How to Grow A Moustache: What Style to Choose For Your Face and How to Groom It

By Patrick Banks

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Whether you’re a moustache aficionado or newcomer to the art of growing facial hair, Movember is your time to shine. Put down your razor with purpose – to support men’s health for the month of November and grow a moustache you can be proud of.

Know your facts

Looking to impress your friends with your Movember knowledge? Here’s what you need  to know. The idea for Movember was created by friends sharing a few beers in Melbourne, Australia. Today, the foundation has support from over five million people across the world and has raised over $700 million. The three main areas of focus are prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health and suicide prevention. By 2030, Movember hopes to reduce the number of men dying prematurely by 25%. That’s a serious number and a serious cause.

Let’s get to the fun facts.

  1. It is estimated that a man will shave at least 20,000 times in his lifetime.
  2. The longest moustache in the world is 14 feet and belongs to Ram Singh Chauhan of India.
  3. A one-month-old moustache is capable of holding approximately 30ml of liquid or around 10% of a glass of beer before leaking its contents down the face of the owner. Now that is reason enough to grow a moustache.

Choose a stache that fits your face

Growing a moustache during Movember is a big deal — it’s the only time of the year where you can actually justify having a Hulk Hogan moustache at the office. Take the opportunity to let your personality shine through to your coworkers, friends, gym buddies, etc., just make sure you choose a moustache that fits your face shape. From Tom Selleck to Ryan Gosling, there are many styles to choose from, as long as you remember to picture their moustache on your face before you commit. And remember, it’s not a competition — it’s a lifestyle.

Pro tip: A square face matches better with a heavy, longer moustache while an oval face should consider a medium width style with a slightly angular shape.

Shave your face, shape your stache

Shaping your moustache is very, very important. You don’t want your Tom Selleck turning into James Franco because you got razor happy or worse, too lazy for proper grooming practices.

You’ll want to start with a clean-shaven face around the moustache. Select a good razor with multiple blades and a rubber flex hinge to help you easily glide over the contours of your face. Oh, and the razors handles have a texturized, grip pattern and an ergonomic shape so the razor doesn’t accidentally slip through your hand and cut through half of your moustache. Phew.

Once your face is clean shaven, you can focus on what’s really important: the stache. If you’re going for an old-school, Ron Burgundy moustache, feel free to let it grow wild and maintain with a comb every so often.

If you’re going for a more polished stache, like Ryan Gosling, your best bet is to use Harry’s precision trimmer at the top of the razor cartridge. This blade will help you define the lines of your moustache for a more precise look.

Using wax will also help control the volume and shape — especially if you’re working with thick hair. Beardbrand’s Temple Smoke Wax is all about a natural moustache style with a medium hold that keeps everything in place. Wax on, my friends.

When you’re ready to trim, don’t forget to dampen your moustache with water first. It will make the cut easier, especially for you first-timers. Don’t be surprised if your hair starts bouncing up as it dries – this is normal. You can use a fine-tooth comb to tame the mane and make sure each hair is running in the same direction.

Respect the moustache and clean daily

No matter how great your moustache, you will end up with food particles in it. You’ll need to clean your moustache daily with face wash to get rid of grime and food build up. There’s nothing worse than someone asking if you saved some of your lunch for later in your facial hair. Step one: wash your face with a hot towel to steam and cleanse the skin. This will prevent that dry, itchy skin that’s bound to ruin your day and your chances of getting a second look from Rachel in accounting.

Harry’s face wash contains volcanic rock that helps exfoliate your skin, while its eucalyptus and peppermint create a fresh and cool sensation. It’s gentle like a foaming wash but has the exfoliation of a facial scrub. Say goodbye to dirty and unkempt and hello to a slick moustache and a clean face.

You’ll notice a coarseness to your moustache hair, which can be helped with regular conditioning. This is a key step if others will be coming into contact with your stache. Just knead a dab of conditioner through the hair and rinse thoroughly. A soft stache is a happy stache.

After you clean, it’s important to condition and hydrate to keep your moustache looking top-notch. Essential oils are your best bet here. Jack Black Beard Oil is all about keeping your moustache and your face content. Use this oil to hydrate and calm that annoying, itchy, dry skin that develops underneath your hair.

Wake me up when Movember ends

After you’ve had a few good laughs with your coworkers about who grew the worst facial hair and raised a few bucks for men’s health, you’ll probably want to give yourself a clean shave before returning to your typical scruff or full beard. Harry’s is committed to helping others get ready for their next big step every time you purchase their grooming supplies. 1% of Harry’s sales go to City Year’s New York chapter and Harry’s employees volunteer 1% of their time at work with City Year and other organizations that get people ready. Grab a razor and help support men’s health and young people advancing their professional and life skills. And of course, return your face to normalcy and start planning next year’s epic stache.

Grab a razor and help support men’s health and young people advancing their professional and life skills. And of course, return your face to normalcy and start planning next year’s epic stache.

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