How to Ask a Girl Out: Cute and Effective Ways to Suggest a Date

By Patrick Ananda

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How to ask a girl out

Ahhhh how to ask a girl out, the cute and effective ways to suggest a date…

How I wish I had this kind of information available when I was younger!

You see, since I was 16 years old, I had absolutely no idea how to ask a woman out on a date…

Which resulted in some rather embarrassing situations.

Wanna hear some? I know you do…

This one time, I asked a girl to hang out with me.

I was so anxious and nervous at her actually saying yes that I couldn’t even eat!

It resulted in a night of us uselessly walking around Old Montreal, sitting on a bench and just staring out at the water, with absolutely nothing to talk about until she remembered she had to babysit her sister, gave me an awkward hug and walked off.

I have a better one though…

You ready?

Once, a few years ago, I was getting super psyched for this date with a girl I considered to be completely out of my league.

I had met her at a club two nights before and we had such a good time laughing and joking that we agreed to meet a few days later. As I anxiously got dressed up and frantically tried to figure out what kind of activities would keep her interested, I received a text:

Hey darling, is it cool if my best friend comes along? She’s super awesome!”


She spent the entire evening chatting with her friend, completely ignoring me, and then gave me a tiny peck on the cheek and said goodnight.

I think that was the breaking point. That was when I decided that enough was enough – I’m going to figure out what the cool kids call the whole ‘dating thing’ once and for all!

Don’t Suggest A Date – Make Her Pants-Excited To See You Again!

Okay, so let me just start by dispelling some myths:

I’m not going to give you cute and effective ways to ask a girl out.

Sorry, I lied. Suck it up.

What I will do however, is give you the single, most effective tool you will ever need to ask out any woman in just about any situation.

But there is a catch…

You ready for it?

The catch is this:

For this to work, you have to actually be a cool guy!

Yep. Believe it or not, quality women tend to date quality men!

The good news is that there are so many low quality men nowadays that it’s relatively simple to be a high quality guy.

It means that you have to have your shit together.

It means all your internal little demons, your anger, your resentment, your loneliness, your self-defeating thoughts need to be handled.

It means that all the external stuff; getting in shape, having an interesting life, hanging around cool and inspiring people, having a passionate goal (HUGELY IMPORTANT), are all the main things you spend your time on.

If you don’t know where to start with all that – it’s what I do professionally, just hit me up with an email to get started!

Okay, so, let me reveal something that’s counterintuitive.

As the great Hitch once said in that cheesy movie; “No woman ever leaves her house thinking ‘I don’t want to be swept off my feet today’”

YES! Women are on your side guys!

Let me repeat that: SHE IS ON YOUR SIDE!!

Women don’t spend their time going “lets see who is the next loser I’m going to emotionally pummel and humiliate today”.

While you’re all anxious and nervous about what she’s going to think of you and preparing for the worst humiliation of your life… you want to know what’s really going on in her head?

“Please don’t be another loser, please be cool.. Please be a cool guy… PLEASE!”

Seriously. Ask them.

So finally, with that in mind, how do you ask a girl out?

Well my dear brother, after chatting a bit and finding out you’re both cool people, who have social lives, and interests, and things you believe in… You invite her to become a part of your world.

In other words: you don’t design the best possible date you think she is going to enjoy.

Women already had dinner 1000 times before meeting you, and probably 1000 times after.

What they’ve never done was sneak onto the set of Bradley Cooper’s new movie, chatted with the extras, stolen food from the actor’s lounge and then proceed to getting kicked out by security while laughing hysterically (true story – ask me about it).

You see, when a woman agrees to go on a date with you, she wants to experience you. She wants to play around in the social context of YOU. So why waste your time trying to do what you think SHE will like?

Finally, most guys play it small. They kind of eek their way in, find sneaky ways to get the number and think they have a done deal. That’s child’s play.

When a woman meets you, you want her to be thinking “OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG THIS GUY!!”

Stop trying to please everyone. Cowards do that. Be you, fearlessly, and then allow her to experience YOU.

When all that is said and done, all that’s left to do is look her in the eye and say:

“You’re pretty great. I want to see you again. Cancel your plans Friday – There’s a really cool tea place I want to try out, you’re coming with me. What’s your number? Great, it’s a date!”


No headache. No bullshit. Just plain manliness.


OH bee tee dub’s: if you’re unsure of how to even get to the point where she’s thinking “OMG OMG OMG THIS GUY!” and want to know where to start, then you need to check out my website. I’ve been turning shy, anxious small men into magnificent fucking confident warrior monks for 5 years! You’re in good hands 😉

Your fan,

Patrick Ananda


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Patrick is a scoundrel, rogue, vagabond and founder of MAGNETICMENBLUEPRINT. He teaches men how to overcome their social anxiety and fear of rejection, by unleashing their unshakable self-confidence.

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