How To Make a Long Distance Relationship Work (Infographic)

By Shawn Evans

Posted 7 years agoDATING

Maintaining a long distance relationship can be really tough. Who really wants to be away from their significant other for any great length of time? When entering into one, you really have to ask yourself; is this worth it? Many people think they are doomed from the start and unfortunately, they are not wrong.

Did you know that the vast majority of long distance relationships (70%) fail when they are not planned for? What exactly does that mean? It means that when one person or both have unrealistic expectations about how it is going to work (but without actually talking to the other person about it) the relationship is already on the path to the relationship graveyard.

Communication is key and some of the interesting things about long distance relationships are the communications statistics surrounding them. For example, the average couple in a long distance relationship does not even see each other in person twice in any given month! No wonder the relationship is doomed to fail. While this can be understandable when the average distance between couples is 125 miles and no-one wants to spend their weekends traveling all weekend, every weekend, it is food for thought. It is easier to understand then why 40% of these types of relationships end with a permanent break-up.

You would imagine that being so far apart, long distance couples would be calling or texting each other every day, but this is actually not the case. In fact, it is more like a phone call closer to every three days than every day, according to the statistics. This is really rather surprising when you think about it in this age of technology and the fact that our cell phones are practically permanently glued to our hands!

For an illustrated look at the facts that surround long distance relationships, top tips on how to make them work, the reasons why people get into them in the first place and what happens when they fail; have a look at the infographic below.


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Shawn Evans is the co-owner at Can't We Just Get Along Counselling. He specializes in couple's therapy and he is passionate about helping couples find solutions that can repair their relationship.

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