How Do You Calculate Macros for Keto?

By Patrick Banks

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Today the amount of ways in which you can lose weight is infinite. But most of the time diets prevent people from eating, in other cases, there is usually a rebound case, among others.
How Do You Calculate Macros for Keto

We will mention you about the Keto diet also known as the ketogenic diet, beyond knowing about this diet, you will be told about the keto macro calculator, which must be taken into account to achieve an adequate Keto diet.

What is the Keto Diet?

This diet is responsible for achieving a reduction in all consumption of carbohydrates such as cereals, sugars, legumes, some tubers, and even fruits, apart from increasing the consumption of fats called quality fats, which are They get thanks to olive oil, some legumes and fruits.

What happens with this diet, how eating fat can help reduce them? It is very simple, the keto diet helps the body to start again the process of burning the accumulated fat in the body, all in a much more correct way. Although every person can burn body fat, it does not mean that it is done in the right way, some factors influence the body not to do this process correctly.

KMC (keto macro calculator)

The Keto Macro Calculator, you can get it online, for many it is not easy to manage this calculator, I will mention the instructions and steps you must take into account to achieve an adequate measure and have an effective and correct diet.

Step # 1: Choose the type of ketogenic diet calculator to use

In this step it is important to choose which type of diet to use, we have the standard or the one specialized in macronutrients

The standard option is very simple to calculate and is usually used only if:

• It is the first time that you use this ketogenic diet

• If you only want to maintain, raise or lower your weight.

• Do not use any macro to get better ketosis.

This option is the simplest, eliminates the hypothesis and focuses on the result becoming the best option for all who use this diet.

The specialized one should be selected only if:

• If you have the knowledge of the number of grams of protein and carbohydrates you want to consume.

• You are an athletic person and require a precise amount of macros

• You are on a diet entirely full of protein with the keto diet

• If your doctor has already assigned you the amount of macro you need if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

• On previous occasions, you have been assigned different macros by your doctor.

This calculator is suitable for people who have specific needs either from different special circumstances, the most common pregnancy, some medical conditions or for people with a high active style, an athlete, for example.

Step # 2: enter personal data

This calculator requires your age, gender, weight and height at that time. All this is needed to reach the goal set for the basal metabolic rate also known as the TMB, which is basically responsible for defining what is the amount of energy that you can burn in your home without doing nothing.

Step # 3: Enter your entire activity level in the calculator

When entering the activity levels in the calculator, the physical activity levels will begin to be calculated, also called with the acronym PAL, this would be the amount of energy that you usually spend daily. The calculator will automatically combine the PAL with the BMR, to define the energy expenditure you spend daily.

Step # 4: How to achieve calorie intake goals

This step only concerns you, since you must make the decision whether you will lose, gain or maintain your current weight. This is the way the calorie bar works.

• If you want to keep your weight this bar should not rise or fall of 0%.

• If you want to lose weight you must work to achieve a calorie deficit that must be between 0 and -50%; recommending to stay in a range of -10 to -20% so that the weight loss is gradual.

• If you want to gain weight you should work to achieve a calorie increase that must be between 0 and + 50% to make this increase healthy.

Step 5: Operation of the specialized calculator

Calculate Body Fat%

Here are two methods used to measure body fat

• Skinfold caliper: you can buy it in your favorite online store, if you go to one of its gyms you can measure your body fat level, if you do not have knowledge of how to obtain that measure, I recommend you go with a professional and explain the meter operation.

• DEXA: it is more expensive than the Skinfold calibrator, but it is much more accurate with its body fat result, unlike the first one it can only be done in a health center and its cost varies up to a limit of $ 160.

TIPS: Avoid online calculators or bioelectric scales, they are very inaccurate. The best option is go to an specialist and obtain correct results.

Calculation of the proportion of necessary proteins according to their objectives

Once there is a calculator what is your body fat percentage, it is very easy to obtain the LBM (lean body mass), since it is what remains to reach 100% of the weight.

Here is an example:

If your weight is If you weigh 170 pounds (77 kg) and have calculated that your body fat percentage is 15%, then your lean body mass will be 85%

•% body fat = 15% * 170 lb = 25.5 lb (11.5 kg)

• Lean body mass = 170 lb-25.5 lb = 144.5 lb (65.5 kg)

The way to not lose muscle mass while losing weight is as follows, enter 0.60-0.80 grams per lb lean body mass.

After calculating the above you must enter the amount of carbohydrates that you have stipulated to eat, it is recommended that this intake is in a range of 20-50gr net.

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