How Can You Strengthen Your Bones and Which Foods Are Hazardous For Your Bone Health

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When it comes to our human body, one of the most important structures is the musculoskeletal system. Each of has has an amazing structure built upon a countless number of tissues as well as bones that end up providing tremendous support to our entire organism. It offers us upkeep for all of our life, so no matter how good you may feel now, it’s better to cut off some activities and dietary products which can destroy your bones in the future.
How Can You Strengthen Your Bones and Foods That Are Hazardous For Your Bone Health

It is quite alarming to know that most of the people around the globe complain about their sufferings that include body pains and muscle spasms. Even with all of the progress that mankind has made over the years regarding medicine and healthcare technology, in our current times, we are still living quite unhealthy lives to this day.

The primary reasons for this are our own unhealthy lifestyles along with the harmful decisions that we make on a daily basis. 

The Alarming State of Our Present Day Lives

In the United States alone more than 53 million people have already been diagnosed with physical fitness and well-being.

Additionally, it has also been reported by the US Department of Health and Human Services that around 90% of Americans have an intake of sodium more than what is recommended thus failing to meet a healthy and balanced diet. 

Data collected from various surveys and investigations have found that around 78 million US adults along with 12.5 million children including adolescents are obese. 

There is no wonder that the United States ends up spending over $8,250 per capita on health care every year. This amount is 170%  higher than the average spending of 50 countries in the world. Around 75% of all money spent on patients the majority of which also include chronic conditions are surprisingly curable. 

So the question arises, then why are we not doing anything about it? The answer lies in the fact that most of us are prone to making poor decisions over the years. This is why it has resulted in such dire outcomes for many of us. We need further awareness to keep us informed regarding our overall health and general wellbeing.

Hence when selecting a lifestyle for ourselves we must ensure that our health and wellbeing is given its due importance. The American Bone Health organization states that only 35% of all adults actually take measures to keep a healthy diet that supports their calcium needs. This is indeed not a good picture at all. Since a balanced and healthy diet should be our utmost priority.

There are quite a few food items and other edibles that are causing a great deal of damage without us even knowing about them. So without any further a due let’s take a look at some of the most hazardous food items out there that we must cut down on if we want to keep our bones healthy and strong.

Beverages That Are Killing Your Bones 

We know that many of you might probably be familiar with such infusions, however the more aware you are about them the better off you will be without them. These slow poisoning drinkables that are destroying your inner systems include:

Alcohol: it is a known calcium blocker and it prevents bone development to actually occur in our bodies as it doesn’t allow osteoblasts to initiate the bone modeling process. Alcohol also slows down the healing of bones as well when they undergo accidents.

According to BMJ Open in October 2015, it was found that women across the world with ages 19-30 years were severely prone to bone-related problems due to alcohol consumption which caused their bones to have lower density scores.

Caffeine: many types of research and studies have consistently shown that caffeine consumption leads to low-bone density especially in postmenopausal women as well as other related Musculoskeletal Disorders. For every 100 milligrams of caffeine that we take roughly amounts to a loss of 6 milligrams of calcium within our bodies. 

Soft Drinks: these fizzy and carbonated beverages often include phosphoric acid within them that causes your body to lose calcium through urination.

Though they might fill you up and seem to quench your thirst, they never have any positive effect on your body as they are void of healthy nutrients. In fact drinking 7 or more sodas per week can increase the risk of fractures at a progressive rate. 

Items That Are Risky Especially for Those At The High Risk of Osteoporosis 

Osteoporosis is an ailment where the person suffers from weakened bones causing them to become fragile and more likely to suffer harm. Even a car accident orthopedic doctors can inform you that bones most likely to suffer fractures include the wrists, hip bones, and the spine.

There are however some food items that are considered especially dangerous for patients that are suffering from such a disease, including:

Burnt & Charred Foods

Not only are they bad for you they also trigger inflammation due to AGEs (Advanced glycation end-product). This is a process that occurs due to exposure to sugar levels within the body and can lead to many other degenerative diseases such as atherosclerosis, chronic kidney disease, and diabetes. 

Hydrogenated Oils

These man-made fats contain vegetable oils and hydrogen gas that creates trans fats which can block our arteries. These oils destroy the naturally occurring Vitamin K within organic vegetables thus leading to weaker bones. They are considered to be one of the worst food additives all over the world. 

Non-Organic Fruits & Vegetables

Commercially farmed produce includes various pesticides and other contaminations within them. Their usage has led to various side effects including reduced fertility and ADHD (Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder) apart from bone loss.  

Sodium Rich Foods

Every 2,300 milligrams of sodium you ingest amounts to a loss of 40 milligrams of calcium within your body. Dietitians have found that on an average we consume around 5,000 milligrams of salt daily which is quite a threat.

The greatest source of salt nowadays comes from processed and prepackaged foods which you must avoid.

The Usual Suspects & the Most Harmful of Them All

There are always some food items that are without doubt heavy hitters in each category. Therefore for edibles that are most harmful to your bones include:

Foods Enriched With Vitamin A

This may come as surprise to many but Vitamin A actually is quite hostile towards the absorption of calcium by our bones.

Furthermore excessive and higher levels of vitamin A may also cause headaches apart from bone loss. The idea is to make sure that your consumption for this vitamin is less than 10,000 IU or 3,000 mcg to keep a balanced diet. 

Sugary Snacks

Too much of additive sugars in your diet with low amounts of nutrient-rich food have been associated with dire consequences for human bones over the years.

Excessive sugar consumption causes abnormal blood pressures, heart & liver damage, gout, as well as depletion of minerals and vitamins within your body. Increase in sugar intake beyond appropriate levels also results in dangerous levels of triglycerides and LDL to rise within your body.

Pro-Inflammatory Fats

The worst kind of all fats are the trans fats commonly found in processed food items including chips, cookies, fries, pastries and the list goes on. These pro-inflammatory fats are terrible when it comes to chronic inflammation, heart problems, and insulin sensitivity.

They increase harmful cholesterol levels within your body which leads to obesity and even cancer in serious cases.

What Can Be Done To Rectify This Problem?

While a lot of emphases has already been made on how our bones are readily being deteriorated without having proper knowledge about unhealthy food items, here is what you can do to keep your self on the safer side of things:

Include items in your staple diet that help promote the development and growth of healthier bones. The list includes bread (fortified flour), fish (pilchards & sardines), green leafy vegetables (broccoli, cabbage, and okra), nuts, soya beans, and tofu.

Avoid sedentary lifestyles as it makes you gain weight causing additional pressure on your muscles and bones. Go for physical activities and sporting fun including golf, racket sports, hiking, camping, bicycling, etc.

Stay clear of lifestyle choices that diminish bone health and your physical fitness level, like binge-watching TV shows or movies, playing video games for hours and hours, using your smart devices without proper monitoring, and consuming unhealthy food items.  

Meet like-minded people and join a health and fitness club. Together you can work as a team and push each other to become better every day. Furthermore, you can also involve the community you live in to become more aware of such concerns.

Request your office management and administrative personnel to adopt healthy practices during work hours. The HR can be asked to promote healthy lifestyles during office hours as well and hold seminars that encourage the workforce to keep their healthy monitored at all times.    

We hope this post was able to provide you with some great insights as to what types of food are considered significantly harmful for your bone health.

As a reasonable and sensible person, we expect you to take great care of your health and overall well-being. In the end, it all comes down to what choices we make and the lifestyles we opt for ourselves.

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To make yourself more aware of how a diet affects your wellbeing here are some ways to be motivated and get yourself on track regarding a balanced intake. If you have any questions or queries regarding the topic please free to share with us your views in the comment section below.  

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