that is not bouncy may be very uncomfortable during sex. The idea that a firm mattress is the best for sex is not all true; the responsiveness from your mattress can make sexual encounters so much better.

Although a firm mattress may work for some couples due to quicker orgasms and less traction because of the pinned down effect, it may not be what a more intimate person is looking for. The idea is to get the other partner in rhythm with you but this may be impossible if the mattress is just stiff.

2. Noisy is Not Appealing

Many people would prefer their intimate moments to remain private. A mattress that does not have noise reduction may be the reason why a couple cannot be intimate anymore. Making love is not supposed to be a public affair hence if the mattress you use “makes noise” then there is a very high likelihood of your sex life suffering due to the embarrassment you face. Get a quiet mattress to make sure what happens in the bedroom stays in the bedroom.

3. I’m Getting Infections after Sex

A lot of people make the wrong assumption of picking up an infection from the partner, yet your mattress could be the main issue. A mattress that is not microbial and hypoallergenic could easily lead to a couple rolling around with bacteria and germs.

If this issue is not properly addressed then the sex life automatically becomes a casualty. Men are likely to be blamed for this. The fact that women respond faster to infections than men has made them get blamed for what is not anybody’s fault.

4. Sex is Uneconomical

The cost of a good quality mattress may be too high for a lot of people, hence the need to maintain it when they buy. A good mattress is supposed to not only endure the weight the couple carry but also be durable over time.

The chances of the mattress sagging and the couple requiring to purchase a new one because of intimacy may be the reason why the couple does not engage in as much sex anymore. Hard economic times have hit all sectors; the thought of buying a mattress just because sex is making it sag is not even a priority anymore.

It goes without saying that you won’t rock in the bedroom while being tired!! Your quality of sleep should be your priority. Harvard Health have produced a useful guide towards establishing good sleep hygiene, and the basics are easy to follow. Set a regular bedtime and stick to it; turn off devices that give off blue light, and move around briefly if you can’t immediately get to sleep.

Harvard also noted the importance of a good bed; this is a view echoed by sleep experts, who note the impact of a good mattress on your posture and your ability to get a good night’s sleep.

5. I Cannot Enjoy Certain Positions

Different people sleep in varying positions and the type of mattress they use determines the level of comfort they will feel. We have those who lie on their backs, stomachs and sides. The same applies to sex positions, different people enjoy different sex positions but your mattress may hinder you from enjoying intimacy.

An example would be the latex mattress which has 2 layers – the medium one would be good for side sleepers and of course anyone, and the medium firm side that works for back and stomach sleepers such a mattress would be good for everyone if they just stuck to the correct side. Moving to the other side may be uncomfortable and will surely kill the intimacy.

6. It Gets Too Hot

Most people cannot enjoy intimacy when they are uncomfortable. Some mattresses may get too hot and this will obviously kill the intimacy because it may give the feeling of “drowning”. The mattress you get intimate on is not supposed to be a water bed unless that is the intention or the agreement with your partner. And even if it was, I do not believe that sweat would be appealing. A quick fix may be a cooling mattress.

7. Sleep Still Matters

There are couples who prefer to be intimate in the morning. There are others who prefer to do it several times a night. This means that they will require to be well rested since intimacy is actually a very physically tasking activity. An uncomfortable mattress will instantly kill the mood since no one can be intimate if they feel tired and maybe even in pain because of the discomfort caused by a mattress. The more comfortable the mattress, the better your sex life will be.

So what factors can you consider to ensure your sex life is not affected by your mattress?

Don’t Let Your Mattress Ruin Your Sex Life

The Mattress Needs to Respond Easily

Having a mattress that makes sex feel like action in quicksand is not good at all. Get one that is in with rhythm with you. This will ensure that both you and your partner are getting the best from each other.

Non-Impact Absorbing

A good mattress for sex needs to be bouncy. It is believed that bounce creates a rhythm that makes intimacy more enjoyable. This just means that the mattress cannot be rigid.

Low Key is the Way to Go

Being the neighbor whose sexual activities is known is not at all pleasing. Intimacy is meant to be an extremely private activity. Ensure to get a mattress that does not cause noise disturbance to those around you and cause you any embarrassment.

It Has to Be Durable

There is no way to actually know this 100% unless you literally test it. A good mattress for sex should be one that stays put even after several “tests” without getting distorted or sagging. The testing would have to be monitoring how the mattress reacts to your lovemaking.

Comfort is Key

At the end of the day, the main use of the mattress is to be slept on. Be sure to purchase a mattress that you will sleep and get well rested because this will impact your sexual performance. A tired body won’t perform, and in as much as sex is a physical activity, your state of mind determines the final outcome. If you are tired, it will be sure to show.

Size Matters

I know that size is not supposed to be a consideration during sex, but for the mattress, it is. Choose a mattress that will be able to accommodate the 2 of you comfortably without either one of you falling over. The bigger the bed, the better for everyone especially the couple.

It Better Be Made from Non-Toxic Material

A great mattress has to be made from non-toxic material because your body is in constant contact with it. It is necessary to get a quality mattress that will not infect you with strange infections and cause any other body or internal injuries.

Buying a mattress is already a hectic task, but with coming up of technology, it has been made easier. The online platforms have paved the way for anyone who would prefer to shop from home.

Purchasing; this only requires the user to get onto a website that sells the mattresses. The best bit is that they usually have descriptions to the mattress so you can just select the ones you want to your specifications such as type, size and costs.

Mattresses are not very cheap to buy, hence the need to get the best rates whenever you can. Any kind of discount would also be great. To buy a quality mattress, this is where coupons come in. A coupon is a voucher that gives the bearer an entitlement to a discount on a product. A mattress coupon would be a great way to buy a good quality one without digging too deep into the pockets. There are coupon websites available for anyone who is interested – using a website like this is a sure way to get to a reputable mattress coupon website.

Sex and mattresses go hand in hand. To be able to enjoy sex, you must be willing to put in the work. This means that you should ensure you research thoroughly before getting one. Be sure to seek opinions of different people, especially your partner, so that you can be sure to be getting what is comfortable for both of you. Intimacy is important and therefore it is necessary to get a quality mattress no matter the price. Be sure to look out for sales and discounts all the time and look online for good deals. Compare prices between sellers to be sure you’re not getting ripped off.

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