How to Lose Your Beer Belly Fast and Naturally

By Jonathan Jenkins

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We all enjoy the occasional tipple, but many of us enjoy our beer a little too much. While it is fun drinking with your mates you have noticed that your ripped six-pack has turned into more of a keg.
How to Lose Your Beer Belly Fast and Naturally

Not only is having a beer belly less attractive but also has numerous health risks attached to it.

What can you do to lose this beer belly? Read on to see what you can do.

What Has Caused Your Beer Belly?

Typically a beer will contain between 180-500 calories, and as these are essentially empty calories drinking more than the odd beer will soon add up.

Your gender also has an impact on where any excess weight is gained. Typically men will gain weight across their waistlines, while women will gain fat on their bum and thighs.

Another unfortunate fact is that as you age you are more likely to gain fat. When you are young it may not matter if you spend the weekend partying and overindulging, as you age it will have a bigger impact on your body.

Research has shown that males testosterone production will fall after the age of 30.

This can result in a host of problems including a loss of sex drive, erection problems, a loss of muscle mass, and unfortunately an increase in body fat.

Women are not safe from hormonal changes as they age either. They will undergo the menopause between the ages of 45-55. This can also cause numerous problems, one of which is that they may struggle to remain slim.

One of the main reasons why people develop a beer belly is because of the sugar and refined carbohydrates that it contains.

Too much of either can affect your insulin resistance and the way your body distributes fat within your abdomen.

What Are The Risks of Having a Beer Belly?

There are numerous risks you need to be aware of if you have a beer belly.

Research has found that belly fat is the most dangerous type of fat. This fat surrounds your bodies organs and increases the risk of developing numerous diseases, including heart disease.

An increase in belly fat can also interfere with the signals that promote insulin production. This is called metabolic syndrome and can affect your bodies ability to consume and store energy.

Other risks associated with having a beer belly include a reduction in brainpower, erectile dysfunction and an increased risk of breast cancer.

Reading these risks it is clear that you should take steps to lose that beer belly, but how?

How To Lose Your Beer Belly

This may not be a popular tip but one of the best ways to lose the beer belly is to stop drinking beer.

At the very least you should try and limit your intake. There are plenty of light beers you could try, or you could perhaps limit your intake to the weekends only.

If you want to lose the beer belly and reveal your abs you have to create a calorie deficit. This means that you must consume fewer calories than you are expending, or using.

The first step you should take is to discover how many calories you should be consuming to maintain your current weight.

There are calculators you can use online that can do this task for you, such as the one made available by Precision Nutrition.

Once you have worked out your maintenance levels you can now think above cutting 100 or so calories from this amount every day.

If you want quicker fat loss you may want to consider cutting 500 calories from your maintenance amount, but this may cause issues if you are not careful.

There are a few ways that you can use to cut your calorie intake; you can use one or a combination of them.

One method you can use is to cut the amount of food you eat or change the types of food you eat. For instance, you could cut out some junk food.

You could also increase your physical activity, which leads us to our next point.

If you think that doing a few sit-ups or crunches will help you lose the beer belly you are in for a disappointment. You need to do so much more.

For starters, I would recommend making sure your workout regularly, this means at least 3-4 days a week.

Weight training is a good idea, as not only is it a good way to burn calories but when you build muscle you are increasing your bodies ability to burn calories, even when you are at rest.

I would suggest that you focus on compound exercises, such as squats, deadlifts and other exercises that work more than one muscle. They will give you a greater reward for the least amount of time.

You should aim for medium to high repetitions in each set, keeping the rest period between each set to less than a minute. The reason for this is to keep the intensity high, allowing you to burn plenty of calories.

  • HIIT training or Tabata

As well as the resistance training, I would also recommend adding some HIIT training or Tabata to the end of your workouts.

With these types of workout you are giving your all for a short space of time (for instance 20 seconds for Tabata), and then resting.

You can perform many different movements during HIIT but in my opinion bodyweight exercises are the best option.

Other tips that I would recommend to help lose the beer belly include:

  • Eating More Protein

There are plenty of reasons why eating more protein is recommended.

For starters, it releases a hormone called PYY that will send a message to your brain that you are full.

Studies have also shown that those with higher protein intake tend to have lower body fat percentages.

There are so many protein myths out there! The biggest is that the animal protein is more valuable than vegetal protein. It’s all about balancing and enriching your diet with different types of protein sources.

In the times when the meat we consume is full of toxins, not speaking about the moral reasons for consuming it, getting familiar with vegetarian sources of proteins such as beans, hummus, nuts, seitan among many other is a must.

  • Reducing Your Stress Levels

Too much stress causes your body to over-produce cortisol.

This hormone will increase your appetite, making it difficult to cut calories from your diet.

  • Check For Food Sensitivities

Food allergies can impact on your health, so it worth checking to see if you have any.

Common food sensitivities include being allergic to both dairy or gluten.

  • Get Plenty Of Sleep

There is plenty of research that suggests that those who sleep fewer than 7 hours per night had more body fat than those who sleep for the recommended amount.

  • Eat Fatty Fish

Fatty fish such as mackerel and herring should be eaten often as they both contain omega 3 fatty acids.

These good fats can help your body to break down more dangerous fats. Therefore helping to promote fat loss and good health. Other benefits include delayed ageing and the ability to fight degenerative diseases.

  • Eat More Soluble Fibre

Foods such as avocados and blackberries are full of soluble fibre that when eaten will form a gel that will slow down the rate food is passed through your body.

As you are fuller for longer, you will naturally want to eat less.

Our final tip is to keep track of your progress. Not only should you check your weight on the scales, but you may also want to measure your body fat using callipers or a tape measure.

I would also recommend taking regular photos too.

Keeping track of your progress will help give you feedback on whether you are doing things correctly. It can also be motivational to see your progress over time.

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of health conditions linked with having a beer belly, but hopefully having read some of our suggestions above you are in a better position to do something to lose it.

It all comes down to choices at the end of the day.

You can either choose to drink beer all the time, while avoiding any exercise and then deal with the potential health problems, or you can take steps to change.

We are not saying you can’t go out and have fun with your friends. But maybe too much of these vices will damage your long term.

I hope you make the right decision and make the choice to live a long and healthy life.

Good luck!

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