How Should You Behave In A Casino? Basic Rules

By Patrick Banks

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It was always mesmerizing, beckoning and at the same time frightening. It’s scary to enter, let alone play. Some people call it a cold place, others call it the meaning of life. Anyway, the casino is the whole world. And someday you might end up in it. To be ready to meet poker, roulette and croupier, these tips will help.

The first time, the new always scare the man. Psychologists have even coined the term “fear of newness.” A new car (what if the brakes are wrecked?), a new job (what if I’m not appreciated?), a new girlfriend (what if she’s a husband hunter?) – everything is in danger. But if the car, the job and women in the life of men have already been, the casino – the first time, and it is associated with a lot of myths.

The most common: the casino – for gangsters, and honestly earning a living people do not go there. If this is true, then every average city can be called a gangster one. That is why Monaco provides casino tours for tourists.

Dress code

In many European gambling establishments, men are used to coming in suits. A tie and cleaned shoes are also mandatory. In some casinos, these rules are desirable, but not obligatory. The dress code of most institutions is even simpler – definitely not allowed to wear a tracksuit and sneakers, as well as shoes, looking like them. The rest – jeans, pants, shirts, jumper, shoes, etc., – at your discretion.

The main thing is to look tidy. A man in jeans, but a homeless look, the casino will not let you in today. At the same time, there is a paradox.

The more expensive the establishment, the more demands they make on the appearance of their visitors. But! The more money you have, the less the casino administration will pay attention to how you dress.


You can communicate with them or ignore them, be friends or not to talk to them. It is definitely not worth fighting, because the croupier is your partner for the entire game. He will tell the rules and teach you how to play, at first can even tell you what decision is worth making. He’ll call the waitress and congratulate you on the next payout. At the same time, he wins your money… Friend or foe?

More like a friend, because he plays with you by all the rules (you can look at your neighbor’s cards, and he can’t even see his own). Treat the croupier as an integral part of any casino. He hands out cards, runs a spin (ball) on a roulette, places chips, makes payments. It’s not his fault that you bet on “red”, but “black” fell out. It’s not his fault you were given a “street”, but his “full house” (this combination wins in poker), because you took the deck off. After all, it’s not his fault you came to the casino today.

You shouldn’t blame your failures on the croupier. They’re in the workplace, and it’s their job to play by the rules. You’d better give a chip for tea. They won’t play hand to hand, of course, but they’ll pay more attention, yes. The casino likes generous people.


So, you’re at the table. You win, and you want to share the joy. You don’t have to hit on the neighbors at the table saying, “Look how lucky I am today!”

Perhaps only you are lucky, and your neighbor, on the contrary, periodically runs to the cash register for new chips. Also, if you find yourself in the neighbor’s seat and constantly lose, do not look for sympathizers among those who sit next to you. Imagine that a person approaches you in a restaurant and starts to tell you that he has just lost a large sum or on the contrary has bought it.

What will you do? Are you going to offer to taste your rack of lamb? Quickly, you’re going to ask him to clean up. Also at the casino – each on its own. Unless you’ve come to the casino or met someone you know (would you share the lamb with your friends?). You don’t have to bother your table neighbours with your advice. Are you a guru?

Or a millionaire who has won all his money with successful bets? Why do you think you know better where to bet? Even if you do, remember that everyone has the right to make a mistake. And people pay for their mistake at the casino with their own money.

About the author Patrick Banks

Patrick is a Berlin-based dating advisor, motivational speaker, a huge fitness and vegan diet enthusiast and the main editor at Wingman Magazine, specialised in men's health. His ultimate goal is to share with men around the world his passion for self-development and to help them to become the greatest version of themselves. He believes a healthy body and successful social interactions are two main keys to happiness.

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