How an Attorney Can Help You Recover Damages from Defective Electronics

By Patrick Banks

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Defective electronics can cause serious damages and victims may be able to claim compensation if they’re injured as a result of using defective electronics.

The spotlight has been firmly placed on defective electronics in the past few years. Law firm Davis, Saperstein & Salomon P.C. point to the rage over e-cigarette explosions and the FDA issuance of e-cigarette safety guidelines.

If you’ve been injured by defective electronics, the experts recommend contacting a defective products lawyer immediately to proceed with your case and ensure your sustainable financial independency.

Why are Defective Electronics Becoming More Common?

Defective electronics are more common than in the past due to the rise of online shopping and international shipping. Purchasing electronics directly from countries like India, China, Vietnam, and the Philippines is much cheaper than buying them in America.

However, countries like these have much lower safety standards, thus increasing the chances of receiving a defective piece of electronic equipment.

Plus, Davis, Saperstein & Salomon P.C. say, it’s extremely difficult to sue for damages when a company is based outside of the US’s jurisdiction and doesn’t have a physical shopfront in the US.

Most experts recommend that electronic equipment is purchased from a source country with high safety standards and a good reputation, even if it means paying a little more for that additional quality.

Do I Need to be Injured to Sue for Defective Electronics?

This is a common source of confusion when it comes to defective electronics. Legal experts say that the only point of recourse for victims who aren’t injured are product liability and breach of warranty cases.

Rarely are these significant cases and the concept of strict liability is in place. These cases are evaluated on different standards to cases where a victim is actually injured by a defective piece of electronic equipment.

In most cases where no injury has occurred, you may be able to claim compensation for the cost of the product and little else. With cheap electronics, it’s usually not recommended to pursue the case at all.

Can a Lawyer Help Me if I’m Injured by Defective Electronics?

Legal experts say that if you’ve been injured by a defective product you should contact your lawyer immediately.

The ‘damages’ element is how a settlement can be determined. This doesn’t just have to come in the form of a physical injury.

For example, if an electrical device was plugged into your TV and it blew up the TV and burned down a wall in your home, these are damages that can be reclaimed through legal action against the manufacturer.

So without any form of damage to person or property, it’s almost impossible to sue over a defective piece of electronic equipment.

Opt for a Consultation First

Product liability cases tend to be expensive and often go to court, rather than the manufacturer accepting a settlement. For this reason, it’s recommended that victims consult an experienced product liability lawyer first.

They will be able to assess the case and determine whether to take it forwards. The opinion of a legal expert is the best way to understand whether you have a viable case or not.

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