How To Attract Girls Fast And Easily – 30-Day Dating Challenge (Infographic)

By Jon De Santis

Posted 5 years agoDATING

How To Attract Girls Fast And Easily

A little-known thing that most men don’t know and will likely never find out is that you can actually improve with girls and your looks, money and status are not deal breakers.

This is surprising, because it seems that so much mainstream dating advice says things like wear expensive clothes, and tells you to be yourself, when in reality, these methodologies are not very effective and have likely not been tried out by the person writing them. Being yourself and doing the same thing you have always been doing up till now, so go figure…

What if there was a way to improve with women that was not that well known? What if you could actually date that super hot girl, the same girl you swiped to right on Tinder that rejected you because you were not traditionally good looking? The same girl that gets hundreds of adds a week because of her picture… the same girl that gets looks from almost any man and woman she passes…

There is a way. But it`s not for the faint of heart. Trust me I know…

This is something that I have done myself, and continue to do until this day. I have seen amazing results from it, and there is a society of men who have developed almost godly powers with attracting women, to the point where they could approach a woman and make her fall in love with them instantly. And guess what, some of these men are are butt ugly or average looking at best.

How did these beasts become modern day Casanovas?

They learned female psychology, improved their personalities, style, their lifestyle, and became much more attractive men. They are the 1% of men who took things into their own hands and actually made it work. They detached from the narrative, a narrative that worked for only a small percentage of men.

Many of these men when first beginning their journeys of improving with women did something called a 30-day challenge. This is where you essentially approach women every day for 30 days. It is advised that you don`t approach women in your social circle, but rather on the street, clubs, bars, and anywhere where women may be in real life.

Now if you are a guy who does online dating and digital platforms (Tinder), this doesn’t mean you have to stop using them, however understand that relying on digital platforms will limit you to a woman becoming attracted to you because of your photo and not because of your vibe which can only be done in real life.  So use both.

After doing the 30-day challenge, you will notice that you will have developed a higher form of confidence and less fear when interacting with strangers. You will also notice that you will at times be able to spark attraction in women within mere seconds of talking to them which in itself will amaze you.

Are you up for the challenge? I know I was, and I’m going to help you out by giving you activities to do on each day of your new and improved dating life. Below is a calendar that you can follow to help you start. Enjoy and feel free to share to your bros!

About the author Jon De Santis

My Name is Jon, and I run The Online Wingman , a neat blog about how to succeed with women through improving your personality, lifestyle, and self-­acceptance. I am a student of seduction and am personal friends with dating coaches, some of who are famous in the community and are

personal mentors. I like to meet women on a daily basis in coffee shops, on the street, clubs, bars, the internet etc... and have a passion for understanding male and female relationships.

Other interests I have are internet marketing, blogging, and sound synthesis. I live in Quebec, Canada, Tabarnak!

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