How to Get Swiped Right on Dating Apps

By Patrick Banks

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If you are single and scrolling through dating apps to find your perfect match, there’s always going to be some profiles that stand out more than the others. Perhaps it’s because of what the person is doing in their photos, how they’ve written their witty profile or even the dog in one of the pictures that you really hope is theirs.
how to get swiped right

Either way, there’s always a clear reason behind swiping right on somebody or sending them a message. And when you get matches, you might wonder, what leads people on dating apps to swipe right on you?

As a young guy, getting matches on dating apps is not always easy. After all, there are thousands of people using every app imaginable and your profile might not always stand out to everybody. You probably won’t be surprised to hear that photos play a huge part in encouraging other users to swipe right, along with what you write about yourself and what you’re looking for. So, how can you design your dating app profile to get more swipes and more matches? Let’s find out.

Choose the Right Dating Service

First things first; you’ve got to be using the right dating service to get the best results out of it. There’s no point using a site like eHarmony if you want a casual relationship or a quick fling, with the majority of site users looking for serious relationships. On the other hand, a hookup app won’t be the best choice for you either if you’re ready to settle down with somebody and you’re looking for the real deal.

Spend some time researching the different dating sites and apps out there – there are plenty to choose from – and compare features to make it easier for you to choose the right one. Lots of dating apps offer a free trial; this can be ideal to help you get a feel for the site, browse some profiles and make a decision about whether or not you’d like to continue using it.

Ditch The Selfies

OK, a selfie can be a good way to get a clear shot of your face to show off to your potential matches but don’t make it all about the selfie. And don’t take a selfie for your main photo that other users are first to see. If you’ve got a dog, a photo with your pooch can help you get more success with dating apps with research showing that women are more likely to swipe right on men with dogs – yep, your furry companion can also make a brilliant wingman.

Shots in nature are always quite alluring, so if you’ve got any photos of yourself hiking in the woods or swimming in the sea, these are definitely worth including. Consider adding some photos of yourself taking part in some of your favourite activities; this shows that you’ve got a life and gives other users an insight into the things you like to do in your spare time. Avoid shirtless pictures – it’s nice to be proud of how you look, but there are thousands of dating profiles showing nothing but men’s torsos and after a while, this can be quite off-putting. Leave some things to the imagination!

Write a Bio

We get it, nobody loves writing about themselves. It’s one of those things where you always have some great ideas but when it comes to putting it all into words, you end up stumped. Coming up with something witty and creative for your dating app profile is certainly no easy task, but leaving it blank or just writing out the basics isn’t going to help your cause of getting more matches.

The research found that 23% of dating profiles don’t have a bio, but dating profiles with a bio are four times more likely to get a match. If you haven’t written anything about yourself yet, that’s probably why you’re not doing so well. Whether you’re looking for men or women to date online, taking the time to write a self-description letting users know more about you and what you’re looking for can really pay off.

Be Active

Dating apps have algorithms just like social media sites, and profiles that are highly active are more likely to be shown quite frequently and to more people. If logging into an online dating app is something that you do quite infrequently, or only use it when you get a notification, then you’re probably not showing up when other users are swiping.

To fix this, be more active when online dating and try to make an effort to log in and swipe some profiles at least once a day or every couple of days. Browse profiles, read descriptions and spend some time messaging and getting to know your matches. Dedicate time to find online dating profiles that suit you, and you’re more likely to show up for others.

Fill Out the Questionnaires

Many online dating apps offer questionnaires that you can fill out when you sign up or while using the app. These questions are often optional, but there are plenty of benefits to taking the time to fill them out. Firstly, many dating apps use these questionnaires to put your profile in front of people who filled out similar answers to yours, making it easier for people who are looking for somebody like you to find you and increase your chance of a match.

Not only does this boost your chances of getting swiped right on, but it’ll also help you get matches that are more compatible with you and help you avoid wasting your time speaking to potential dates who turn out to be looking for the opposite to what you want for your life.

Millions of people around the world use online dating and unfortunately, a photo of your six-pack and an emoji isn’t going to cut it if you want your profile to stand out and have girls or boys swiping right on you.

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Patrick is a Berlin-based dating advisor, motivational speaker, a huge fitness and vegan diet enthusiast and the main editor at Wingman Magazine, specialised in men's health. His ultimate goal is to share with men around the world his passion for self-development and to help them to become the greatest version of themselves. He believes a healthy body and successful social interactions are two main keys to happiness.

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