How Do Tarot Cards Work and Things to Ask Tarot Cards About Career

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Why should some pieces of nicely designed cards be able to mysteriously rearrange themselves into an order which tells us about our life? For some people it works, for some, it’s a total bullshit. How does tarot reading work? Does it work at all? An if so, how can we use tarot cards to boost our career?
A deck of Tarot cards is made up of 78 cards, each of which has a specific meaning relating to a particular concept of life, or experience.

A deck of Tarot cards is made up of 78 cards, each of which has a specific meaning relating to a particular concept of life, or experience. You can believe tarot or not, seemingly to astrology we wrote about in our article describing the different ways to impress women according to her zodiac sign, we write about some time ago.

How Does Tarot Reading Work?

A well-known psychologist Carl Jung described a concept of synchronicity, which can relate to the accuracy of tarot readings. According to him:

‘events are being shaped by random chance, there are occasionally ‘meaningful coincidences’, that is events that appear to happen purely by chance but carry some meaning for the person to whom they occur.’

While tarot reading we are invoking synchronicity into our lives, and the cards will ‘just happen’ to arrange themselves into an order which carries some useful message about ourselves, our intention or the question we have asked.

Another scientific theory, called game theory, suggests that cards are randomly dealt and appear in absolutely random order and the action of interpreting them is crucial. Most people tend to analyze situations in a very logical way.

The thinking process of analysing cars and attempts to fit the ‘random’ cards into a ‘meaningful’ pattern forces a reader to think outside of their normal limited mindset, which is always good.

Your tarot sessions are a connection with yourself, your inner desires, your mind, and your spirit. In time for asking anything to the cards, the focus you take will drive them into that direction, and then it’s up to you to take their guidance.

They will give us the truth, from love inquiries to questions about pets you may feel like asking. The tarot will give a good answer to any good question, so prepare them beforehand for a healthy reading!

The most common questions to get in a tarot revolve around the client’s love life, the friendships they have and family situations that spark their curiosity; yet one’s ambitions seem to be part of everyone them.

Your profession is what provides you with income, as well as satisfaction. If it doesn’t, your questions might oscillate between seeking guidance on how to improve those feelings, and finding something more fitting for your mind to work on.  

Every one of us seeks for answers, yes. But situations are never the same. In the never-ending list of possibilities, I invite you to ask yourself what is it that makes it so unique and learn to go from there towards what the future holds for you. Tarot reading offers you an answer or you can simply visit free online tarot reading for any questions. 

Questions to Ask Tarot When You Already Have a Career

All the focus you give to that subject is of utter importance. We are human, after all. How could we not wonder about the activities that take (usually) most of our time and how to improve in our performance? And even if you’re satisfied where you are, our life has multiple goals they want to meet. Don’t be afraid to ask the cards anything related to what you’re now doing, because you would be surprised in what they can tell you.

Always remember to ask the tarot cards complex questions with a follow up for you to go through, instead of close-ended yes/no questions! Our TOP 8 questions to ask the tarot about one’s career are the following:

  • How can I make my work an activity to enjoy? (Considering you don’t)
  • What should I do to advance in my career the way I want to?
  • How can I relate this job to the talents I inherited from my family?
  • How can I be able to balance my work with my love life?
  • Where do I focus my energy to get the promotion I want?
  • How can I improve the workplace dynamics between me and my coworkers?
  • What are the limitations I have in my current line of work?
  • What parts of my job are out of synergy with my spirit?

Your workplace is an important part of your life, and so, it deserves to be analyzed thoroughly so we can understand if something is out of place, and what can we do to improve our performance. Our job is what lights our fire, and fills us with passion. Hence, paying attention to it will bring balance in our lives. Don’t doubt yourself in asking the tarot how!

Questions to Ask Tarot When You Don’t Have a Career

It’s rare to meet someone who hasn’t struggled at least once with their career choices in life. We have all felt there is something out there, waiting for us to reach and grab it, yet we may feel confused about where to, and the how’s of it all. Once you sit back and think about what you should do to get to work, the skies clear, and a new beginning awaits you!

It may sound simple, yet introspection and spiritual guidance are two important pillars for tarot reading anywhere in the world. It’s okay if you feel lost, and asking the tarot for a little help will improve your spirit’s mood. The tarot will help you seek deep into your subconscious to find the answers. Our TOP 8 questions to ask the tarot about seeking for a career are the following:

  • What are the tools I have at my disposal to work with?
  • Is there any quality that I lack of and should improve?
  • How do I focus my energy into getting a good opportunity?
  • What lesson should I learn to get the abundance I seek for?
  • Where do I start looking for my career’s job options?
  • How can I favor myself positively in a job interview?
  • What is my biggest obstacle in finding a work opportunity?
  • What is sabotaging my job seeking?

Take some time to meditate into how you are acting. Avoid putting blame into yourself or others! It will do you no good. Work through what you want, your personal needs and the goals you want to meet. Find a way to get the self-reflection needed to see in the darkness that can be so cold and unwelcoming for us in times of uncertainty. You matter, and so matters the way you find happiness. If you want to change your plans, go ahead! IF you want to modify them, that’s alright too. Just make sure you look out for yourself.

Working With Your Energies

With a long list of ideas for your tarot reading, hopefully you will find the truth you’re searching for. Guidance, like a light in the dark, must be followed, and we must learn to see. These questions are here so you can do some inner work, to try to understand the way your energies are reflecting into your career. The universal law, actions have consequences, whether they are good or bad, for us or for the rest.

The best answers are always hidden deep inside our minds, and the best solution to reach them is to closely connect to yourself, by meditation or other practices.

If the situation is negative, focus on how to get out of it, and avoid trying to place blame on yourself or others. Instead, guide yourself into a solution that is healthy and achievable. Feeling stuck is completely normal, and it happens to the best of us. But the fact that you’re trying to make it better is already telling. You are one step further from your problems, now it’s time for a good change!

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